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    30 January 2006
    What have I missed?
    Hey there!

    I was busy busy busy... But I am back now! And I've got NEWS!

    1. I have a new toy! I got a VAIO! I'd wanted it for so long and now it's mine :^) I will post a few pics of my new baby shortly.

    2. Marcos lost to Federer in the final. Well yeah it's sad, but hey, he was in the Grand Slam final! Way to go, Marcos, and we all expect great things from you!

    3. I was participating (as a sidekick recorder, lol) in the GCC Endurance Cup on Saturday - detailed report with pics coming up!

    4. Yes I remember I still owe a dentist report for Kaza, a tag (separately tagged with the same tag by five people), latest pics of Doha post, and what not. I will work on all that over the next couple of days, so bear with me.

    5. And to you (you know who you are) - thanks a million! Moo... And by the way, the diaries are not as crappy as I thought they would be - want one? :^)

    posted by Bravecat @ 9:59 am  
    • At 30/01/2006, 11:13, Blogger DareDevil said…

      nice post and neat blog

    • At 30/01/2006, 12:53, Blogger don_veto said…

      Congratulations on the VAIO, enjoy, they have some gret models. What specs do you have?

    • At 30/01/2006, 13:53, Blogger Sever said…

      Nice to know that you are alive (vorchit).

      Busy Aunt, you must pay... yes, we are waiting for a few new posts.
      & quickly, quickly...

      prosto soskychilas` nemnogo :P

    • At 30/01/2006, 15:06, Blogger Sever said…

      Forgot... My condolences.

      Can you imagine, I read News because of this your Marcos. And even was upset some... funny.

      I think there are 2 ways:
      1.He never will play so well & everybody will forget him.
      2.He will win everything & anything you wish & so soon :)

      Stop to work already! :-/

    • At 30/01/2006, 17:50, Blogger Qatar Cat said…




      I've got Vaio FJ (VGN-FJ58GP). Neat!


      Yeah yeah well I miss you too, but I was really busy and now that I am back I will need some time to catch up. Speaking of updates, I haven't noticed any on your site, either.


    • At 31/01/2006, 07:55, Blogger Lost in trance... said…

      hey moi too...aint it neat? sleek n sexy ;)

    • At 31/01/2006, 09:15, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      It sure is! :^)

    • At 01/03/2007, 01:48, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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    • At 05/03/2007, 13:51, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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