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    25 April 2006
    The world today - what went wrong?
    All it took me today to get bitterly disappointed in where this world is going is one newspaper. Not some in-depth world coverage with emphasis on politics and war zones. Oh no. Just our local English daily - Gulf Times. 32 pages, world news in brief, subcontinent news in detail, 10 or so pages of sales ads and sports (included in the overall count). And this is what I read in it - the headlines in bold:

    1. Boy, 12, held for double murder. Who did he kill? His mother and 9 year old brother. Why? Over domestic dispute. Where? Washington, USA.

    2. Man cut and grilled his mother. Why? Because she was "pestering" him to get a job. Where? Tokyo, Japan. So what did he do? He killed her, cut her in pieces and grilled some of her body parts on an electric hot plate, cemented other parts in a bucket which he left in the yard.

    3. Woman was alive when burnt by her son. What did the son do? Stabbed his mother and then burned her to ashes. Why? Because she looked like a witch. Where? Visayas, Philippines. The woman was still alive before she was burned.

    What is wrong with the world if children do that to their mothers? Mothers we are supposed to love and respect? I would give my life for my mother. And it's not like we don't have domestic disputes (we had plenty, but we don't live in the same house anymore), and yes she does pester me to get a better job, better haircut, etc. etc. Is that a reason enough to kill her? How many mothers are abandoned by their children, helpless in old age, forced to live on a pittance or begging? I can't think of a single religion that condones such things.

    I am not shocked. I am already used to these things happening. Kids killing their parents for pocket money, for more freedom, because of religious differences, for having to support them, under influence, for being ashamed of them, out of spite, for inheritance, for no good reason, for any other reason, or just for kicks. Kids who were brought up well, or not so well, from good families, bad families, complete families, broken families, religious families, atheist families, educated, not so educated - all sorts.

    Yes I understand that mothers can be (how to put it nicely?) a pain sometimes. Mothers force kids to do things kids don't want to do. Mothers are not always right. Mothers are not always good mothers. They don't always look like movie stars, and they most likely don't have the paychecks of movie stars. They remain mothers, still. There must be a special place in hell reserved for those who kill their mothers, whatever the reason.

    Would you kill your mother??
    posted by Bravecat @ 12:50 pm  
    • At 25/04/2006, 13:18, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…


    • At 25/04/2006, 18:46, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      That's some sick stuff.

      I'm not going to bother responding to "would you kill your mother?" though, i think any sane person's answer should be pretty obvious.

      My mom used to drive me crazy (of course he distance makes it easier) I still love her fiercely all the same.

    • At 25/04/2006, 19:16, Blogger hibbalicious said…

      Qatar Cat, dont get me wrong i love my mum to bits and there has never been a time ive ever like 'killing' her but sometimes i felt like shaking her violently to understand something lol whether that would result in killing her i donnooooooo lol

      Any who i took a class in matricide and patricide last year and it was so interesting u know, kinda sick i dont think i could kill anyone lol.

      But you know what, always the newspapers would put up stuff that is more sensational u know to dramatise what happened, who knows what this kids mum was like maybe she abused or neglected or didnt protect him or anything who knows

    • At 25/04/2006, 20:15, Blogger Bandarof said…

      My mother!?!? Oh no I love her too much to kill her, but I got a very strong urge to kill my father once, does that count??

    • At 25/04/2006, 20:59, Blogger Irony said…

      No matter what ur mum tells u...she does it for a reason and the reason being she wants the best for u...I love my mum even more now that we are miles away.. sometimes I wish she was here even if she had to shout,force or nag.
      mwaaaaaaaaah love u mum

    • At 25/04/2006, 21:00, Blogger Irony said…

      and dad just in case he reads mum's comment u never know it's a small world after all...Dad I love u to bits too without you I wouldn't have been where I am today ....love u to dad xxxxxx

    • At 26/04/2006, 09:46, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Thanks guys!


      And regarding parents who abuse their children - that's another story altogether.

    • At 26/04/2006, 11:07, Blogger ku E said…

      i wanted to post pics of megat and his school friends, at the same time i stumbled into this post huhu... :(

    • At 26/04/2006, 11:08, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      You should still post them :^)

    • At 26/04/2006, 13:20, Blogger ku E said…

      i did post them anyway :|

    • At 26/04/2006, 13:54, Anonymous Uncle J..aka Jaguu... said…


      It is shocking. I just cant fathom what these guys were thinking when they were killing their own mother. How can they ever have peaceful moment in their life?

      Mother's gives their childern the purest form of love & care. Well most mothers do!! As the jewish saying goes God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers. Which is just so true.

