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    21 January 2006

    Today is one of those days when I wish I could just go back to sleep and wake up tomorrow, and then this day would be over and I could resume my normal, sensible life.

    First of all, it’s Saturday and I wasn’t supposed to go to work, but to work I went. We have a tender to submit, so for the last few days when I go to sleep at night I dream about either making a huge miscalculation in tender prices or forgetting to submit the tender, or sometimes even worse tender related crimes, all resulting in my wonderful boss being sacked and replaced with something like this:

    Oh no, that was second of all. First of all, I got so cold at night that I was crying in my sleep! It’s really really cold in my house. I was wearing socks and warm jammies, and I had my quilt and everything, yet I froze solid. Needless to say, I woke up in a rotten mood. And then I had to go to work. On my weekend! Arghhhhhhh….

    Third – I realised that I cannot write anymore! Today I decided to prepare a simple index page for the above mentioned document, and so I went through the completed sections and attempted to write the headings down on a piece of paper in order to type them up later. I could NOT! I was terrified! I was absolutely unable to write anything that looked remotely like written text. My fingers refused to listen and obey, and I even dropped my lovely pen a fair few times. What is wrong with my hand?? This is the same hand that went through a huge pile of sashimi with chopsticks only a day before, not dropping a single piece! And now – THIS? I remember I once had a handwriting. I had a neat and legible handwriting and I never had to write anything twice because I could get all my schoolwork done neat and correct from the the first time. That was at school. And I haven’t seen my handwriting since then. Now whenever I have to write something I either key it into my cell or type it, and it’s fast and easy and mess free. So today when I tried to write "surveillance" it came out as "surlace" and then I tried to fit the missing letters in all the wrong places, and then I couldn’t read anything. My hand has become dyslexic! I cannot write anything that could actually be read later, even by me. For when after a lot of painstaking effort I finally managed to write the headings down and went back to my desk to type the index page up, I had to go back to the main document many times to check the headings again.

    So I decided that either I send my hand back to school, or I admit defeat and accept the sad fact that I am an educated adult who doesn’t know how to write.
    posted by Bravecat @ 5:46 pm  
    • At 21/01/2006, 18:51, Blogger mimi said…

      haha, qc trust me it happens sometimes. Your hand is in perfect condition. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning to revise and I only have a cup of tea and then have a cigarette a few hours later my hand DOES NOT COOPERATE! I don't know why but my handwriting just transforms into this ugly unfamiliar language! I'm guessing that the mood has something to do with it!
      Is it really that cold?? Maybe you were nervous? knowig you had to hand in something wrong might've caused all this!
      Anyways, I hope it went well! Oh and by the way... I have a feeling that one day people WILL forget how to write things down because of how dependent they're getting on computers!

    • At 21/01/2006, 19:41, Blogger Jan6a said…

      i can totally relate. Thing is even at university the only way I can take notes is with my laptop. I can't write for shit. Very saad but true.

    • At 21/01/2006, 19:59, Blogger don_veto said…

      From your post, I can tell you have been working on a tender, when you said "page for the above mentioned document", hehe that is tender-talk, don't forget the "as per", "pro-forma", FOB, CIF, C&F, and all the other fun stuff. Good luck.

    • At 21/01/2006, 20:18, Blogger Sever said…

      I write a lot... so there is not any problem... only my writing does not look at least normal, I don`t say about beauty :P

      QC, for me this day was hard too... my fingers are still so cold :-/
      But everything is ok...

      Hope you are ok now, yes? yes yes yes, I know... smile, Funny Aunt :))))))))))

      There is something what can`t let me feel calm & behaviour good, so sorry, Cat :P

    • At 21/01/2006, 22:44, Blogger TANTALIZE said…

      I'd beg to differ. Your description of your supposed inability to write is an actual manifestation of writing smoothly.


    • At 21/01/2006, 22:48, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…

      Cat: I don't think anyone got your post. Someone's talking about your writing skills and some think it's because of the winter...

    • At 21/01/2006, 23:11, Anonymous jaguu said…


      LoL!! I have very lousy handwritting. When in school teachers would call me when they would be checking my answer papers to read to them what I had written.That was then when I could read my own handwritting. But now with the use of keyboards & cell keypads and total lack of writting I cant read even my handwritting!!! *sigh* And QC want a foot rub?;;)

    • At 21/01/2006, 23:28, Blogger Silent Altitude said…

      i really feel for you QC the weather in Qatar is not suitable for tender beings like you lately, its pretty chilly actually.
      thanx for the idea regarding the network connection it really works

    • At 22/01/2006, 01:15, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Mimi, Juntah,

      I am afraid the condition is now permanent... I forgot how to write!


      Yup that was from my tender, hehe. But we don't do logistics. So no CIF or FOBs there, thanks goodness. I especially hate pro forma invoices. Thankfully, I've got that covered!


      I am ok and you are lucky that you still can write! I am jealous! :^)


      I can't write and you can't read (cause I was talking about handwriting, not literary writing, hehe). We should open a publishing house together! :^)


      Double LOL!


      Your handwriting is fine, so shush. I SAW it. It was ok!


      You bet it works!


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