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    5 September 2006
    US Open - heating up!
    What a fabulous mess the US Open is this year! Major upsets and unbelievable victories. Some of them expected, some came as major surprises. Unseeded Russians Marat Safin (ex world #1, now ranked 104) and Mikhail Youzhny (ranked 54) upset Oliver Rochus (seeded 26) and Tommy Robredo (seeded 6) respectively and advanced to the fourth round (Safin) and quarters (Youzhny). Jelena Jankovic (19th seed) sent Kuznetsova (6th seed) packing, while Mauresmo finally lifted her "Williams jinx" and emerged victorious at the end of a loopsided three-setter, both winners advancing to the quarterfinals.


    All women quarterfinalists are now known, with two pairs clashing tonight for the places in the semis. All four top seeds made it to the quarters. Here are the magnificent four and their worthy opponents:

    Mauresmo(1) vs. Safina(12)
    Henin-Hardenne(2) vs. Davenport(10)
    Sharapova(3) vs. Golovin(27)
    Dementieva(4) vs. Jankovic(19)

    I am wary of predicting the outcomes of those matches, but I will do my best. With Russian players in 3 out of 4 quarters it easy to say who I will be supporting! ;-)

    1. Mauresmo looks more solid than Safina and has a winning record against her, but I wouldn't underestimate the Russian. Mauresmo is prone to panicking on court while Safina is capable of putting her fears behind her and just grinding on and getting out of hopeless situations. However, Mauresmo has been doing extremely well lately and her top ranking is well deserved. My money is definitely on the French woman but I'll be rooting for the Russian (of course).

    2. Henin vs. Davenport - now this is something to chuckle about. I dislike both immensely (for my own reasons which have little to do with their game), and I am happy they are pitted against each other. I will be happy when one of them goes down, and I hope it's Henin. Although this is highly unlikely and my bet is on her moving on to semis, especially knowing that the Belgian won their last 6 encounters. I will root for Davenport because she gets the crowds going and is putting a fantastic show for the fans in the USA. It is great that an American woman is in the quarters of the US Open, especially now after Agassi's departure.

    3. Sharapova and Golovin are two teenagers who are very capable; although Shara leads with three wins to none their last clash could have gone either way if the French hadn't retired in the third set. Shara is definitely the stronger of the two and she is in a great form right now. I would think it unlikely that she will lose to Golovin, and I root for Shara all the way! Hope she wears her little black sparkly number, she's an eye candy as well as an awesome player. Eat your heart out, Kournikova!

    4. Dementieva and Jankovic... oh my, oh my. If Dementieva sorts her serve out then Jankovic will be sent home early. Unfortunately, Dementieva is uncapable of serving and this match can go either way. Jankovic already took out a couple of top ten players on her way to the quarters, and I won't be surprised if Dementieva falls. I root for the Russian, I bet on the Serb.


    Not all fourth round games have been completed, and today's matches (weather permitting) will determine the remaining four quarterfinalists. Therefore I will leave the quarterfinals predictions for tomorrow and talk a little about the remaining fourth round hopefuls.

    1. Federer(1) vs. Gicquel. Federer will deliver the goods. I root for the underdog!
    2. Berdych(12) vs. Blake(5) - I really like Berdych and his game is improving rapidly. I can't make up my mind on Blake though, as I have said earlier it's great to have American players at this stage of the tournament, and with the crowd backing Blake I think he should take the quarters spot. I root for the Czech.
    3. Murray(17) vs. Davydenko(7). The British hope pitted against the most understated and least known top ten guy in ATP. This will be an interesting match, and I like both players therefore I won't root against any, and I will be happy whoever makes it to the quarters. Murray has the vibe, Davydenko has the nerve. Lets see ;-)
    4. Haas(14) vs. Safin. Wow. Haas has come out on top after a blockbuster match with Ginepri yesterday, a five setter that ended in a tiebreak (and heartbreak for Ginepri camp). With Ginepri's departure there are only 3 Americans (there's also Roddick) left standing. Haas will be tired and sore, and he wasn't feeling great by the end of the match so I don't think he can outplay the Russian who is getting his game back. Safin beat his nemesis Rochus in straight sets to get to the fourth round, and I think it will take a better opponent than Haas to stop him in his tracks. A little unfair on Haas, but then hey, I can be wrong! I root for Safin all the way.

    The guys who made it to the quarters already are Roddick(9) & Hewitt(15) who will play each other tomorrow, and Youzhny & Nadal(2). The ATP quarterfinals review and predictions coming up tomorrow.

    And I don't care who says what :P :P
    posted by Bravecat @ 10:44 am  
    • At 05/09/2006, 12:40, Anonymous fish said…

      henin-hardenne, and federer ALL THE WAY! :D

      Agassi made such a heart-breaking exit. it's a shame he's retiring :'(

    • At 05/09/2006, 12:45, Blogger GIASI said…

      heartbreaking exit? is that when he wept like a wuss :P

    • At 05/09/2006, 13:10, Anonymous fish said…

      he's sensitive, giasi. at least he doesn't cry at the sight of angelina jolie unbuttoning her shirt..:p

    • At 05/09/2006, 13:11, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      You didn't know US Open was on until I told you. Therefore your opinion doesn't really count.


      Give him a (heart)break! He was only crying cause he lost to a nobody in the third set.

    • At 05/09/2006, 13:34, Blogger Mise said…

      Hey QC...if you ever get fed up of the day job, you wouldn't make a bad tennis commentator! :-D

    • At 05/09/2006, 14:07, Blogger GIASI said…


      So what,, i lose a tennis match.. just means i played crap and i should move on and learn... not whinge "Mommy, mommy, bad man made me lose...WAAHAA"

      Now angelina jolie stripping for you... thats a moving spiritual epiphany of such magnitude that proves the existence of god and that he loves you. Tears would be in order :P

    • At 05/09/2006, 14:29, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Does that mean you actually read the whole post? Wow! You are Irish and therefore you can't possibly be interested in tennis. I don't know any decent Irish players!


      Haha indeed. And since you can't touch her anyways there is a degree of myth and a lot of wild imagination that is needed to lay the foundation of this faith.

      I feel sorry for Agassi though. But then again, if he was capable of winning the US Open he wouldn't be retiring.

    • At 05/09/2006, 21:30, Blogger Mise said…

      Jeez QC...There's only 5 million of us...we can't be good at everything, for pete's sake! But you'll hardly find a nation more interested in every sport than we are ...sure didn't we invent most of the good ones, or we would have! :-D

    • At 05/09/2006, 22:11, Blogger 3anooda said…

      QC Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzz a post unrelated to tennis!!!

    • At 06/09/2006, 10:11, Blogger Dohagirl said…


    • At 06/09/2006, 10:28, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      There are many more tennis related posts coming. I am sure you'll enjoy them :P

    • At 06/09/2006, 12:32, Blogger Mise said…

      Can't wait! :-p :-p :-p

    • At 06/09/2006, 19:38, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Haha I am sure you can't wait :P

      That's why I am going to post a new one now.

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