      I love my mom more then anyone or anything in this universe.

    • At 26/04/2006, 20:43, Blogger mimi said…

      WOW MAN! Unlike you, this is SHOCKING to me! I would'n't even THINK of such a thing let alone DO IT! Damn man... what's the world coming to?

    • At 27/04/2006, 01:47, Blogger Bandarof said…

      Check out this scenario and give it some thought if you can. Say your Father and siblings are going on a road trip, and you had a dream a week before their departure that something bad is going to happen on this particular trip. So you grab your father and tell him "Please don't go by car, take the plane...And if you want to insist, go alone and don't take my brothers with you, cuz if something happens to them I will lose my mind". But he doesn't listen and insists on going and taking the kids with him regardless of what they want to do. Then he passes out behind the wheel, flips the car and your brother passes away. And to top it off, he tries to lie about it and say that the tire burst, wouldn't you wanna kill him??? U never know what these people go through with their parents, and like hiba said also the media kinda dramatise everything and they show you one side of the story. I'm not saying that it's okay to kill your parents if they are abusive, but thought is something and action is another, and you cannot help but think it, and for that thought to evolve into action, that's where it gets tricky. I was lucky my dad was five hours away from me and by the time I got there I was more concerned about seeing my brother and giving him a proper burial than kicking my dad's ass to death. Besides, slow torture is much more effective heheheheheheeee

    • At 27/04/2006, 10:13, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Jagu, Mimi,

      That's what I am saying.


      Yes I understand you. I wasn't talking about fathers, first, and second - I am sure you wouldn't have killed him anyway. Ass kicking and killing are two different things.

    • At 27/04/2006, 11:50, Blogger Nzingha said…

      QC- my mind can't get around certain acts commited by mankind on to another. Taking the life of ones mother is on a long list of mine in this regard. I dare suggest however that thinking your mom looks like a whitch gives some insight into that persons mental problems and could give more excuse to it than the guy in tokyo or the tantrum of the 12 year old.

      yes some things are played in a certain way in the press. But some things clearly are what they are.

      Bandar considering the events sounds like your father had enough to live with

    • At 27/04/2006, 14:13, Blogger Bandarof said…


      That's the thing, he doesn't seem to care


    • At 27/04/2006, 17:42, Blogger ellinida said…

      Χαχα επίκαιρο !
      Μην μου βάζεις ιδέες βρε γατί !
      Κάνε μιά προσευχή να φύγει αύριο γιατί δεν αντέχεται άλλη μέρα !
      Φιλάκια και στα δυό σας .

    • At 28/04/2006, 11:22, Anonymous butterfly said…

      I would just think that these people who kill their parents are insane, mentally ill. Very very troubled. Leave it like that.

    • At 28/04/2006, 15:59, Blogger Silent Altitude said…

      hey kitty you really get some crazy ideas from time to time.

      kill my mother? i dont think i could ever do such an outspoken act, but as it is known in life you should never say never cause you cannot know what does the future has in store for you, you could ause her death un-intentionnally by something you do or say i quess.

      Καλή σου μέρα και σε σένα Ελληνίδα

    • At 28/04/2006, 22:56, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Haha well tell you what, if my mother doesn't stop pestering me to have a baby - I might give those ideas a thought! She gave up for a while, but it seems she's back on my neck.


      Yes, I tend to agree. Unfortunately, many of people who killed their parents were not troubled... just thought to benefit out of it in one way or the other.


      Well I hope you will do no such thing. Your mom is alright.

    • At 30/04/2006, 02:16, Blogger U.E. said…

      I've never harbored a deisre to kill my mother... but I've wanted her to die before. She isn't the most stable of women and when I was nineteen she went 'missing' yet again.

      Growing up, whenever things would get to much for her she'd just, poof, vanish. Days, weeks spent wondering if she's o.k., if she's coming back, picking up the shattered pieces of my siblings lives.... I'd really reached my limit that time. I thought about the lifetime occurences I still had to live through and I truly hoped that she wouldn't come home.

      When she called with the drama, crying, saying she was sorry, telling me about yet another suicide attempt my only feeling was regret. :(

      Years later she's somewhat better now and has learned to keep these moments to herself. Because I can't care anymore. *sigh* cold, no?

    • At 30/04/2006, 10:31, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      No, not cold. Well deserved.

      Can't even begin thinking what you went through.

    • At 30/04/2006, 11:14, Blogger ahmed said…

      Kill my mother?!!

      of course cant..mom??? IMPOSSIBLE :D

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