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    24 January 2006
    Kicking it
    I was late for work today again. Watched the most unimaginative and boring tennis game ever in the history of Grand Slam quarterfinals, Sharapova vs. Petrova. And although I root for Shara who eventually won in a suffocating 2 setter, if she doesn’t spice up her game I will root for someone else! What an empty threat, lol.
    With all honesty though, I root for her dad more than I do for her! He’s such a character, Yuri Sharapov. I imagine myself in the girl’s place (yeah right, especially in that blue dress), and my dad in his – I’d love to see my daddy in some serious courtside action! By the end of the game the only people on the stadium Yuri didn’t curse or give the finger (or at times the whole arm) to were himself and his daughter. Such a show, thanks to the camera operators who zoomed on Yuri whenever his precious girl scored. Shara didn’t disappoint in the vocal department though. What a screamer! And here is the outcome:

    In the office reality hit the Cat with vengeance. According to the new tender bulletin I just got, I will have to recalculate the whole bid! And this stupid thing is due tomorrow (recalculated, printed, signed, stamped, copied, packed, sealed, delivered to Ras Laffan). My boss is in Abu Dhabi. I am alone. My day suddenly got a little darker and unfortunately I can’t procrastinate any longer. O Tender, my Tender, here I come! (Yeah, yeah, I did watch “Dead Poets Society" last week).

    posted by Bravecat @ 12:25 pm  
    • At 24/01/2006, 13:08, Blogger don_veto said…

      Time to roll up your sleeves and get back to work. Don't worry you will survive.

    • At 24/01/2006, 13:10, Blogger Sever said…




      crazy SOME


      Don`t be sad, ne veshai nosik!


      P.S. answer my question, please... Also, your work is going to fly to you:P

    • At 24/01/2006, 13:31, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      LOL @ Mafia - course I will survive!


      You didn't ask any questions :^)

    • At 24/01/2006, 13:46, Blogger Sever said…

      Cat, just press "check your mail".


    • At 24/01/2006, 13:59, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Duhh... I did click on "check mail", hehe:

      Inbox (23)

      I saw that and closed the e-mail, lol. Now you want me to go find yours and answer... If my boss fires me, it will be YOUR FAULT!



    • At 24/01/2006, 16:58, Blogger Sever said…

      Well done ;-)

      Thank you, Cat!

      And also... good luck! You have so sweet meeting at 6:30 :P

      Be Brave, Cat!

    • At 24/01/2006, 23:11, Blogger mimi said…

      There's a time for everything cat. I'm sure that once you've handed in the necessary papers you'll be able to watch as many oh these matches as you can! GO RUSSIAAAA :D

    • At 24/01/2006, 23:30, Blogger MiYaFuSHi said…


    • At 25/01/2006, 03:21, Blogger debs said…

      Hehe, you're into the tennis too i see. Its pretty much all that is playing here in Melbourne on tv. That sharapova girl sure does have a set of lungs on her. hehe
      I was hoping she'd get to play serena williams but no such luck.
      Baghdatis is cool. I like him. I hope he won last night coz i fell asleep during the third set.

    • At 25/01/2006, 05:02, Blogger Thetis said…

      on maria, i dont think she s gonna win this one.

    • At 25/01/2006, 09:20, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      The sweet meeting was rescheduled. But you already know that :^)


      The docs are due today. Tomorrow I am taking a day off. I need it. Just in time for the rest of semifinals and finals! GO CYPRUS!!


      He won! I can't believe it! You can imagine what was going on in Cyprus.. We never get any fame, and now we have a hero :^)


      I agree. But it would be nice. With Shara, you never know what to expect. She may just cough it out in the end.

    • At 25/01/2006, 09:41, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Ok, NOW I am tagged, lol

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