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    6 September 2006
    I hate rain!

    I generally don't like rain, but now I absolutely hate it! There was no tennis as it was completely washed out. Only one match was completed, that of Dementieva vs. Jankovic, and as I feared Dementieva didn't manage to hold on and lost ALL of her service games, with Jankovic marching on to the semis. Well done!

    So today the matches of Davydenko vs. Murray and Haas vs. Safin are to be completed, plus the rest of the round 4 ATP matches, 2 QF ATP matches, and 3 remaining WTA QF matches.

    Looks like Davydenko is going to win and Safin leads with a break in the first set. Goood going, boys! :D

    The first ATP quarterfinals are the matches of Nadal vs. Youzhny and Roddick vs. Hewitt. I say Nadal and Roddick, 4 sets each. Time will show ;-)

    P.S. Davydenko has in fact just won his match against Murray. Sorry Andy, better luck next year :P

    Results update: Nadal lost to Youzhny! Whoah! Way to go Mikhail! As much as I like Nadal - this is something pleasantly unexpected, and now I hope Youzhny goes to take out someone else as well before the final! Federer was in excellent form and won although Gicquel did make him run for a while. And Safin is an idiot. However, Shara won as expected, and in straight sets, good girl. She will play Mauresmo next, this match could go the distance and end either way. Fingers crossed the French will be watching the final on TV! Of course Henin-Hardenne won in straight sets as well. This one just doesn't go down.

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