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    10 February 2006
    Doha Under Construction

    posted by Bravecat @ 10:54 pm  
    • At 10/02/2006, 23:31, Blogger don_veto said…

      Beautiful pictures, I have never been to Qatar althoguh I have been to all the other GCC countries, I wonder why?

      Now that I saw your pictures, that is one more reason why I should definetly go there.

    • At 10/02/2006, 23:49, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Don Veto,

      Doha is beautiful and worth a visit. The traffic is insane though!

    • At 11/02/2006, 00:57, Blogger confused arab chick said…


      Doha is beautiful. The weather is beautiful. The buildings, the construction... If only you knew what Doha looked like 10 yrs ago.

      .. Or 60 years ago.

      Thank you.

    • At 11/02/2006, 00:59, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      It's funny how there were soo many little things I hated about living in the Middle East, when I did, but now that I'm in Canada, there are lots of things I miss about there. I don't know about Doha, but Dubai is spectacular at night, I miss the warm nights and gorgeous dinners at nice hotels. I think it's the international atmosphere that I most miss, somethings always happening, and the city seems to almost always be intensely alive. Shopping too, I miss the shopping. Oh god, shopping here in this small city sucks. Anyways, There is a lot to be said of the beauty and mistique of that part of the world. I can't wait to go back.

    • At 11/02/2006, 10:28, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      I would really love to visit Qatar! I was there like 18 years back .. and it was empty!

      We might be going April inshalah .. my husband is hesitant, he says we should wait for few years because alot of changes are happening now.

    • At 11/02/2006, 10:29, Blogger Arabian Princess said…

      that was me!! somethings was wrong I couldnt put my user name

    • At 11/02/2006, 12:00, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      You're most welcome. You were my inspiration for this post :^)


      I SO know what you mean! Life is just different here...


      I wonder what changes he is talking about. If you want to come for a visit - now is as good as any other time. But oh well, if it's Asian Games that puts you guys off - then I can't disagree. Construction everywhere (as you can see) and horrendous traffic! You might want to wait till AFTER the Games :^)

    • At 11/02/2006, 13:00, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…

      Yep... damn right... a city under construction. Just imagine cat, Doha, after 20 years!!!! Man.

    • At 11/02/2006, 13:29, Blogger TANTALIZE said…

      It's looking majestic. I wonder if it's also sensible to invest in their stock market now.

    • At 11/02/2006, 16:05, Anonymous jaguu said…


      The Amir of Qatar is going to give you citizenship soonn.. trust me!!

      LOVELY PICTURES QC!!Well Done!!

    • At 11/02/2006, 16:17, Blogger Arab Pearl said…

      OK, third picture of the Villa, is UGLY!! I just hope they compensate for it inside the house and have nice interiors!!

      Sorry, just had to say that, the rest are rather nice buildings, now I want to comet to Qatar and visit my friend there.

      Thnx for sharing.

    • At 11/02/2006, 18:19, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I will come here in 20 years to check it out :^)


      I have no idea. The GCC citizens went crazy recently over the Rayyan Bank shares here in Qatar.. Glad it's over! Not like Doha could handle extra traffic.


      Yeah, I have an audience at the Emiri Diwan tomorrow. Wish me luck!


      Hehe well it's a matter of taste, really. I am sure the owner of the ugly villa would disagree with you. And yes, you should come visit. Doha is beautiful.


    • At 11/02/2006, 19:03, Blogger Sever said…

      Oh, when will I have a chance to say "RUSSIA IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION"?

      Hahah :-/

      Zdorovo, Cat!

      A vsyo-taki u nas horosho toje... nesmotrya ni na chto.
      PatriotKA ;-)

      Look... lyudi predpochitayut photos, not words.


