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    22 August 2006
    Birthday gift list - updated

    I think I will make this a regular special occasions feature on my blog :P My Xmas wish list was a success (I did actually get some of those!) and my mood needs an uplift. I am at work and desk bound and the only thing I can do besides work is dream of all things shiny and expensive. Yes, I am shallow. I guess I am taking window shopping to the next level - dream shopping. A little rich coming from a girl who doesn't like shopping (oops!) but what do you know. So here it is, the dream gift list for my 31st birthday. By the way I think it is my 32nd birthday although I am turning 31. Does the first birthday when people are actually born count as a first birthday? Oh, blah.


    1. Diamonds (insert evil laughter here). OK now there is no need to even mention diamonds, this is like the ultimate gift idea, great for any and all occasions. Diamonds are girls' best friends. Men take notice! LOL
    Bling factor: 10/10
    Budget factor: 10/10

    2. Ritz Spa vouchers (lots and lots of them). Small print: Only if they come with the complimentary limo&driver, it's just too far from where I live! :P
    Bling factor: 0%
    Budget factor: 50%

    3. Tickets & 5 star accommodation somewhere nice, Jumeirah Beach Hotel for example, for a weekend away with my girlfriends. I am not too demanding, see? I could have said Florence!
    Bling factor: 0%
    Budget factor: 100%

    4. A bunch of hair scrunchies. I lost my favourite one recently and I am still in mourning. It will be missed, *sob*.
    Bling factor: anything goes
    Budget factor: 2%

    5. Somebody take me to the Diplomatic Club already! I've been living in Doha for more than 4 years and I've never even been there yet. I heard the fish restaurant is particularly good :^)
    Bling factor: 0%
    Budget factor: 25%

    6. I was kind of toying with an idea of getting a new mobile but I am absolutely in love with the one I have and there's nothing wrong with it apart from the fact that I've had it for nearly 2 years, so it will be cheating, right? Well if I HAD to choose I'd probably go for the one U.E. has. I am a copycat! I got a chance to play with it a little yesterday, and it's awesome. It's Nokia N73. I looked at the other ones I thought I liked and I don't like them anymore. N73 rocks though.
    Bling factor: 75%
    Budget factor: 75%

    7. I am short of ideas. Truth is, I've got pretty much everything I want so I'll leave this one open. Just check the bling&budget factors for reference if in doubt! :D
    Bling factor: 50-100%
    Budget factor: 50-100%

    Or, if I don't get a phone maybe I could at least get a hands free thingy? The most common boring one just so I don't have to pay fines - I talk whenever I drive.


    posted by Bravecat @ 10:10 am  
    • At 22/08/2006, 11:19, Blogger Dohagirl said…

      I was going to get you diamonds, but I just got charged 3000QR by the DMV for running a red light while I was sitting in my office. So now I'm going to get you scrunchies. :P

    • At 22/08/2006, 11:22, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Haha and here I was thinking of taking you to Jumeirah Beach Hotel with me.

      Is it the fine for the time you nearly killed us off on Ibn Seena by jumping the red light??

    • At 22/08/2006, 12:00, Anonymous jack said…

      Mrs Jack says men come and go in a womans life but diamonds are forever.

      If she ever decides it's time for me to go ... I'm keeping the rocks!

    • At 22/08/2006, 12:49, Blogger U.E. said…

      Damn, Dohagirl called the scrunchies before I got here. Well... I'll hand over my N73 in a year or so when I upgrade then. :p

    • At 22/08/2006, 13:04, Anonymous fish said…

      i can work on the ticket but you have to promise to keep a safe distance from everyone should you convenientely find yourself sitting in the back of the plane :p

      on second thoughts nevermind..maybe i'll just stick with the scrunchies.. :D

    • At 22/08/2006, 13:07, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      OK everyone scrunchies are OFF THE LIST! I think I could throw in a Nokia hands free thingy instead. I need one badly, and I just never remember that I need it when I am in a vicinity of the shops that sell this stuff.

    • At 22/08/2006, 13:11, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Since when you don't sign in when you leave comments??

      I want rocks. Rocks rock.

    • At 22/08/2006, 13:30, Anonymous Aisha said…


      I tried so hard to suggest more stuff for the list and I was like Oh my God I’m interested at nothing hehe.

      P.S seems that your blog is so crowded these days. *touching wood*.

    • At 22/08/2006, 13:54, Blogger Mise said…

      'True to their down to earth nature, Virgo birthday signs are far removed from any pomp and show on their birthday. They do not take birthdays as an excuse to overindulge or go overboard with things. They like to maintain a balance between their routine life and are far removed from all types of parties. This earth sign doesn’t at all like fuss on their birthday and neither they are very much in favor of being the center of attention.'

      Are you sure you were born on Sept 3 QC? ;-D

    • At 22/08/2006, 14:57, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thanks! My bday is in 10 days though :P Of course my blog is crowded, I was talking about sex there. I got record hits on that post, lol.


