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    28 March 2006
    I am not really good at this...
    OK so changing my template somehow affected my previous posts which I had pasted from MS Word (one more reason to love MS). The punctuation is on crack! When I figure out how to sort it all out in one go instead of editing all the bits and pieces one by one* I will be back with responses and will post my pictures elsewhere for those who can't see them on my blog due to their country restrictions. (Which country would that be, I wonder??)

    *Suggestions welcome!

    Update: All sorted out, and yes I am so very proud of myself!

    posted by Bravecat @ 2:57 pm  
    • At 28/03/2006, 15:22, Blogger ku E said…

      wow QC, new skin huh?!! nice... i like ;)

    • At 28/03/2006, 21:03, Blogger U.E. said…

      HA!! And you made me feel like a complete dolt for my blog template design inadequacies. Well... phfffttttt :D~

    • At 28/03/2006, 23:01, Blogger Lost in trance... said…


    • At 28/03/2006, 23:04, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thanks girl! :^)


      Its me who had (HAD, mind it) some minor inadequacies... What YOU had was a full blown disaster! And I haven't seen any significant improvements as yet :p

      You are just jealous.


    • At 28/03/2006, 23:17, Blogger Kazablanka said…

      Its nice.

      I like.

      I especially like the fonts and colors.

      I like the link to my blog on your side bar too.

      and I like you... alot !!!

    • At 28/03/2006, 23:50, Blogger Silent Altitude said…

      Έι Ψιψίνα. Πάνε μερικές μέρες να επισκεφτώ τη σελίδα σου. Συγχαρητήρια για τη νέα εμφάνιση.

      Να υποθέσω ότι έβγαλες τα χειμωνιάτικα και έβαλες τα ανοιξιάτικα σου;


    • At 29/03/2006, 00:34, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Now you will have to marry me.


      Exactly! Out with the dull, in with the fresh :^)


    • At 29/03/2006, 05:45, Anonymous jack said…

      Your new wardobe is fast loading and easy on the eyes.

      Nice :)

    • At 29/03/2006, 11:59, Blogger ahmed said…

      WOW a new look :)

      looks nice, keep up the good work ;)

    • At 29/03/2006, 12:26, Blogger Bandarof said…

      Duuuude where is the link to my empty blog???

    • At 29/03/2006, 16:10, Blogger ellinida said…

      Με γειά το καινούργιο μοντελάκι . Σου πάει τρέλλα .
      φιλάκια από το Γρήχελαντ

    • At 29/03/2006, 19:52, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Jack, Ahmed,

      Glad you like it! I am somewhat undecided as yet, but I think I'll keep it for the time being.



      The blogs I read are listed under the heading "I read"... how can I read something that isn't there?? :p


      Euxaristw! Filakia :^)

    • At 29/03/2006, 21:00, Blogger U.E. said…


      Hurrrmmpphhh! YOU SENT ME TO THOSE TEMPLATES!! You said you liked the new template. You suck. :-0~

      (Give your banner text a small right indent.. it rusn right into the edge and looks slightly cut off)


    • At 29/03/2006, 21:36, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I LOVE your new template! I was just teasing you :-*

      What's wrong with my banner? It looks fine on my screen :-/

      Send me a shot of my page as seen on your screen, if you would, please. Maybe then I could see what the problem is. Or try it with Firefox. I can see the layout looks different in different browsers! It is driving me crazy!


    • At 30/03/2006, 01:31, Blogger Silent Altitude said…

      Χέι γατούλα τελικά φαίνεται ότι η νέα σου σελιδα έχει πολύ σουξέ.


    • At 30/03/2006, 02:44, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Wait till they see the little voodoo doll! :^)

    • At 31/03/2006, 01:32, Blogger Ella said…

      sorrry im late!! - loving the new look !! :D - different.
      Dunno what is u ... but i like this, the voodoo doll is hot!
      I dunno how u did it, but im yet to learn .. in the near future!

    • At 31/03/2006, 01:46, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      It's LATE as in the time of the day!! LOL I thought I was the only one online at this ungodly hour. Stuck watching (what else? lol) tennis.

      Thanks! I think the voodoo doll is hot, too, that's why she is up there, hehe. I did it using the old trustworthy method, called trial and error. I am sure if you try, you will manage. It's really not that hard, on this level at least. I wish I could really design from scratch.


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