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    23 October 2005
    Ramadan, day 20
    OK so what is new and shaking? My car is almost dead, and I absolutely HAVE to take it to the garage. Bummer...

    Went to the interview with the Doha Bank. Managed to find the building despite some slightly misleading directions from someone who knows everything about everything (except perhaps sea frogs). The same someone went really quiet when I asked for a lift home, and then quickly changed the subject, and left even quicker. Hmmm... Not that I was serious in the first place, but maybe I should get pissed? Will see about that :^)

    The interview itself was a joke. Both interviewers were desperate to find out exactly WHY I applied for this position, instead of WHAT I can do for them. I had no idea. Generally wasn't impressed with them, but they were obviously impressed by me. Mostly because half the time I had to ask them to repeat themselves as my head wasn't there. Met a sweet Hungarian girl there while waiting for my interview. Hopefully she gets the job, she really wanted it.

    To be continued...

    A short phone conversation later, I am back. A very short phone conversation. Why is it that I pay so much attention to silly details like that? How long does the conversation last? Why should I care how long it takes someone to sms me back? Why am I so attached to my mobile that I can't leave it out of sight even for a minute? A good friend once told me that I can't use the excuse of "not hearing" the phone ring, because it's impossible. Now that was really embarrassing, because it is actually true. There is no way I would NOT hear my mobile ring. And I never switch it off, even at night. Should really get a life and stop sticking to my mobile like Gollum to the Ring. My precccccccccccccciousssssssss............

    OK so since it's already quite obvious that I am not in the best of moods today, I better stop here before I write something I will not want to see on my page later. Oh, I was tagged by J to write 20 random facts about myself. I am happy to feature in his list of random facts. Not so random, hehe, assuming that the scam was about a year long! Ty ty J! :^) Will spend the remaining hour at work thinking what to write in my list.

    posted by Bravecat @ 3:33 pm  
    • At 26/10/2005, 19:10, Anonymous Annamalai M said…

      Hey. Glad to have bumped into your blog (via jagan). I'm in Doha too. Nice to see bloggers in this part of the desert. Mez at http://dreamvendor.blogspot.com

    • At 26/10/2005, 19:11, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      I looked it up. Nice.


    • At 26/10/2005, 19:12, Anonymous Jaguu said…


      Ty dear Cat! For taking the time & effort to write down these 20 facts.Hope the Tooth Fairy brings you a lovely pup like Lotta was which will ease your pain from the visit to your cruel Dentist.


    • At 26/10/2005, 19:13, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      You are most welcome, J! Thanks for the idea, it was a good exercise. I am not sure I have time and patience for a pup though, but if I have a little girl at some point in the future I will make sure I get her one before she threatens to walk out on me, or before she has to do a thousand root canals!


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