      Check the artwork update :P

    • At 22/08/2006, 15:11, Blogger U.E. said…

      The second one. Definitely the second one... at least the last week. :p

    • At 22/08/2006, 15:37, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      What do you mean "at least the last week"??? I am always anal-retentive!


    • At 22/08/2006, 16:02, Blogger Mise said…

      lol...the first one is definitely a mistake...that's Libra (which is me :-p)...Virgos are totally obsessive about organisation, cleanliness and order, and, (this is the good bit)they also like understated elegance...so Cat, it's the diamonds for you :-D

    • At 22/08/2006, 16:31, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Haha that's one witty way of saying you want me to believe you're sexy as hell :D

      I don't want understated elegant diamonds. I want shamelessly shiny and oversized, in-your-face rocks. Yah.

    • At 22/08/2006, 18:42, Blogger don_veto said…

      What do you need with diamonds, they are just polished charcoals. Yo don't need that. right?

    • At 22/08/2006, 20:10, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      you know what is super funny? I have the fridge magnet on the right.. yup, im an bitchy, OCD virgo too!

      - as for dip club, i practitcally spent 50% of my teen yrs in that place- consider it done. we go to fish restaurant whenever i finally make my way over to doha... :)

      happy birthday?

    • At 22/08/2006, 21:07, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Hi Qatar Cat

      How about Roses?

      I havent seen them on your list of gifts.

      And when is uer D'Day.

      I'm a Virgo and can u guess MY B'day ?

      9/11 !!!!

      Lemme know when ued be celebrating so that I can send u the flowers.. (virtually, atleast)





    • At 22/08/2006, 23:02, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      what does shrewd, pedantic and anal retentive mean?

    • At 22/08/2006, 23:10, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      OK sumthing completelt irrelevent. QC have you ever heard of something called angels arc? I think its a supernatural practice.

    • At 22/08/2006, 23:14, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Don Veto,

      I like diamonds. I'm weird like that. I need them. If I get enough polished charcoals to light up a small bbq I'll be VERY happy :P


      Yay another OCD Virgo! Just what I need :P And hey - it's a date, and you better get your cute ass over here soonish!


      Ummm thanks, I guess I'll pass on virtual roses.


      Wow looks like you took a keen interest in my darker side! For all your concerns there is one simple solution:


    • At 23/08/2006, 02:17, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      what about designer shades? sumthing along the line of dior or valention or perhaps d&g. I'm addicted to them myself. LOL thought it would be nice to pass on that feeling it gives :-)

    • At 23/08/2006, 09:21, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I don't entertain anonymous comments as a rule unless they are 1)flattering 2)in agreement with what I say 3)extremely funny. If you're not grown up enough to have a name - get off this blog, it's X rated (as of lately, ROFL). Sign your comments, duhh! Then we'll talk designer shades. I am all set in the designer shades department though, I got a few :^)

    • At 23/08/2006, 14:44, Blogger don_veto said…

      QC: If looked all over and found for you the perfect birthday gift that covers your love of diamonds and your need for a new mobile,


      what do you think?

    • At 23/08/2006, 14:51, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Don Veto,

      I don't think, I lust!! I hope you mean you'll get me one ;-)

    • At 23/08/2006, 14:55, Anonymous Nasir said…

      huh....I guess vergos ARE bitchy! I just chose anonymous cause im not quite well-versed when it comes to posting anything so I tend to get impatient quickly and want 2 get it over with!
      I searched for what the acronym ROFL stands for since ive never heard of it and I got really old farts linger. Somehow I doubt thats what u meant. Anyhoo, Im posting my real name this time just because I really like ur blog.

    • At 23/08/2006, 15:05, Blogger don_veto said…

      Of course I will, whats a few millions between friends ;-)

      BTW my birthday is coming soon.

    • At 23/08/2006, 15:36, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      You don't think that really old farts linger???

      Don Veto,

      Yay I'm so excited! What's a few millions? Nothing compared to the precious friendship! And I don't know when your bithday is but I am afraid I will be extremely busy on that particular day. Will an e-card do??


    • At 23/08/2006, 16:07, Anonymous Nasir said…

      I wouldn't know!

    • At 23/08/2006, 16:51, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Have a look here: http://www.gaarde.org/acronyms/

      Sorry can't be bothered to html the link!

    • At 23/08/2006, 20:22, Blogger Reem said…

      Those Virgo characteristics listed above might as well have been describing me. Only I am not Virgo...hmmm.

      Happy b-day...even if it is a bit early. Hope you get more than scrunchies on your day.

    • At 24/08/2006, 08:59, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      You're a woman, that says it all :P

      Thanks for the wishes!

    • At 27/08/2006, 14:16, Blogger GIASI said…

      happy birthday QC... dont worry... those lines make you look distinguised and thank heavens for underwires :P

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