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    2 March 2006
    What am I busy doing?
    Went to watch tennis yesterday at Khalifa Complex. Halfway through nauseating match between Russian fourth seed Myskina and Japanese Ai Sugiyama noticed a Japanese guy complete with the Japanese flag and a very complicated camera couple of rows below. Couldn't see the camera very well. Mom had a better view of it, so here is the brief info exchange:

    Me: Mom, what camera is that guy with the flag holding?
    Mom: Sugiyama
    Me: Are you sure?
    Mom: Yes yes
    Me: No, really, what camera is it?
    Mom: Most definitely Sugiyama
    Me: Is your name Sugiyama?
    Mom: Yes yes

    It was a little loud at the court. Dull and apathetic Myskina lost in 3 sets after the most boring 3 hour match ever, and it was captured on a very complicated Japanese camera, Sugiyama.

    Next, Hingis dealt with Italian Francesca Schiavone in just under an hour. Schiavone has the most beautiful game I've ever seen! The way she hits the ball is amazing, the way she opens up at the serve and the way she swings, and each of her volleys is a masterpiece. Shame that she doesn't aim well. Hingis didn't waste a move and walked over 6-1, 6-2.
    Then we admired Mauresmo who we love to hate, and yet she is the perfect athlete. Abs to die for!
    Today will be a busy day again. The deadlines at work are fast approaching, and at the same time my parents constantly need to be entertained, so I run around trying to fit everything in. Quarterfinals, plus horse races, plus friends coming over for dinner after the races/tennis, plus daddy wants to go to the supermarket, plus if I don't squeeze in at least an hour of sleep I will die. The construction outside the house is in full swing, so sleeping in the morning after the sunrise is not an option.

    I am hungry.

    I am sleepy.

    I am at work, on my second cup of coffee.

    I love my boss.

    He brought me more coffee.

    Have a great weekend, everyone! :^)
    posted by Bravecat @ 10:41 am  
    • At 02/03/2006, 12:35, Blogger Sever said…

      Aunt, don`t you want soup?
      (sitting with a big mug, protyagivaet)

      + I have a good pillow...
      It`s so nice to sleep during lectures, I think with work it`s the same.

      Yes, I will have a great weekend, yes yes!

      Cat, I will not have weekendS this time:-/
      Poor me.
      Very very soon (if I can be lucky)
      Ya zab`yu na universitet!
      Do you know this Russian word "zabit`"? :P
      "Ya predlagayu tebe rabotat` vmeste so mnoi"
      To est` otdyhat`! :)
      20 days... just think... tennis & sleep, sleep & tennis.
      Ok, loshadi also ;-)

      Eh, Myskina, Myskina...

      Cat, if you want, I can sleep instead of you a couple of hours.

    • At 02/03/2006, 13:02, Blogger ahmed said…

      Hingis rocks!!!! go go Hingis!!

      busy bee..hope u have a nice weekend :) good luck

    • At 02/03/2006, 16:31, Blogger Kaleidoscope said…

      Keep us up to date with the finals if you can. I'd like to read it from your perspective instead of the news reports.

    • At 02/03/2006, 19:04, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      Good luck with the sleep-
      I'm working on getting some this weekend as well *finges crossed*

    • At 02/03/2006, 23:31, Anonymous jaguu said…

      hmmm Lack of sleep...sounds familiar...lol I tell u thi 24 is addictive.Hope you get some good rest during the weekend.They wont be working on the weekends at that Villa right?

    • At 03/03/2006, 02:22, Blogger mimi said…

      I'm not really a tennis fan but sounds like you know your tennis pretty well! I hope you get everything done at the end of the day :)

    • At 03/03/2006, 08:50, Anonymous jack said…

      Rather play tennis than watch. I'm fairly good as long as I don't have to run too much.

    • At 03/03/2006, 09:19, Blogger U.E. said…

      Ugh. Lack of sleep. UGH. That's the most complex thought I can process right now. UGH. All because of MY lack of sleep.

      Oh, and also why I could only 'scan' the endless tennis commentary. Sports. Ugh.


      Lots of love my dear. Missed you severely last night.

    • At 03/03/2006, 13:02, Blogger Susanne said…

      Ah, coffee. I started back at uni this week and I can already tell coffee is going to be my friend, my confidante, the one I lean on this year.

    • At 03/03/2006, 15:59, Blogger Silent Altitude said…

      A typical Japanese, you can always tell them out with cameras at all the hot spots of the world.

      I think I have discovered tennis a bit late, to excel in the courts of the ATP Opens but I am trying to excel in the courts of the local hotels at the moment.

    • At 03/03/2006, 17:40, Blogger Hussa-G said…

      Cool. I love tennis. Good luck sleeping. Not a chance with your parents visiting. But try.
      Have fun. Enjoy the moment.

    • At 03/03/2006, 23:19, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thanks for the soup! It's a bit hot for soup here, got ice cream?
      Myskina is out, but Petrova is in the finals! So keep your fingers crossed tomorrow. I'll be rooting for her too, since Hingis is sadly out.


      Got a short weekend this time, will be at work tomorrow. Have to finish the tender. Sigh..


      Check here for the finals review :^)


      Got it! 11 hours of undisturbed sleep. Hope you got some too!

    • At 03/03/2006, 23:26, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      No noise today. Yay!


      I can't say I know my tennis. Yeah well I know the rules and the leading players, and I favour a few, that's about it. It's a great sport to watch though. So, thanks!


      You HAVE to run a lot in tennis. No way around it. Good luck, lol!


      Missed you, girl. You are exempted from reading my tennis commentaries. But only this time, until you catch up on sleep. So stop missing me at night, and get some sleep instead. Meow!


      Coffee makes my world go round! I so know what you mean!


      I envy you. I couldn't hit the ball to save my life, lol. So you play, I watch.

      Hussa G,

      Sigh, so true, no chance... No chance to catch up on blogs either! Any new pics on yours? :^)


    • At 09/03/2006, 11:34, Anonymous Hobici said…

      Very nice blog..

      Did you visit my blog???

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