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    6 August 2006
    Sex offenders in Qatar - girls take notice!
    My friend was attacked at the Centre parking today by a pervert who then chased her in the car all the way to her office. She called me from the safety of her office building, in tears. I was so angry! What makes men do that to girls? What kind of sick satisfaction can they get out of it? She reported the incident to the police and hopefully they will catch and deal with this man according to the law here, which is way better when it comes to punishing criminals and sex offenders than our laws in the West. At least here the judge won't listen to the perv's lawyer saying how the perv was sexually abused as a child, how he has a hard time making it here in Qatar and how he therefore needs love and care instead of punishment. Love and care, my FOOT! Lashes and "time" and a fine and deportation, I say. I got even angrier when she told me that according to the police, exact same thing had happened at the exact same place a day before!

    Girls, if you are in such situation, don't freak out. If you are in or near your car - get in, lock the doors from inside, drive to the busy area and call a friend. If you are outside - run to the first available shop/office, and alert the security or call a friend. I assume that if you are anywhere in the Middle East you won't be standing outside far from your car and NOT in the vicinity of any public buildings. Do not under any circumstances drive home, or to your office, or to your friend's house so as to not give the attacker any information where you live, work, etc. If you know a police station - drive straight there. Note the attacker's car licence and write it down, key it in your mobile or ask a friend on the phone to write it down. It always helps to call someone. I wish my friend called me from her car instead of driving to her office! The attackers thrive on the victim's fear and shock and if they see that they aren't succeeding at scaring the victim they usually back off, especially here.

    I know it's easy to say "Shout, alert people around you" but it's much easier said than done. I know that I couldn't shout to save my life. When a similar thing happened to me (ok so it wasn't THAT bad, but still...) all I had to do was wave my phone in front of the man and tell him that I am going to call the police. It worked.

    Be wise, be careful. I know that Qatar is a safe country, as is GCC area in general, but things happen. Think Western, think street smart. Have an emergency/police number stored in your phone. It's much easier to find it in the contact list than remember the number when you are in such situation. Don't freak out and panic. It's easier to attack someone who's in a state of a shock than someone who fights back. Never, ever give in! Resistance drives the attacker away.

    And if something like this happens to you - try to remember as many details as you can, and always, ALWAYS report it to the police. A lot of girls feel shy and embarrased to talk about it, but there is nothing to be ashamed of. The attackers should be ashamed (lashed, castrated, imprisoned, executed, etc), and NOT YOU! If you don't report, the pervert will go on attacking other girls.

    Another thing: here in the Middle East be prepared to be questioned by the police and answer all sorts of weird questions. My friend was asked whether she is single or married, and as she is single the police officer wondered how she knew what penis looked like! Be polite and answer the questions as they come without getting agitated and hostile. I know it's not easy given the circumstances, but the police are there to help you and since you are in this country you will therefore have to deal with the cultural differences.

    I hope nothing like this will happen to you or anyone else. I also hope that if it does you will be alert and smart and if we all start fighting back - these pervs will think twice before messing with us, girls!
    posted by Bravecat @ 9:32 pm  
    • At 06/08/2006, 22:37, Anonymous Fish said…

      you'd think you were living in the safest sport on earth but that just goes to show that you should never EVER let your guard down when it comes to these things. The same rules apply..ALWAYS stay fully alert! yes these incidents do occur rather sporadically but the point is they DO occur.

      informative post and very very useful indeed! thanks, bat..i mean cat! :p

    • At 07/08/2006, 00:45, Blogger peacefulmuslimah said…

      Wow! Thanks for the informative "heads up" , Cat. Hope your friend is recovering from such an awful experience. Insha'Allah they'll get this perv soon.


    • At 07/08/2006, 01:22, Blogger ahmed said…

      thats really bad..hope they catch him soon.

      yes accidents like that happens everywhere. i remember this incident where couple of guys were harrasing 2 girls in riyadh. they caught the boys and they were sent to jail.

      hope ur friend is fine now..

    • At 07/08/2006, 02:31, Blogger Mise said…

      These guys are usually cowards who, as you rightly said, thrive on the fear of their victims. Your advice is spot on QC, and I hope that the report to the police will result in his apprehension...

