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    10 January 2006
    According to Blogthings...

    My New Year's Resolutions Are:

    1) Get a pet pit bull

    2) Eat less brussel sprouts

    3) Travel to Switzerland

    4) Study time travel

    5) Get in shape with midget tossing

    posted by Bravecat @ 1:06 pm  
    • At 10/01/2006, 15:04, Blogger Sever said…

      Resolutions again... Cat, I have a lot of them... already wrote it not 1 time. But you know, I don`t think I will do even few of them :P

      Pit bull... nice :)

      Don`t you like cats? :P

      I have just visited that blog, where I wrote all of my resolutions. It takes more than 30 centimeters :)
      So I will not litter your blog :)

    • At 10/01/2006, 15:36, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I don't like pet cats that much. I would much rather have a pitbull. But I think they're illegal to have in Qatar.

      My favourite resolution out of five has to be getting in shape with midget tossing. For some reason it reminded me the garden elf scene from Harry Potter! I wouldn't mind doing that! :^)


    • At 10/01/2006, 17:56, Blogger Sever said…

      Your favourite resolution was strange some for me, so i decided not to comment it. Ok, ok :)

      "We are alone in this house"... People are busy...
      Happy Eid to them all:P

    • At 10/01/2006, 18:04, Blogger Sever said…

      Sorry, sorry, can`t be silent... I decided to be vrave to know my REAL resolutions:P

      I just got them:

      1) Get a pet chihuahua - I prefer cats! I have 2...

      2) Eat less onions - беэээ... :(

      3) Travel to Greece - :)))

      4) Study finger painting- oh, yes, I thirst for it, it would be amusing

      5) Get in shape with midget tossing - we are in the same boat ;-)

    • At 10/01/2006, 23:25, Blogger Kaleidoscope said…

      To expand our Kaleidoscope and have more of your writing included.

    • At 10/01/2006, 23:37, Blogger Footprint said…

      You could also get a Swiss pitbull that likes brussel sprouts. They are about the same size of a midget and you could walk it by reading about time travel.

      Combining the list, makes it smmmmalller...

    • At 11/01/2006, 14:04, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I hate onions too!! So we skip this one. As for finger painting - it's lovely! I'm with you on this one, and lets compete in midget tossing! :^)


      I wish it comes true, and I would also like to see less of "Dear Jewaira" and more of true Kaleidoscope! As for my contributions, all I need is an inspiration :^)


      First of all, thanks for leaving your footprint on my blog... Second, ROFL! That was hilarious! I would give it a serious thought, but I'm afraid I'd die laughing!


    • At 11/01/2006, 19:21, Blogger the shrink said…

      Resoultions on the 10th of the month, that is a first.
      and not a very long exhausted list either
      Good luck, the midget tossing sounds fun.

    • At 11/01/2006, 19:37, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Resolutions on the 10th are still better than none at all! :^)

      Midget tossing sounds fun, maybe not to the midgets, but still...

      But out of all these only Switzerland sounds more or less achievable. Unless I get my hands on one of those time travel theories. Should be fun! Great topic for the next post - where would you like to go if you were able to travel in time? So - watch this space :^)

    • At 12/01/2006, 11:42, Blogger Kazablanka said…

      1) Get a pet rat

      2) Eat more cotton candy

      3) Travel to Russia

      4) Study communism

      5) Get in shape with disco dancing

      I like the cotton candy one!! lol

    • At 12/01/2006, 11:48, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Why, oh why do MOST things lately remind me of Harry Potter? Kaza, you should therefore change your name to Ronald, eat enough candy to acquire Neville's shape, travel to Russia and study communism there in Durmstrang with all the frienly looking Krums out there and then dance it all away at the Yule Ball! :^)

    • At 12/01/2006, 13:04, Blogger Luckybellybuddha said…

      but why eat less sprouts? they're yum yum & not fattening. & Schweiz..my fav country big time, the german side though :).
      Mine will have to be:
      1. eat less chocolate.
      2. un-buddha me.
      3. last but not least, get married :-)

    • At 12/01/2006, 13:29, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Welcome! :^)

      Sprouts? Yeah they're not too bad. I don't care whether they're fattening or not though. I'm craving a huge mug of strong coffee at the moment.
      Best of lucks with your marriage plans! Don't forget to invite me :^)

    • At 12/01/2006, 16:48, Blogger Sever said…

      Kazablanka must travel to Russia & study communism...

      You can ask me for help to orginize all these things... after I will stop laughing :)))

      Qatar Cat, you made all us get such crazy resolutions...
      Responsibility of doing them on you :P (speaking Russian English as usual)

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