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    14 January 2006
    Cat's Movie Review
    I finally went to watch King Kong yesterday. At 11 @#$%^# pm! It finished around 2am today. I wasn't in bed till 3, and oh boy did I have troubles waking up in the morning? Actually, I don't think I am awake yet. And it's already 3.30pm.
    Anyways... the movie. Yeah yeah well what do you expect from a girl who hasn't watched ANY of the earlier versions? I kept poking at A forever, asking stupid questions, like "will they get there?", "will she escape?", "are they going to kill the monkey?" and so on. But then again, I think this was the only reason he actually stayed awake. And did I get any appreciation??? Yeah, big time... how not fair.
    Oh, ok ok the movie... It actually wasn't bad! Naomi looked like a cross between Kidman and Olivia Newton John though. There was only one scene obviously cut out (bless Qatar cinemas for protecting our morals and virtue!) And I loved the monkey! He was awesome. The visual effects were pretty cool; of course the movie itself is totally unrealistic, but the effects worked well. The Dyno run was amazing! The story, I believe, is the same in every version, but I was told that this one was closer to the original than most. People sail to the island, come across a friendly local tribe, girl gets the honour of being offered to the monkey, monkey takes off with the girl, the rest of the group pursue the monkey, retrieve the girl, capture the monkey, bring the monkey to America, show it off for a while, monkey escapes, finds the girl, climbs the Empire State building with the girl, airplanes shoot the monkey, girl cries, end of story.
    What I really want to watch is Underworld: Evolution. Underworld is one of my favourite movies, and I am ever so glad they made a sequel! I hope it lives up to the hype.

    Other sequels I am waiting for: X Men III, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Ice Age II: The Meltdown.

    I also want to watch
    The Chronicles of Narnia, Just Like Heaven, Memoirs of a Geisha, Bloodrayne (I will watch anything about vampires),
    The New World.

    Seen any nice movies lately? Any recommendations? :^)
    posted by Bravecat @ 3:05 pm  
    • At 14/01/2006, 17:18, Anonymous J said…


      So watching Kingkong for the first time??Tsk Tsk..;)Not Seen any new Movies...but You MUST Watch the Series LOST!!!!


    • At 14/01/2006, 22:13, Blogger don_veto said…

      I refuse to sit for more than 2 hours for a movie, I am waiting for the king kong DVD so that I can watch it and pause it. There is an underworld sequel? wow! I was waiting for that, I loved underworld and I hope the sequel is just as awesome.

    • At 14/01/2006, 22:18, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      I saw a few episodes... I remain undecided whether I like it or hate it. We have it on one of our channels. I am waiting for Desperate Housewives II now - I am totally hooked! I missed them :^)

      King Kong - oh well, there are certain movies I KNOW I will not find particularly interesting... and this is one of them. So I never watched any, but made an exception in this case to credit the director. It was OK, as you can see from my review :^)

    • At 14/01/2006, 22:20, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Don Veto,
      My words exactly! And I generally hate going to the cinema. I stick to my DVD collection :^) But I can't always get my way. And oh yes, I really hope Underworld II won't disappoint!


    • At 15/01/2006, 00:42, Blogger Violet83 said…

      Harry Potter was the last i saw, i was happy at 1st cos they didnt show any scary things like the 1st 3 parts, but at the end it was freaky!

      X Men was sucky, Ice Age wasnt that good either

    • At 15/01/2006, 02:50, Blogger Kay said…

      i saw memoirs of a geisha yesterday and hummm before i say anything, did u read the book? i recommened u read the book before. u'll understand it much better.

      Brokeback mountain was nice too, but i doubt they will show it in qatar or muscat! ohhh and the da vinici code the movie is coming out in may i saw the trailer yesterday. i loved underworld go to yahoomovies and check out the trailor!

      Just friends was really funnnny..! watch it

    • At 15/01/2006, 09:38, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Vio, you're breaking my heart! I was so looking forward to these! But thanks anyway, as now I won't have high expectations and won't be as disappointed. Then again, if you found Harry Potter scary... we might have different taste in movies! :^)

      Hey Wicked-not so Wicked :^)
      Yes of course I've read the book, thanks! I also heard that the real geisha didn't like it very much and either sued or was planning to sue the author. Duhhh... Will look for Brokeback Mountain on DVD if they don't bring it here. I am not a great fan of Da Vinci Code to be honest, although I read the book a fair few times. But would like to see the movie.
      As for the Underworld - I know the trailer by heart now! :^)

      Thanks a lot! Keep them coming!