    • At 07/08/2006, 16:02, Anonymous Jaguuu said…

      :( Sorry to say this but most of us guys are losers...I cant imagine what pleasure this loser derived from doing what he did...

    • At 07/08/2006, 17:31, Anonymous Aisha said…

      Of course Qatar is not 100% safe guys. This aint heaven.

      QatarCat, Your friends are so lucky, having you!

      WELL SAID!

      Only thinking of what might happen to the man who TRIES to mess with you make me laaaugh at him lol! You GO girl! Poor male hehe

    • At 08/08/2006, 14:59, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Thanks for all the comments. I want to point out that Qatar is still the safest place I've been to, but it is no reason to stop being careful.


    • At 08/08/2006, 22:24, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      yeah, stuff like that really bothers you when it happens- even though you KNOW he's just an idiot who can't actually hurt you.

      You're 100% correct though, driving to home/work/friends place is not a good idea.

      ... I've become an expert at losing tag-a-longs while driving around Doha. For some reason, Arab men think that if a chick is driving around past a certain time, she is ASKING to be followed around. All very amusing.

      There are many ways to get around this.. one of my favourites is to pick a round about and circle till he gets bored or dizy. haha

    • At 08/08/2006, 23:34, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Unfortunately the round about thing won't work for me - I'll get dizzy or even faint after a second round! :P

    • At 08/08/2006, 23:46, Blogger U.E. said…

      Must be the heat. :( I've heard to three similar elevator incidences and two taxi one's in Kuwait in the last two weeks. Insanity. *Sigh* ridiculous!

      Great advice and thanks for posting it as a reminder for all.

    • At 09/08/2006, 08:55, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Must be. At least I haven't heard about any elevator incidents here in Qatar. I am still glad I don't have to use them on a daily basis.

    • At 10/08/2006, 17:03, Blogger Flous said…

      I hate these things, it really gets my blood boiling. Thank god its never happened to me, but some guy did follow me in oman, and he was really freaking me out, flashing and overtaking and all sorts of other things. And i drove straight to the police station, needless to say he sped off in the other direction!

    • At 10/08/2006, 20:12, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Hehe good one! I wonder what he was expecting you to do though: give him your phone number or just marry him on the spot? What makes me wonder is whether there are actually any girls that these pests can score with. I mean, if this tactic never worked, would they be doing it? So maybe some girls somewhere do accept such advances... Hmm

    • At 11/08/2006, 17:51, Blogger Twix said…

      even if you believe that ur living in the safest place on earth, that doesnt mean u let ur guard down.. ever !! Im very sure it will be a matter days if not hour until they bag they w@nker.. i hope ur friend got down the license plate.. but no worries ladies in qatar sexual harrasment is not taken lightly ... he will get what he deserves ..

    • At 15/08/2006, 01:22, Blogger ArabLady said…

      The first thing I would do is to hit him by the heel of my shoes!!!

    • At 15/08/2006, 09:39, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Yay! I love Qatar and I feel so safe! Hopefully they caught the perv and gave him what he deserved.

      Arab Lady,

      You go girl! :D :D

    • At 18/08/2006, 16:01, Anonymous Sam said…

      arablady...you must be pretty acrobatic to try and do that.

      The truth is...all these ideas seem possible, but the moment this happens, the fight-or-flight issue comes in and usually 'flight' wins.

      Here in KSA, guys even follow girls on their bikes or buggies, often parking beside them on traffic stops since the driver can't do anything...

    • At 18/08/2006, 19:20, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Smart flight is a good thing too. Safety first.

    • At 25/08/2006, 09:44, Blogger Nzingha said…

      Isn't running his arse over an option??

      Sam you forgot to mention that here in KSA women are shammed for protesting the unwanted advances of a man. It brings too much attention to her. Or further restricted in their outings by male family members if they found out some guys were harrassing them. Which is why most don't do anything. And the non Saudi drivers of these women don't do anything because they could easily be jailed for trying to do anything.

      My first instinct tends to go in fight mode, but that's just me.

    • At 25/08/2006, 16:12, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Welcome back!

      I don't know what is in the air these days, but a few of my girlfriends in different parts of the world were attacked in a similar way this month. Must be the heat. Sometimes I hate men.

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