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    25 May 2006
    My needs

    Go to Google and type in your first name and the word "needs". Copy and paste the top ten results

    Here is what I got!

    1. QC needs to find a toilet
    2. QC needs skin
    3. QC needs a feeling of success in tennis
    4. QC needs to be excused from class today
    5. QC needs a fan club!
    6. QC needs to suffer
    7. QC needs all the support she can get
    8. QC and her husband need to have a frank discussion
    9. QC needs to grow up a bit
    10. QC needs the money

    Try it out with your name and have a laugh :D

    posted by Bravecat @ 9:23 am  
    • At 25/05/2006, 12:36, Blogger peacefulmuslimah said…

      Hey! QC already HAS a fan cub! ;-)))

      I'm off to try my fate....


    • At 25/05/2006, 12:39, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…

      There should be an 11th one too: QC needs to get a life!

    • At 25/05/2006, 12:39, Blogger ahmed said…

      1) Ahmed needs more power
      2) ahmed needs a reality check
      3) Ahmed needs your support to sustain his campaign to remain in the United Kingdom
      4) Ahmed needs activities
      5) Ahmed needs him
      6) Ahmed needs a knockout
      7) ahmed needs votes
      8) ahmed needs clean water
      9) Ahmed needs his money in advance
      10) Ahmed needs the medicine for both running the BHU and also for the mental health team

      hehe this is fun :p

    • At 25/05/2006, 12:46, Blogger peacefulmuslimah said…

      1. PM needs a bit more work
      2. PM needs to show respect on the job
      3. PM needs buy-in
      4. PM needs assessment
      5. PM needs the man who wants his job
      6. PM needs to bridge the gap
      7. PM needs a lesson in fairness and decency
      8. PM needs five more years
      9. PM needs surgery for skin
      10. PM needs to be more honest

      But my favorite is:

      PM needs help.

    • At 25/05/2006, 12:46, Blogger peacefulmuslimah said…

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    • At 25/05/2006, 12:49, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Hehe try that and I'll come round and laugh at your results :p


      Whoah, lol, I liked the reality check! And seems like we both need money :^)

    • At 25/05/2006, 12:53, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      You have to try it with your actual first name :p

    • At 25/05/2006, 13:20, Blogger Mise said…

      Hey QC ...that was funny ... seems that I need quite a bit of help...well, I knew that anyway ;-D

    • At 25/05/2006, 13:32, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      LOL yeah I run it for your name and it looks like you need a liver, a kidney, a home and a flash plugin among other things :p

    • At 25/05/2006, 18:00, Blogger confused arab chick said…


      didnt quite work so well for my Arab name.. :(

      ...the only google listings with my name on Google are actually about me!

    • At 25/05/2006, 19:48, Blogger Bandarof said…

      Hahhaaa this is fun!!!

      1- Bandarof needs to use North American bands in other areas in West Longitude
      2- Bandarof needs a caffeine infusion
      3- Bandarof needs to have experience with banding large volumes of birds
      4- Bandarof needs 2. copies of the manuscript tables and graphs.
      5- Bandarof needs brief abbreviations of the age terms
      6- Bandarof needs to observe lots of individuals
      7- Bandarof needs to hold material flat, square and unbowed
      8- Bandarof needs this cd
      9- Bandarof banding film to suit all of you packaging needs.
      10- Bandarof Law Firm can assist you in your legal needs.

    • At 26/05/2006, 01:35, Blogger hibbalicious said…

      nothin came up lol

      hibba needs a life


    • At 26/05/2006, 03:07, Blogger Ella said…

      HAHAH i tried mine ! - its so cute. gonna post it here and on my blog ! ;)

      1- Ella....needs Lizard boy!
      2-Ella needs no introduction
      3-Ella needs to eat again
      4-Ella needs to be picked up from day care on time!
      5- Ella needs to be with you
      6-Ella needs a vacation!!
      8- Ella needs to break her spell.
      9- Ella's Mommy and Daddy really need some time for each other
      10- Ella needs some time with her Nana
      11-Not that Ella needs a handsome prince to make her complete, but so much integrity and chivalry can wear down a girl's willful resistance.
      12- Adam thinks Ella needs to stop :).

      hahah .. that was funny !
      P.S - i found a really interesting Ella needs. :S

    • At 26/05/2006, 03:19, Blogger Ella said…

      2 things. one i forgot how to count. cause i left out 7 !
      the other, i just realized you said 10 .. not 11 :P

    • At 26/05/2006, 12:05, Anonymous butterfly said…

      My name is very common...had too many coming up.