    • At 11/02/2006, 19:31, Blogger mimi said…

      WOW q.c. I've never been to Doha but it looks REALLY nice. Very modern! I like I like :D

    • At 11/02/2006, 21:03, Blogger Kazablanka said…

      Qatar looks alot liek dubai now!

      copy cats!!! :p

      oh i said cats... meow

    • At 12/02/2006, 00:43, Blogger Silent Altitude said…

      these are some really nice photoes you posted there. it was a nice day for pictures after all. hey we seem to be living in a very nice place, if we are to believe all these comments.

    • At 12/02/2006, 01:33, Blogger da Angel wears Escada said…

      I was about to say the exact same thing as kazablanka only it's Abu Dhabi revisited instead of Dubai.

    • At 12/02/2006, 10:03, Blogger U.E. said…

      That building in the first and fourth pictures?? That's awesome! Is it what it looks like in the pic? It looks like a beautiful glass sky scraper (modern) where the base is disguised/paired with a traditional-architectural overlay. Wow, very cool. Can't wait to come back during the day! Ready to be my tour guide??

    • At 12/02/2006, 10:59, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      WTF?? I answered to everybody, but my comment never appeared! I am so not happy :scowls:

      Anyways to sum up the long, coherent and comprehensive comment that is now sadly lost, I said something like yeah its nice and no it's not like Dubai/Abu Dhabi and hey I am the one who meows and thanks for driving around while I was taking pics and yeah Barzan Tower rocks.


    • At 12/02/2006, 17:39, Blogger Violet83 said…

      cool pics, Muscat looks better though :P

    • At 12/02/2006, 20:16, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Muscat looks better on a whole different level, it's in the landscaping.. All these mountains are fantastic, and I loved the mosques! Plus it's so green (at least it was when I went there).

      But I prefer the buidlings in Doha :^) And when these pretty tall ones are ready, then I am sure the city will be even more gorgeous.

    • At 12/02/2006, 22:07, Blogger teagirl said…

      Amazing photos!

    • At 13/02/2006, 13:00, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Thanks, Photoflow! Appreciated :^)

    • At 13/02/2006, 14:33, Blogger Titania said…

      Qatar Cat
      Being an architect, I am specially interested in these beautiful pictures you posted :) Also the ones with under construction buildings ;) You have amazing, interesting buildings!!

      Thanks for sharing with us!

    • At 13/02/2006, 14:39, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Thanks, Titania! One of these days I will post some pics of completed buildings - they are amazing.

      For an architect, you don't have any building pics on your site! How about some pics of your area, too? I love Portugal and it's architecture.


    • At 14/02/2006, 01:02, Blogger Life... said…

      another version of dubai..hmm interesting..we need more dubai's around lol..

    • At 07/03/2006, 22:16, Blogger ilka said…

      i definately need to visit qatar. i recently went to dubai and loved it except for the hot and humid weather. i reside in cairo, egypt (only cause hubby is egyptian or else i would never be here) and dubai was refreshing...it seems that qatar is similiar but that means its hot and humid too. i still want to visit anyway cause it looks so beautiful.

    • At 29/06/2006, 15:36, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Doha is the biggest shithole on the planet and I cannot wait to get out of here.

    • At 29/06/2006, 15:41, Anonymous Doha girl said…

      Well get out then. Who's stopping you? As for the "biggest shithole on the planet" - clearly, you haven't been around much. So why waste your time??

    • At 22/03/2007, 10:34, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      What i dont understand is how can anyone call Doha beautiful??
      based on what? where have you lived before
      i have been all around the world and this is the ugliest place i have even seen
      the roads, the sand, the ugly buildings...
      look around you and then judge
      dont take selective pics, look at the big picture around the tower there r tens of shabby houses..
      it will never be dubai...

    • At 22/03/2007, 10:38, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      that's in addition to the absence of entertainment...
      everything is too expensive and for what
      ppl here are too too too close minded
      i hate it here

    • At 22/03/2007, 10:44, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Doha girl.. it seems like you didn't get out much

      to life i say.. this might be like dubai in 10 years minimum.. infrastructure here is pretty bad..

      i had visitors from dubai.. and they allalughed and asked me where the was the boom everyone is talking about...

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