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    2 December 2006
    Not worth it

    And so I sit here by the phone
    The hours go by and I'm alone
    I've been waiting for so long
    Lost in memories and thoughts

    I dial your number, busy line
    I pour myself a glass of wine
    Words keep jumping in my head
    Words I want to say to you

    I will never have my way
    I could never make you stay
    And I don't want to live my life
    Feeling sorry for myself

    posted by Bravecat @ 11:06 pm  
    • At 03/12/2006, 06:09, Blogger Sever said…

      Please, stay strong!

      Mur :(

    • At 03/12/2006, 09:21, Blogger AmitL said…

      Hi,QC...that's quite an excrutiating wait,I guess.:)

    • At 03/12/2006, 14:12, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I'm strong :^)


      Ha, you can say that again..

    • At 03/12/2006, 18:09, Blogger { 13 } said…

      Dont get drunk :-P

    • At 03/12/2006, 19:44, Anonymous Baj said…

      Girlfriend what the heck are you on about this time?! s:-I

    • At 03/12/2006, 22:36, Blogger SugarComa said…

      loves it!

    • At 04/12/2006, 11:14, Blogger don_veto said…

      Very beautiful, reminds of the Dirty Vegas song, Days Go by, check it out:


    • At 04/12/2006, 14:20, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Why not? :-P


      It's all in the song :^)




      You are better commentator than you are a blogger, but you just HAD to stick a YouTube video into the comment, too!!

    • At 04/12/2006, 20:35, Blogger Reem said…

      I hope everything is ok

    • At 05/12/2006, 15:52, Blogger don_veto said…

      What can I say, I am hooked to youtube, but the video is relevant, right?

    • At 05/12/2006, 20:35, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thanks a lot... it's getting better. Or at least easier to deal with.


      Excuses excuses :P

    • At 06/12/2006, 01:19, Anonymous Baj said…

      I still don't get it! do u miss ur ovaries? do u have gas? are u getting a divorce? is Muffin well? does HE have gas? I'm not good with this stuff!!

    • At 06/12/2006, 08:27, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      My ovaries are still with me; I thought gas was your problem; I am not getting a divorce as yet; Muffin is fine; no idea whether he has gas but as there is no evidence I guess not; you are definitely not good with this stuff; but hey, you tried.


    • At 06/12/2006, 13:03, Blogger ahmed said…

      didnt know u write poems! was that a poem?! :P

      that was nice...hope everything turn to be just fine :)

    • At 07/12/2006, 08:30, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      It's a song - and yes I do, and everything is fine. Just feeling a bit low, that's all. Getting better!

    • At 11/12/2006, 00:56, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Hey QC, that is a very sad poema ... i hope you are ok chica.

      :) Latingirl

    • At 12/12/2006, 09:00, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Hey chica! Long time no hear :)
      Don't worry about "sad poema" - mood swings happen to us all, lol!


    • At 24/01/2007, 20:08, Blogger Jap said…

      As days turn into months we, those who are in a far off place, fear all the more that one day our loved ones may suddenly wake up and realize that they have waited too long.

      I'm only two months old in Qatar and already I'm afraid that when I return home there will be no yellow ribbon on an old oak tree, not that I'm a prisoner, but you know what I mean.

      Nice poem, a rose does have thorns. Thanks.

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