      I. needs to get taste-tested????

      that was the funniest one :D

    • At 26/05/2006, 12:42, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Why don't you try it in Arabic? Or try it with "Chick".


      LOL yes caffeine infusion sounds like something I need now as well :p But banding a large volume of birds?? !!


      Yeah what were you doing in high school? Playing with lizards?


      Your name must be really rare...


      My name is probably the most common that can be, so I took first 10 results - try it and post them! :D

    • At 26/05/2006, 19:42, Anonymous butterfly said…

      ok... here they are!

      1 I. needs money to pay off past debts

      2 I. needs to quit being a prude.

      3 I. needs Harriet just as much as Harriet needs I.

      4 I.'s needs seem already to be catered for

      5 I. needs to try and make an effort

      6 I. needs to hear from her healthcare provider

      7 I. needs help

      8 I. needs to pee

      9 I. needs a job

      10 I. needs to be reminded that possessions will not make her happy

    • At 26/05/2006, 21:44, Blogger ellinida said…

      Χα τέλειο ! Σπεύδω ταχέως .
      Τι κάνεις γατί ? Ολα οκ ?

    • At 27/05/2006, 00:20, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I know your name! It's beautiful! Wow! :^)


      Ολα οκ, went to friends' house for a bbq with Silent, just got back, had a great time. Family driving me crazy. The usual :^)

    • At 27/05/2006, 01:28, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

      SAMA needs you too ;p

      so funny QC


    • At 27/05/2006, 06:00, Blogger U.E. said…

      No freakin' way? Really? Those were your REAL results? Mine aren't nearly as revealing. However, sharing the first name of an international porn star I'm bound to get SOMETHING funny.

      And, here it is...

      U.E. needs a big dick.

      :/ :S :P :D

    • At 27/05/2006, 15:54, Anonymous butterfly said…

      :D thanks Cat!

      lol @ UE.

    • At 28/05/2006, 12:59, Blogger Nzingha said…

      1. Nz is in desperate need of surgery (yes tummy tuck here I come)

      2. Nz Needs to Get Ahold of Herself (I'm sure many think that)

      3. Nz needs something shoulder-length with layers (yes dawling I need the whole make over shabang)

      4. Nz needs to get some Revlon's Cherries in the Snow, the ho's lipstick of choice. (when in doubt choose what the ho's wear)

      5. Nz Needs Some Answers Fast (because I'm running out of time)

      6. Nz needs help with eating disorder (my shameful secret)

      7. needs a lot of sleep, in fact you could say it is the skill which she really excels at (spot on!! Now someone explain that to the children)

      8. needs to grow some meat on her bones (back to the eating disorder thing.. but than why a tummy tuck??)

      9. needs to call her accountant because someone's been skimming her checks (Flippen people.. rippen me off.. wait I get checks??)

      10. needs to start behaving like a proper young lady, learning to knit, cook, and manage a household ( LOL.. someone has been talking to Mr. Man)

    • At 28/05/2006, 13:22, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      ;p Glad it gave you a giggle!


      You know my name... try it and see for yourself! Of course these are my real results, silly woman. Why would I make it up?
      PS. Yours are all true, by the way :p


      That cracked me up and I actually laughed out loud while my boss was IN THE ROOM! I had to pretend I was laughing at incompetence of my counterpart in another country (poor thing).
      You beat us all hands down with your results!


    • At 29/05/2006, 05:08, Blogger Susanne said…

      Susanne needs:

      -a second car
      -a lawyer
      -a very large database of language
      -to be back in Bar Harbor to open 'Cafe this Way' for the spring and summer season
      -Cass to help transport nine orphans cross country in a covered wagon [!]
      -many more walkers!
      -to ensure all client's needs are met
      -a shopping cart
      -a lawyer (again)

    • At 29/05/2006, 09:47, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      LOL! When you are done with trafficking orphans, I'll come visit you in your Cafe :D

    • At 15/06/2006, 10:05, Blogger Qute said…

      -A needs to come back online because thats where liliii is and they need to talkkk :).
      -A needs help finding the perfect property
      - A needs to be engaged that is still not engaged???? ( my my some of the a's in the world )
      - A needs to have at least one plate of rice in one day
      -A needs to get a column
      -A needs for simplification of non-employment visa rules
      -A needs his help, her other allies arrive
      -A needs to be made, to keep small Groups ??????????
      -A needs Your Love

    • At 15/06/2006, 15:42, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      LOL @ Qute


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