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    20 February 2006
    A short update
    It's cold again in Qatar. I told my parents a week ago that it was already really warm, and of course the day they arrived the weather took a major U turn. This is not fair. Although it is fun watching them as they try to figure out what to wear, lol.
    I got an average of 3 hours sleep 3 nights in a row. This doesn't make me sociable, and I didn't even feel like blogging. The last two nights a couple of local imbeciles were working on some pretty intensive physical training routine right outside my house, complete with yelling, counting out loud, clapping, moaning and yelps of pain and strain. At 3 $&#%$# am! Where is my rifle when I need it most??
    My parents are enjoying it in Doha, took them around a little. It's too cold to explore anything other than malls, so no new pictures. Planning to go to the Arabian Horse Show today, will see what the weather will be like. If it's too windy I think we'll go another day. One of my internet pals came here for the show, a girl from Denmark, so should be fun finally meeting in person.
    Oh yeah, we went to the Jewellery and watches exhibition the other day. Now that was something! :^) We agreed that Graff diamonds were out of this world. I was so very pleased to find my watch on one of the show displays as well, lol. Silly Cat.

    That's it for the time being, nothing else happened that's newsworthy.

    posted by Bravecat @ 1:43 pm  
    • At 20/02/2006, 14:51, Blogger Kazablanka said…

      Aw your parents are in Qatar! Nicee..glad they are enjoying it there.

      Why dont you all come down to Oman :)

    • At 20/02/2006, 17:01, Blogger ahmed said…

      yeah go to Oman..after that come here in Jeddah :D we'll go to durrah in a wonderful sunny day :D

    • At 20/02/2006, 17:04, Blogger Sever said…

      3 hrs of sleep...
      Now you understand me, my dear Aunt:P

      Prosto soskuchilas`, no ya uje svalivayus` :-/

      I hope, everything is ok with you. & your health too...

      Sleep more & better... I will too.
      So may be soon we will return to our normal`noe sostoyanie :P

      Be fine, Cat!

      My bed wants to see me in her(Russian, Russian:P) hugs.

    • At 20/02/2006, 22:27, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      Oh muffin, Is it hovering around 0 degrees Celcius there ? Because thats what it is here, without the wind chill. And OMG, its cold ! There was actually a layer of ice covering my car a couple of days ago.

      Wining about the weather aside, I hope they have a good time, where are they visiting from ?

    • At 20/02/2006, 23:22, Blogger mimi said…

      I haven't had much sleep for the past week man! I've had MAJOR insomnia! I'm really pleased that you're parents have to come to visit the Middle East :) I hope it's living up to their expectations. I agree with kaza, now it's Oman's turn :)

    • At 21/02/2006, 02:24, Blogger Lost in trance... said…

      kno wat there was an Arabian HS in Scottsdale too...but that one sucked big time :) u have a fun time meow!

    • At 21/02/2006, 02:45, Blogger Susanne said…

      Oh cat, hope you get a good night's sleep!

      I slept badly the other night and it messed me up for the whole of the next day.

    • At 21/02/2006, 09:47, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      You're alive!! I wish we could go to Oman, trust me on that, but I've got to work :(


      I would love to visit Jeddah and Saudi in general, but there is no way they would give us visas. It's not exactly a tourist destination :p


      I am a serial insomniac so I know very well how it feels. Usually it doesn't bother me much, but now I've got parents to entertain... And being grumpy doesn't help!


      It's around +20 during the day with cold wind and well today doesn't seem so bad, we'll see. My parents are visiting from Cyprus :)


      It's the third time my parents visit me in Doha (they come here once a year usually around this time) and they also visited me in Bahrain 4 years ago. They love Middle East just as I do (ok maybe not Bahrain, lol). And they loved my Oman photos so we will definitely go there one day! :) Actually you know what, I might just go there with them for a weekend. Will ask them today.


      They have great HS here, complete with grand opening and closing ceremonies with sword dancing and such jazz. Horses are amazing too. Didn't get to go there yesterday, will try today, if not - well it's here until Sunday :)


      Thanks sweetie, I hate not getting enough sleep, I need at least 8 hours to be (and act like) a human being. Hope you got enough sleep to compensate for the other night!

      Thanks for your lovely comments everyone! It's great to know you all! And now I am off to read YOUR news, always an entertaining read! Meow


    • At 21/02/2006, 12:05, Blogger Shoodoo said…

      great, i'll be in qater in few days (i think), now i know its gonna be cold

    • At 21/02/2006, 12:16, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Yeah Shoodoo, it's quite chilly. But don't quote me on that! With my luck in weather forecasting, it might turn +35 here just as you touch down. So double check.

      And welcome to my blog :^)

    • At 21/02/2006, 13:49, Blogger Degoat said…

      I wanna visit qatar now..

      Hope they have a blast even though Qatar is becomin their second country now :P

    • At 21/02/2006, 20:30, Blogger mimi said…

      YAAAAAAAAAY :D But you have to come to Oman when I go back so that I can get a chance to meet you! I have an easter vacation coming up in March, so i'm going to be home by the 25th. You have to pass by :)

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