    • At 15/01/2006, 11:26, Blogger Degoat said…

      I wanna watch Geisha is movie but i don't know if i'll like it since i can't read books.. good luck to me

      King Kong was very long. Check this movie out if you like gangster movies like Training Day. www.Dirtythemovie.com


    • At 15/01/2006, 11:38, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Will sure check it out, thanks! I loved Training Day! And why can't you read books?

    • At 15/01/2006, 15:18, Blogger Degoat said…

      its the most broing thing ever.. it takes me around a month or two to finish 280 pages..

      U know when i was reading WHO MOVED MY CHESSE, i was actually proud of my self cause i finished it in an hour. and that book had 94 pages only :)


    • At 15/01/2006, 17:24, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…

      I agree... reading's probably the most boring thing to do... ever.

    • At 15/01/2006, 17:44, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      OK I can see G's point. But you, Conman.. you're a WRITER! Explain!

    • At 15/01/2006, 18:17, Blogger Sever said…

      I`m here, I`m here... Koshka, I had a real problem with your blog. It did not want to let me write here :(

      About movies... I don`t like anything like King Kong :-/
      From my profile you can know about my taste ;-)

      As for me I`m going to watch every movie from this collection - "Nastoyashee Kino".
      Perfect, perfect... it`s for me...
      At least the most part of it.
      The cinema, which lets me enjoy such movies, is beside my university:P 1 minute & I`m there:)))

    • At 15/01/2006, 19:26, Blogger Violet83 said…

      I’m sorry I didn’t mean to break your heart lol, we do have different taste in movies, you know what my fav one "shrek2"!! I don't think anybody have such bad taste as me lol, oh yeah their is someone the finding nemo lover!! "Kaza"

    • At 15/01/2006, 21:19, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      What's "Nastoyashee Kino"? And King Kong is not my kinda movie either. I like weird, but this is way beyond weird. Loved the monsters tho.


      I love Shrek and I can't stand Shrek 2! Hehe :^) And I wasn't that head over heels with Nemo either to be honest. My fav cartoon got to be "The Nightmare Before Christmas", lol. So yeah, I have a rather weird taste in movies, too.


    • At 15/01/2006, 22:36, Blogger Sever said…

      Ask our cinema ;-)

      They call it so... but they are right... it`s the best movies in my opinion.

      Good luck ;-)

    • At 16/01/2006, 05:09, Blogger Susanne said…

      I'm really looking foward to Memoirs of a Geisha (the book's great) and Brokeback Mountain.

      I don't think I'll see King Kong, I've heard very mixed reports.

    • At 16/01/2006, 10:53, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…

      What's writing gotta do with reading? They're two different things aren't they?
      On a more serious note, I'm pretty darn serious.

    • At 16/01/2006, 16:10, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      You know perfectly well I can't just go and "ask" your cinema. So I guess I'll never know. Sigh.


      I loved the book too! I can't wait to see the movie. Although I find it hard to imagine a blue eyed pure Japanese. Are there any??


      Blah blah :p

    • At 24/01/2006, 07:42, Blogger Kay said…

      hey cat, sorry about the delay! during my holiday i saw in her shoes and proof on the flight and coming back i only saw lord of war staring nicholas cage. in her shoes was ok, not as bas as i has expected it, a friend saw it before and said it wasnt any good so i went in with no expectation, and also that fact that i think carman diaz cant act to save her life, there was too much focus on her body and just her, when they should have focused more on the other character - her sister.

      Proof was a good movie, starting Gwenth Patrow, Anthany hopinks and the very hot Jake gyni(something). we r on a frist name basis so i dont need to know how to spell his name.

    • At 24/01/2006, 13:35, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Thanks Kay!

      Since when Cameron Diaz has a body worth focusing on? Yuck

      And Jake.. I know Jake, hehe. Goofy but kinda cute. I am sure you don't need to know his surname, lol, I couldn't spell it to save my life! Glyenhaal?? Something like that.


    • At 21/02/2007, 12:52, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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