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    8 October 2006
    Happy Birthday, Life in Qatar!
    Yay! A year of blogging! 140 posts. I have nothing much to say at the moment, so I will just copy my first ever Blogger post here instead :^)

    Ramadan was in full swing then, too!

    How to make a Purrfect Cappuccino

    Wake up really, REALLY late
    Get out of bed even later
    Be home alone, so you don’t have to share
    On your way to the kitchen switch the telly on
    In the kitchen, check what’s in the fridge
    If there is milk, get it out, check the expiry date*
    If there is no milk, refer to “How to make a Purrfect Espresso”
    Find your coffee**
    Start your coffee machine
    If it doesn’t start, refer to “How to make a Purrfect Instant Coffee”
    If it starts, froth the milk, brew the coffee, combine the two
    Dust with chocolate or cinnamon, add sugar or anything else you fancy
    Take your coffee and whatever else edible you found in the fridge
    Go to your living room
    Sit in front of your telly, drink your coffee, eat your breakfast
    Call your friends who are either: a)working b)fasting
    Tell them exactly what you are doing
    Enjoy your Purrfect Cappuccino
    Make another one
    Get someone else to wash up after you

    *Whether the milk expired or not, it’s your only choice

    **Make friends at Starbucks and get it for free

    How to make a Purrfect Espresso

    Wake up really, REALLY early (not by choice)
    Shower, get dressed, pack your work bag
    Drag your bottom to the kitchen
    Check what’s in the fridge
    Find your coffee
    Start your coffee machine
    If it doesn’t start, refer to “How to make a Purrfect Instant Coffee”
    Brew enough coffee for two
    Go to your living room with two cups of coffee
    Enjoy your Purrfect Espresso
    Watch your partner doing a mad dash around the house getting ready
    Watch your partner drink cold espresso
    Accept all the gratitude gracefully
    Repeat next morning

    How to make a Purrfect Instant Coffee

    Realise that there is no such thing as Purrfect Instant Coffee
    Read the instructions on the can, follow instructions
    Drink your Purrfect Instant Coffee
    Fix your coffee machine

    posted by Bravecat @ 1:37 pm  
    • At 08/10/2006, 14:11, Blogger ahmed said…

      happy birthday blog..

      alhtough i was removed from ur list, am still a fan of urs :<

    • At 08/10/2006, 14:20, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thanks! And oh yeah, I remember being mad at you and removing your link when you stopped blogging during all this Lebanon mess - I still think it was a wrong choice of action, by the way. I'll put the link back up :^)

      You do know I visit your blog. I leave trail!

    • At 08/10/2006, 14:29, Anonymous antiqueknot said…

      *giggles* Happy Birthday blog! I'll bake you a cake and eat it myself since you only eat words. =P

    • At 08/10/2006, 15:28, Blogger Zeze said…


      and the Coffe thing... too bad am fasting :'( will have to wait until ramadan is over to make it.

    • At 08/10/2006, 15:53, Blogger don_veto said…

      Happy Blog Birthday.

      I am sitting at work and now I have a need for coffee.

    • At 08/10/2006, 16:57, Blogger Sever said…



    • At 08/10/2006, 19:23, Blogger don_veto said…

      QC: You have been tagged for calling me lazy, revenge is sweet :P

    • At 08/10/2006, 21:24, Blogger { 13 } said…

      QC:...and 99 yrs tO gO :-P waaaaaaaaah..!!

    • At 08/10/2006, 21:38, Blogger Dohagirl said…

      I am still in mourning for my own blog. :( But Happy Birthday to yours.

    • At 09/10/2006, 01:47, Blogger Latingirl said…

      Happy Birthday blog, thanks to remind me that i have to fix the coffee machine :)

    • At 09/10/2006, 03:49, Blogger [m]att™ said…

      I love the part about get to know a friend who works for Starbucks, haha. I used to work there, and its awesome! I get all my pounds of coffee for free, and usually I get a discount on my much needed caffeine beverage before work !

      Definately worth making friends in select places !

    • At 09/10/2006, 10:07, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      You hand ova tha' cake NOW or your karma points are gone!!


      Say thanks I don't have your number! :P


      Haha revenge may be sweet but I beat you at your own game :P


      I thought you froze to death.


      Shukran shukran! <33


      I am mourning for your blog, too. You're welcome to blog on mine anytime!


      Thanks and fix that coffee machine!


      As my honorary boyfriend, I think you should share the goodies! :P

    • At 09/10/2006, 19:57, Blogger Mise said…

      Happy Belated Birthday Blog. :-D

    • At 14/10/2006, 19:44, Blogger Flous said…

      Lol, Happy Birthday Blog!!! thats a funny post. i'm craving coffee (i dont even have a coffee machine!). off to cafe nero i go!

    • At 16/10/2006, 09:29, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thanks :P


      What, no coffee machine?? How can you survive??

    • At 02/11/2006, 14:10, Blogger Sue said…

      hehehe nice post!! im so into coffee... i shud buy a coffee machine :p ehhhe

      Happy blogging!

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