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    18 January 2006
    While the coffee is brewing...
    It's so cold outside now.. I don't do cold. I whither, shrivel and suffer. Today when I got in the car the thermometer blinked +15 C° at me. This is inhumane and cruel. Then again, my mom told me that it’s -31 C° where she’s at. No comment. For those who prefer Fahrenheit, I can say only that +15 C° is cold but you can live, but -31 C° is when your nose, fingers and toes fall off and then you die.

    Temperature notwithstanding, it’s a beautiful day outside. My view from the office window is only slightly marred by my fast pacing boss who insists to walk by the window behind my back spying on what I type. Ok maybe not spying. But in case he is reading what I write right now – boss, honestly, just 5 more minutes and I will start on this damn tender. Pinky swear!

    I got a laugh of a lifetime today, in the elevator. I pushed the button, waited for about a minute, the elevator arrived, I got in. I was alone. I pressed the button for my floor, doors closed, elevator started moving. Suddenly I heard heavy breathing and then someone said "Uhh, hello. Good morning". Honestly, I almost wet my pants. But a good mannered girl that I am, in about few seconds when I got to my senses I said "Good morning". I knew I was alone in the elevator, but I didn’t look around. Then the voice asked "Do you know me?" Ok now THAT was stupid and not scary at all. Besides, by that time I realised that the voice was coming from the speaker. Therefore it must have been some bored security guard in a CCTV control room. And I have a pretty good idea which one! So I answered back "No, do you??" and banged on the speaker/mike with my car keys. I walked out followed by the idiot’s howling. The moral of the story – when you do pranks like that, make sure you don’t use a headset.

    posted by Bravecat @ 9:34 am  
    • At 18/01/2006, 12:51, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…


    • At 18/01/2006, 14:53, Blogger Sever said…

      It`s -30 in my city... you are right, without comments :(

      Smart lady ;-)

    • At 18/01/2006, 16:17, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Thanks guys, hehe.


    • At 18/01/2006, 23:02, Blogger Kazablanka said…

      How come its cold in Qatar?
      How come its not cold here? how far is qatar from oman?

      I want to move to Qatar and become an accountant..........

    • At 18/01/2006, 23:28, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Qatar is a short flight away, Kaza. Hop on the plane and lets exchange... I would love to be in Oman again. Oh wait, I don't want to be there if you are not there!

      That's it. You're moving to Qatar and become our accountant. But only if you wear closed shoes!!


    • At 18/01/2006, 23:59, Blogger Kazablanka said…

      I will.. plus wigglying my toes is so not me :) Anything else?

      by the way, I dont have a big nose. thank you.

    • At 19/01/2006, 09:14, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      You have big everything else. Small nose is a small price to pay, I guess. So if I were you I'd stop complaining :p


      And thanks for cheering me up first thing in the morning, lol.

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