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    30 March 2006
    Night Cap
    A late night sms woke me up and I couldn't sleep after that. So I got online and continued working on my new template. Armed with my (rather limited) knowledge of basic HTML I managed to customise this template into what you see here now. I love the original for the colour scheme so I tried to keep most of it, but at the same time I wanted to make it a little easier on the eyes, thus the darker background and larger fonts.

    I wanted to keep the ladybird image at first but the reaction I got was "it is cute, but sooo not you!" And you guys were right, that wasn't me at all, so I came up with this little voodoo doll. I like it because it's transparent enough to use it as a background for my banner.

    Other news for today:

    Apparently there was solar eclipse. Haha. It was raining all day long, so made no difference whatsoever - couldn't see the sun anyways.

    Ljubicic kicked Calleri's butt in Nasdaq Open. How sad.

    I made cookies. They actually look like (and taste almost like) cookies.

    It's past 2am now. I guess I should go and try to sleep again.

    posted by Bravecat @ 3:11 am  
    • At 30/03/2006, 04:15, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      I like the new QatarCat image. It's much better than the old one. I love fooling around with HTML. I dunno if blogger supports it, but you should try Javascript too, its also fun to mess with. I'm one to talk, my blog is completely boring.

      Anyways, yeah, the update looks awesome

    • At 30/03/2006, 04:31, Blogger Lost in trance... said…

      WOAH! scary! Please remove the doll(?) :O)

      n the Cat is kinda sleek i shud say....blue eyes, nasty nasty look !

    • At 30/03/2006, 04:36, Blogger Susanne said…

      Oooh, much better!

    • At 30/03/2006, 08:14, Blogger don_veto said…

      Very nice template, SMSs in the middle of the night ruin your sleep? Sounds just like me, I put all my mobiles on silent before I sleep.

    • At 30/03/2006, 08:46, Blogger Kazablanka said…

      I love this template.

      hehe. You changed your template becuz of my comment. I love you :)

      Note to Scratchy: put your phone on silent when u sleep.

    • At 30/03/2006, 11:53, Anonymous jaguu said…


      Wallaaa.... Nice Template ..so you are a Designer and cookie maker now???? How come you made cookies??? Must be the evil effect of the Solar eclipse....lol

      Have a splendid weekend QC...

    • At 30/03/2006, 12:10, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Thanks guys! You motivate me :^)

      Regarding template:

      OK so the template so far is ok I think, and I like it, but it kills me that the layout doesn't look the same in IE and Firefox! I tried my best to make it look appealing for both, but that meant compromising on quality for both. Arghhhh...

      Regarding SMS:

      Are you people kidding me? I LOVE late night sms! It was just an unfortunate accident that I had a cup of strong coffee in the evening, and once I woke up to read my sms I couldn't fall back asleep.

      Regarding eclipse and cookies

      LOL so true... I made cookies - must be the eclipse!


    • At 30/03/2006, 13:33, Blogger Bandarof said…


      Yeah, I beleive the vodoo doll suits you better heheheheheheeeeeee I love the new page. I am viewing it on both IE and firefox and the only difference I see is in the title as in firefox the title is centered and in firefox it's seems like it's alighned to the left, total weirdness but still looks good. Congrats.

      Peace in the middle east

    • At 30/03/2006, 13:50, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thanks for the feedback! And it's not only the title, check the bullet points of the links (especially those under "My Other Stuff") and the alignment of the calendar entries. Although it's the title that bugs me the most. I am thinking to change the whole banner altogether, maybe leave just one doll and somehow come up with the way to make the title stay put in the centre.

      I am working on that green little dude for you too! Hehe well the dude gives me way more headache.
      First the dude didn't want to move a little to the right to allow some space for the sidebar, and
      now the comments links disappeared. I figured out the way to edit comments (do NOT ask, lol), but somehow the links to the (all edited) comments are gone now. Duhh..
      In other words, I shouldn't quit my day job as yet.


    • At 30/03/2006, 13:56, Blogger Bandarof said…


      Soon you will be ready :D Or maybe you will be forced to heheheheheeee


    • At 30/03/2006, 14:00, Blogger don_veto said…

      Your template looks perfect, I am seeing it in Opera and I don't see any problems. But, I never had an eye for detail, I always look at the big picture.

    • At 30/03/2006, 18:33, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Let's see, shall we? :^)

      Don Veto,

      Thanks! I have changed the banner to suit IE and Firefox, although now it's a fixed size one and it doesn't readjust itself according to the viewer's screen resolution like the rest of the page. I think I just had enough! It's done, and it's here to stay!


      PS. Of course should someone have troubles viewing my page, please let me know and I will do my best to fix it.

    • At 31/03/2006, 02:00, Blogger U.E. said…

      I like!! I like the new pic alot alot... and I LOVE the voodoo's. Don't lose them!

      Yes... I'm a sucker for the little things. :*

    • At 31/03/2006, 11:38, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Glad you like it! I love the voodoos too, and won't lose them :^)

      I also love the way my new profile pic looks in this comment box. Thanks for the sms at 1.00 am, hehe :-*


    • At 31/03/2006, 19:55, Blogger confused arab chick said…


      Gotta love the blue-eyed cat.

    • At 31/03/2006, 23:00, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Hehe... you know what cats do to chicks? :p

      Thanks, I love this cat too. I experimented with different colour for the eyes, and lliked this one most.

    • At 01/04/2006, 02:07, Blogger Lost in trance... said…

      ok high PQ n all, but dontyu think the 'doll' looks kinda vulgar? like it has multiple erect dix? woah!

    • At 01/04/2006, 18:20, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Lost & Found,

      What have you been smokin'? I want some of that!

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