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    13 September 2006
    New Place

    Following a rather nasty conflict on QatarLiving a bunch of us oldies decided it was time to part our ways.

    I used to like QatarLiving. Qatari (that's his actual nickname), the owner of the site, is very talented and built up a fantastic place. After a few months there it felt like home, some place you could just take your shoes off, relax and leave your worries at the door. I guess we got a bit too comfortable and forgot that it was, after all, a "community resourse". We stretched the boundaries. We had fun. We shared insider jokes and played pranks. We talked dirty at times and we hijacked threads out of pure boredom. The other users of the forum decided that we were too much for them. We agreed, apologised, got into our shoes and left.

    Now we can be found in a new place called Qatar Blah Blah. It's still under construction, we just got our proper domain Qatarblahblah registered and we will be busy working on it for a while ;-) All thanks to Her Fishyness!

    What is Qatar Blah Blah? I am not so sure yet as today was it's birthday. September 13, I like that. September is my favourite month and 13 is one hell of a number. Yay! One thing I am sure of is that it is not a "community resourse" nor is it a "family website". It is a website for people with sense of humour and a will to communicate. For people who have stories and jokes to tell. For people living in Qatar and people who've never been here. People with a relaxed attitude and people who won't be offended and annoyed by our behaviour. All are welcome. Come, have a look, see if the environment suits you. If it does - make yourself comfortable. If not - no hard feelings.
    posted by Bravecat @ 9:31 pm  
    • At 13/09/2006, 23:22, Anonymous fish said…

      i'm going to miss QL :`(

      that being said i'm glad we finally have our own space now. it's about bloody time!

      thanks for spreading the word, kitty cat ;)

    • At 14/09/2006, 00:41, Blogger Latingirl said…

      Good to know Cat, now we have two nice web sites, one is informative and one for relaxing time. Congrats for the proyect. :)

    • At 14/09/2006, 02:09, Blogger Susanne said…

      Ah, the localised forum. The one I frequent is a bitchy music-forum called Mess and Noise which has users mainly from Melbourne and Sydney. Might go check it out now actually...

      And thanks for the comments on my post :)

    • At 14/09/2006, 05:43, Blogger { 13 } said…

      what ..Qatar blah blahhh..!!..dont get it !..u r here ..got a blOg ..here u bring the ppl ..here they talk ..its ur free space to express & explOde |-) ....this is what blOgging all abOut ..!..who ever /what ever some1 want to say somthin it will be here..i hardly can keep up with ur blog >P ..bring the nasty stuff here girrrrl >:3 ..

    • At 14/09/2006, 10:43, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      The way QL is now I won't miss it. I miss the old QL where we had fun.


      Sure, you're welcome. And QL is a great info site by the way. But QBB is a fun site :P


      Yup we set it up and it's kewl. You're welcome to join by the way, it's not exclusive to Qatar at all. However I believe you've got plenty places to visit online already :^)
      And since when did you start thanking me for the comments on your blog???


      LOL blog is blog, it's a diary of sorts. Forum is a forum, it's more of a chatbox. I am not going to write about my life on the forum! I have a blog for that.

    • At 14/09/2006, 16:02, Blogger Dohagirl said…

      You talk about your life on the forum everyday. Just not the stuff interesting to blog about.

      People are idiots, QL has proved that. :(

    • At 14/09/2006, 22:17, Blogger Mise said…

      Tried to join last night ...connection went down...too tired now...so tomorrow! :-D

    • At 14/09/2006, 22:52, Blogger { 13 } said…

      diary ?...chatbOx..??isnt that kindda what we dO in Our blOgys..!? u write a Post/diary...we comment/chat about it !?..i hate forum ..never been in one before ..dont like to read it either ....

    • At 16/09/2006, 07:37, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      Many societies and peoples consider 13 to be a lucky number. I'm not sure what communities or what people, but I have been assured that they are out there and numerous.

    • At 16/09/2006, 20:11, Blogger Reem said…

      looking forward to it

    • At 16/09/2006, 20:17, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Yeah I do talk about my life on the forum... But blogging is still different.

      People are idiots? Some, yes. QL is not a good indicator though. There are a lot of nice people on QL. Lots of idiots, too :P


      You joined now, yay! Great, now you've got to join in the discussion, too :^)


      Don't worry sweetheart. My blog is here and it's not going away, you don't have to check the forum if you don't want to. It's just another project that I am working on at the moment (and there are many).


      Yeah actually I did hear about that! Maybe I'll look it up. Not so sure about "numerous" though.


      It's up and running, check it out.

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