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    24 October 2005
    20 weird facts
    I was 20 tagged by J so here goes: 20 random facts about Moi.

    1. My best friends are my parents. I know how pathetic it sounds, but it's actually true. I think they are terrific. I don't feel the age difference at all and I can share everything with them. When I say everything - I mean EVERYTHING. I am lucky...

    2. Whenever I see an airplane fly, I imagine it blowing up. I hate flying, will never learn to like it, and will never get used to it. It's strange, assuming that I live on an island and I have to fly to get pretty much anywhere. I fly up to 10 times a year and yet have this weird quiet phobia. But I love watching airplanes...

    3. 3 is my lucky number. I was born on the 3rd of the ninth month, and I like all numbers that are multiples of 3. According to Hijri (Islamic calendar), I was born in the year 1395. Wow!

    4. I am terrible with plants. My mom waters them, they live and bloom. I water them just the same - they die. I have 4 plants at home now, all going through a rough time. They are actually better off when I go on holidays and give them to my friends. I wouldn't want to be my plant...

    5. I am not religious at all, and that pretty much means I don't believe in God. I am supposed to be Christian Orthodox, but somehow ended up being baptised as Roman Catholic. Let’s say I am religion - challenged. Or, better yet, religion - curious. I am very interested in Islam as I live in a Muslim country, but purely in educational sense. I just can't see myself praying, or fasting, or trying to be something I am sure I cannot be, at least for any considerable period of time. I am happiest as myself, and this is my religion: be as good as you can be. If you can't be good – at least don't hurt others. I am not that good, but I am trying, God knows how hard.

    6. I don't feel challenged by stunning and skinny models and actresses. I appreciate beauty in all its forms. I know I will never be as tall or as skinny as they are, but I don't feel the need to, either. I am sure there are people who think I am gorgeous as I am. I am content...

    7. I was 12 when I told my parents I will run away from home if they don't get me a dog. Before I knew it, I had the cutest puppy in my arms. She grew up to be the best companion ever and I could never really forgive myself that I wasn't there for her in her last years. My beautiful dog died of cancer at the age of 13 and I wasn't even in the same country. I am sure she is in dog paradise now. Lotta...

    8. I am not afraid of heights, depths, or enclosed/confined places. I am, however, slightly agoraphobic, and I absolutely can't tolerate pain. I mean, if it happens unexpectedly - I deal with it. But knowingly subjecting myself to a painful ordeal - nooooo... My dentist appointment is in 2 hours time, by the way. I've been dreading it since yesterday. What a wimp...

    9. I was a pen pal maniac in school. I must have written hundreds of letters. My first (and last) real pen pal comes from New Zealand. More than 10 years of age difference, but who cares? We met and started writing to each other circa 1987, and we are still exchanging letters, woo hoo! Every year I get a colourful calendar from the beautiful New Zealand. Now isn't that something? :^)

    10. I am a uniform junkie ever since I first saw my brother in uniform. We fought like crazy for years up until he went to serve in the army (an obligation for guys in my country), but when he came back we became inseparable until I left the country. I have a soft spot for guys in uniform since then. My knees just go kinda weak. Moo…

    11. I pick up accents really fast. Takes me 5 minutes of talking to someone, and bingo! I borrow an accent and just can’t shake it off! I do Greek English, Russian English, Arabic English, Indian English, you name it. Hugs the bell out of me…

    12. My favourite places in the world: Malta, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Spain, wherever my heart is, and wherever my mom is…

    13. No major superstitions other than a great dislike of the number “13”. Therefore will skip this one, as most airlines do.

    14. I have the best job and the best boss in the world. Recently when asked by a prospective new employer (one of the major banks in Qatar) how much money I need to leave my current job, I answered “You haven’t got enough”. That said, my salary is pretty crappy and my boss better gives me a raise next year or else I will ditch my current job for the bank. Yeah, well, empty threats… where else will I have so much fun? :o)

    15. I can adapt to any environment easily. Be it Europe, Asia, Middle East, Siberian outskirts, whatever. I can live anywhere and I won’t suffer from a culture shock. Maybe it has to do with me being European and therefore cosmopolitan by default or maybe it’s because I’ve moved around so much. I enjoy trying out new food, new activities, meeting new people, exploring new areas. I believe every place has something unique to offer. I accept people’s right to their way of life, traditions, religion, customs, and I like to learn about them. I have friends of many different nationalities, beliefs, social standings. My patience stops when people decide to deprive me of MY rights, or try to impose their own ways on me. No, I don’t think that any of them are wrong in their ideas or beliefs; I just think that it is generally wrong to assume that any given belief or idea is the only right one for the world en large. What is right for me may not be so for everyone else, and it is fine with me. Why can’t it be fine with everyone else, I wonder?

    16. My favourite kind of art is architecture. An amendment to the fact #15 above therefore: I could live pretty much everywhere, but I would not enjoy living in a place without character and beauty in its buildings. That is mostly why I like Malta so much. My favourites around the world include St. Andrew’s church (by Rastrelli) and the Castle with Chimaeras (by Gorodetsky) in Kiev, Barzan Tower (by Ibrahim M. Jaidah) in Doha, Alhambra in Granada – great example of Moorish style. I like gothic style and almost everything by Gaudi in Barcelona is a favourite – this man had some strange takes on reality… I admire anything modern that incorporates elements of tradition and culture in it. Oh and I love watching the new shiny skyscrapers grow and change the skyline :o)

    17. At the moment I am at work well past my working hours, with a bad toothache, just after a visit to a dentist. How’s that for a random fact?

    18. I read newspapers starting from the last page. I would usually read the last page of the new book first to know what to expect, then I can just enjoy the book itself without enduring the suspense of the unknown. Some books I only read once. These are usually the ones with a gripping story but little style. Some other books I keep by my bed at all times, open them at random and just read away and enjoy. Ann Rice books do it for me nowadays. Oh and Harry Potter, of course, lol.

    19. I turned 30 this year. Therefore I can state with all certainty – there IS life after 30. And it only gets better with age, trust me!

    20. I absolutely can’t live without the following: mobile phone and someone to talk to, sushi, travelling, Cosmopolitan, coffee, internet, enough sleep, something to do. If I had to narrow it down to one, having someone to talk to beats the rest by a long run.

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