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    28 December 2005
    Part 1.

    Post the pic of my foot.

    OK I've kept a few people waiting (wink at Kaza) .. but finally I got round to doing it!

    Here are my feet all dressed up:

    And here in the foot equivalent of a bikini!

    Part 2.

    I was tagged by Rumbling NRI with the following (rather weird) tag:

    Choose 6 bloggers who I would invite for Dinner, and explain why them?

    Let me tell you why I find this tag weird, and not the first one. First of all, blogging is all about anonymity of sorts. If I needed more real life friends.. well, I'd go out make some. I would rather my online friends remained that: online friends. I have a mental picture of what they are, I like this picture, and I want to keep it this way. Of course there are exceptions, and I've met plenty great people through the net, but this is beside the point. What I try to explain here is that it takes time for an online friendship to develop and evolve into real life friendship. And I just don't see it happening this way! Why dinner?? I don't cook! Why invite people I've never even seen to my house for dinner?
    I guess I could rephrase the tag and choose 6 bloggers I would like to meet... but if I meet 6, I will have to meet the rest of them because it's just not fair. How can I meet Kaza but not Warda, for instance? Or meet McA but not Gigi? Entity but not Maha? Nami but not Violet? Can I choose between CD and Jan6a? Just can't see it happening! It's all or nothing, baby. Got to decline the tag, sorry! :^)

    posted by Bravecat @ 4:33 pm  
    • At 28/12/2005, 17:27, Blogger U.E. said…

      HAHAHA! You just don't want the people you DON'T pick to be mad... scaredy-CAT!

    • At 28/12/2005, 17:43, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Mieow... yeah that's me... crowd pleaser! No, honestly, how could I possibly choose?? When I get to meet them, I would be able to choose, not before!


    • At 28/12/2005, 18:29, Blogger Wardat_il'7leej said…

      and the wonner is....Warda :)

      Remember our sugar crazy trip, which we promised would happen

    • At 28/12/2005, 18:30, Blogger Wardat_il'7leej said…

      ignore the typo...i am doing this in the dark

    • At 28/12/2005, 18:31, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Haha Warda darling, I will not forget the sugar craze, not even in the dark! You definitely are a wonner! And I will come soon!


    • At 28/12/2005, 20:29, Blogger Jan6a said…

      eheheheh nice one. Next time you're in MT just lemme know and we'll figure somethin out, okay?

    • At 28/12/2005, 21:42, Blogger Sever said…

      I think it`s good to meet all the bloggers you like to speak with... but to invite for Dinner only one of them:)

      The 1st pic is a pic of the house-cat... & the 2nd one is a pic of the wild cat with clows :P

    • At 28/12/2005, 23:34, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Jan6a, I will most certainly do! Thanks! :^)

      Sever You got that right! But I have to admit I am not that wild. I keep my claws filed :^)

    • At 29/12/2005, 11:27, Blogger Purgatory said…

      why am I not on the list!

    • At 29/12/2005, 11:41, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Oh, look who we have here :^)
      Purg! Welcome welcome...

      Didn't know you would want to be on the list. If I ever have a list, you'll be on it. K?


    • At 29/12/2005, 15:07, Blogger Violet83 said…

      awwwwwww that’s nice, i would love to meet you 2, after posting your hands n foot! You made us all so curious to see u, you seem sooooo nice, sweet, beautiful and lovely :)

    • At 29/12/2005, 15:11, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Ha, Violet, you mean you weren't sure until I posted the pics of my hands and feet?
      And by the way, if you are very curious, there are places on my blog where you can see the WHOLE Cat! You have to search around a little though!


    • At 29/12/2005, 15:47, Blogger Dotsson said…

      Nice feet ;) What body part is next?

    • At 29/12/2005, 15:53, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Patience, Dot!

    • At 29/12/2005, 19:00, Blogger Kazablanka said…


      I hereby clarify that Scratchy's feet rock!!!

      So you finally posted them! :)

      I would love to meet you too.. when will u be coming down to oman??????.. maybe we can go to that restuarant that doesnt have toilet paper together.. (i meant, going to the resturant together, not the bathroom together hahhahaha)

    • At 29/12/2005, 19:13, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Ha, Kaza, short memory.... The restaurant had bills.. The public toilet elsewhere had no paper! "Elsewhere" was really nice amusement park with a water train ride. I'll NEVER forget the water train ride!! And I'll NEVER forget the stinky toilet in the same amusement park, where I tearfully waved my pretty restaurant bill goodbye... So of course I will come to Oman, but I will pack a roll of toilet paper with me! :^)


    • At 29/12/2005, 20:03, Blogger Violet83 said…

      i looked all over your blog n the pic i found wasn't clear at all! i'll go chk ur yahoo blog

    • At 30/12/2005, 13:32, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Ha, Violet! Do your spy work but don't leave directions how to find it! It's between you and me, girl!

      And by the way, I want to see YOUR pic, too!

    • At 01/01/2006, 23:13, Blogger EMARAT JABAL SHAMMAR said…



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