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    14 June 2006
    Leaving best for last
    This is my last post before I go on holiday. Coincidentally, this is also my first post that I dedicate to someone I don't know although I would love to meet this someone. And the meeting wouldn't be pretty.

    So here goes:

    This is to you, whoever you are (I have a clear mental picture of you) who damaged my car in the basement parking yesterday.

    I have few words of friendly advice to you:

    1. Do not drive. Clearly, you lack the skill. There is enough space in the parking to maneuver even if you drive a Hummer (which I doubt), leave alone a regular sized SUV (which I think is what you drove, according to the damage you left on my car). If you can't make it in THIS parking, you are a danger behind a wheel and should stick to Karwa.

    2. If you do drive, as after all not all of us are blessed with a talent of estimating our abilities, stay away from narrow streets and basement parking lots, and if you have to park somewhere - just leave your car outside. I understand that it's very hot and your sorry ass will have to sweat and suffer for a couple of minutes until the A/C kicks in, but you know what? Suck it up and leave your car on the street. Just do it.

    3. If despite all this you happen to park in the basement and dent another car (which you will do, no doubt) - leave your phone number under the car's wiper. I checked around my car and I didn't find your note anywhere. Maybe you left it somewhere else for me to find - but as yet I haven't seen it. I gave up hoping you would come and take responsibility, apparently you are not only a bad driver, you are also an asshole. Congratulations.

    And just so you know, the damage on my car is much less than on yours. You must have dented your car's entire side, judging by the damage on mine. That feels good. I have already got the paper from the traffic police saying that I can go and fix my car. The police believed that it was damaged by another car in the parking (it was quite obvious). You will have a much harder time trying to prove to the police that you had nothing to do with the damage on yours, and unless you manage - you won't have your car repaired.

    I am going on holidays tomorrow and while I am away my car will be fixed. As soon as I get back I will trade it in for a new car I've been coveting for a year and which is now waiting for me with my name on it. You, in all likelihood, will be stuck with your damaged car for a while yet. That feels even better.

    I can go around dissing you all I want (I have done enough of that yesterday) and you have only yourself to blame. Ha ha.


    posted by Bravecat @ 10:34 am  
    • At 14/06/2006, 11:04, Blogger I Was Never In Sumatra said…

      Nice drop there QCat.. have a fun trip

    • At 14/06/2006, 11:08, Blogger Mystique said…

      Please do have fun, and enjoy it to the max...


    • At 14/06/2006, 12:09, Anonymous Aisha said…

      "and you have only yourself to blame. Ha ha."

      Lol Qatarcat! This lady s like me..wasn't meant to drive ;-) J.K

    • At 14/06/2006, 14:12, Blogger Mise said…

      I admire the restraint in your post QC ... although I'm sure that there were some blue clouds floating around Qatar yesterday! ...enjoy your hols and the smell of new car when you get back :-D

    • At 14/06/2006, 14:33, Anonymous Jaguuuu said…

      Awwww....thats so not fair. That Driver plus the Driving Inspector should be Lynched....

    • At 14/06/2006, 14:58, Anonymous Carlsb3rg said…

      lol! sorry if i'm laughing, not at you for sure, but at the way you addressed the bad driver, who seems to be a woman most likely hehe! It reminded me of Paris Hilton's hit and run video that has been floating around at the moment.

      In any case, have a nice holiday :)

    • At 14/06/2006, 15:26, Blogger Nash said…

      Sorry to hear about the incident, hope the catch whoever did it.

      Enjoy your holiday

    • At 14/06/2006, 15:32, Blogger frogman said…

      wow.. QC.. you are officially on my scary-they-are-angry-people-list lol.. hope you have fun and all.. take lots of pics..

    • At 15/06/2006, 01:32, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Hey there, been a while! Ready for the invasion? :p


      Thanks! Will do! You have a great time in the meantime.


      It is all your fault and you know why!


      Actually I admire it myself, and thanks! The clouds were navy blue...


      I agree. And I would like to watch!


      Thanks and welcome to Life in Qatar. Glad I made you laugh :^) I am laughing myself at the situation and my post, too.


      I am not trying to find who did it. I have better things to do. But I sure hope the one who did it is wetting his/her pants in anticipation of police pounding on his/her door! :p


      I am not scary at all. As long as you don't dent my car.

      Thanks a lot for your comments and support, everyone. It makes me feel much better. Drive safe! :p

    • At 15/06/2006, 11:49, Blogger Sever said…


      Someone loves you too much, dear Cat.

      Anyway, wish you good luck!

      Did you leave already? If not, then tell me please... when are you going to come back?
      In that moment when I will be leaving. Right :)

      Kiss for your left cheek, Aunt!

    • At 15/06/2006, 12:11, Blogger Bandarof said…


      Have a lovely trip sweets, I hope the asshole who damaged your car reads this post .


    • At 15/06/2006, 13:04, Blogger Ektwras said…

      hi there!
      be positive...
      life is life and it is only once
      (as*** are as*** and there are many out there)

    • At 16/06/2006, 00:14, Anonymous jack said…

      You know I'm jealous of your trip to Malta. Always wanted to go there.

      Hope you get sunburn in all those tender spots ... ;)

      Have fun and catch ya later!

    • At 16/06/2006, 17:14, Blogger ahmed said…

      QC !!!! you'll be missed my dear :)

    • At 17/06/2006, 07:35, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      Hit and run people are ass holes. Don't stress over it, their bad karma will bite them in the ass..

      As for being on vacation.. ENJOY! You deserve it :)

    • At 19/06/2006, 08:23, Blogger BirkenEarthyKel said…

      Whoo hoo! Typical Doha driving! I am SOO glad I'm not there right now :)

    • At 24/06/2006, 08:55, Blogger U.E. said…

      Awww... poor cat. :( I have a feeling you'd be far pissier if you weren't already getting a NEW car! :p

      Clarify please... you have to get official permission to get your car fixed?? I don't understand.

    • At 24/06/2006, 11:22, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I hope someone loves me too much! :^) Kisses to you too, and I'll be back on the 1st of July.


      I hope the asshole gets pubic lice. And reads this as well, lol.


      Thanks and welcome :^)

      Jackie Jack,

      Having fun, getting sunburned all over, and enjoying it immensely. Catch ya in a week!


      Oh I am so sure it will! And I want to be there, watching :p


      Sigh.. You know, I am not there right now, but I miss "there" a lot already, despite the driving...


      I'd be less pissy I guess, because I wouldn't have to rush to fix the car for a trade in. But maybe you are right, and I'd be more pissy as I wouldn't have a new car to look forward to. It's a tough one! :p
      Yes you need an official permission from the police. Nobody can fix their car, even a touch up to the paint, if they don't have a police "clearance" certificate. It has to do with hit and run things I suppose, although it doesn't really help.

    • At 30/06/2006, 15:27, Anonymous psraki said…

      sorry to know about your car, do you still wanna sell it by the way??! but sure not for that price you quoted once....!! I know you wanna get your dream car.

      hope you are having fun in Malta.

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