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    3 February 2006
    Political post #2

    I swear I was going to stay out of it. I said to myself that this is not my problem, not my call, not my issue. But I was drawn into it and now I just can't remain silent. Yes, it's about those infamous Danish cartoons. I am sure that “Danish cartoons” is a household expression now in many places around the world.

    Now before I go any further, I want to declare for my personal safety and for my friends' peace of mind that I DO NOT SUPPORT those cartoons. Nor would I agree with anyone who uses the right of free speech to insult others in any way. Therefore I will not publish or link to them or any such material on my blog, ever. I am a very tolerant, understanding and willing to learn white western infidel if there ever was one. So please save the cheers of support and the death threats.

    How come I am writing about it now?

    Today I went shopping for groceries (a rather rare occurrence) and I discovered that Danish and Norwegian products are now banned from the shelves of a leading supermarket! I stood there dumbstruck. Why am I being punished? What have I done to be denied my favourite brands? And most importantly, what have the producers of these brands in Denmark and Norway done to be treated like that?

    What happened to allocating the blame and punishment where appropriate? I am yet to hear the King of Saudi apologising for the actions of Saudi suicide bombers. I am yet to hear the apologies of Mr. Bush over there, and Mr. Osama over here. Why then would someone expect the Queen of Denmark to apologise for the actions of some cartoonists and one editor?? Aren't their (the cartoonists and the newspaper in general) apologies enough? And who is going to apologise to me personally for denying me my Royal Danish?

    When 9/11 happened, I heard from many Muslim friends of mine that we shouldn't judge the whole religion and all the Islamic world for the actions of select few individuals. That Islam is the religion of tolerance and peace. So how come the whole nations of Denmark and Norway are now being judged for the actions of less than 20 people? Scores of these innocent people have already lost their jobs due to the products boycott in the Muslim countries. Some were assaulted and threatened. Is this the right approach? What do Muslims around the world expect to get in return? That the West acknowledges the mistake and learns the lesson? I somehow doubt it. I doubt it because the means to achieve it are wrong. You don't teach such a lesson by spreading death threats right, left and centre. Yes, the newspaper people might have apologised, but they did not necessarily understand your reasons why they were forced to do it in the first place.

    Personally, I don't find cartoons offensive. I wouldn't find ANY cartoons offensive, mind it, whoever and whatever is depicted. It's just a cartoon, for goodness sake. It's someone's personal opinion, nothing more. However, I do understand where my Muslim pals are coming from. It is blasphemous for them to depict a Prophet in this way (in ANY way, for that matter). So yeah, me knowing that, I would have never done it. But I do realise that not everyone knows it! And not everyone who knows it bothers to stick to the rules, just because they don't have to. It's not a universal rule, people, please! If you believe you shouldn't draw Prophets – by all means, don't! But I reserve my personal right to draw whatever I may please. Some other people out there have their right to publish whatever they may please. And Muslim people have all the rights to express their disgust if they so wish or believe they should. But death threats? Product boycotts? Assaults? Over CARTOONS? Duhh...

    I hope at some point people understand that their religious duties and principles apply to them and those who are of this particular religion alone. No religion is universal. I am not a Muslim and therefore I am excused from following the Quran. I wouldn't expect my Muslim friends to stick to the Bible. I wouldn't expect my Christian friends to behave like Buddhists. Maybe it is insulting to the Buddhists that my name is Qatar Cat, for instance... Maybe it is forbidden in some other religions out there. I don't know about it. Am I to be killed for it? And even if I DO know it, am I still to be killed? Threatened? Boycotted??

    It's getting late and I feel like I am not getting anywhere. All I wanted to say was that I am really sorry that such incidents happen. I am sorry on behalf of Danish and Norwegian (and whoever else reprinted this silly stuff) publishers because I am European, and I am equally sorry on behalf of all Muslim people responsible for the boycotting and death threats because I live in the Middle East now and consider myself a part of the community. Now could we please move on already? Bottom line: can I have my butter back, please?

    Update: I really liked this post on the subject.

    posted by Bravecat @ 12:33 am  
    • At 03/02/2006, 02:06, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      I've kept out of this issue as well.. for the general "keep me out of this" type reasons... I pretty much agree with your standpoint though.

      I'm surprised you can't find your butter.. I'm sure it will be back on the shelves as soon as the uproar is over.

      peace, love and butter :)

    • At 03/02/2006, 02:58, Blogger McArabian said…

      Arabs/Semites can be the most melodramatic queens on Earth.

      Long live ignorance.

    • At 03/02/2006, 08:02, Blogger [m]att™ said…

      I haven't even HEARD about these cartoons, not on the news radar here I guess. Funny how I've always felt that North America is media-isolated from the rest of the world. Anyways, I am astonished that Arab countries would simply put up trade embargos on Danish goods. Why are all the Danes to blame for these cartoons, when clearly most of THEM are upset about them too ! It's funny how it is similar to how I reacted at first to 9/11, a very strong emotional and irrational response. I think this is the same sort of first-of response, things will calm down, and then we can all have good butter ! Sorry about the long comment :S

    • At 03/02/2006, 16:25, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Chick, McA - thanks, guys. Appreciated your words.


      Totally agree. And I love long comments, so keep them coming.


    • At 03/02/2006, 16:49, Anonymous Bandarof said…

      I see you are quite the philosopher eh....Though I agree with you %100, very nice blog, keep up the great work, promise I be checkin every once in a while :)

    • At 03/02/2006, 17:02, Blogger AkaRound Peg said…


      An interesting post on the same topic.

    • At 03/02/2006, 17:02, Blogger Sever said…

      Cat, you are able to think so because you are not a religious person.

      I spoke about this (& not one time) with my mom, friends & so on.
      Actually everybody thinks like you.
      But it`s from our side, not from their.

      I understand why all these things happen (religious conflicts), but really in my soul, deeply deeply, I have my "WHY?"

      We have not a lot of time... & also to spoil our life with such things... WHY?

      No no no.

      Be fine, my sweet Aunt, & be in good mood.

      P.S. just remembered... this conflict made our muslims & christians be together. Strange, yes? Just it`s Russia. Really there are not Muslims & Christians, there are Religious people. They try to protect Religion(not important which) together.

    • At 03/02/2006, 17:28, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Hope you learned how to bookmark :^)


      Thanks a lot! Great link.


      Mwahhhhhh :^)

    • At 03/02/2006, 17:51, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…

      Awesome post.

    • At 03/02/2006, 20:58, Blogger mimi said…

      Religion and business should not mix.. the outcome can NEVER be good! Sadly, it has in this case. I for one, think that it's ridiculous that arab/ muslim countries are boycotting Danish products for stupid "cartoons". I am a devout muslim and yet I don't feel offended in any way, that some people find our beliefs amusing! If anything, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion! I know some of u might say that I am no better than the Danish for saying all this stuff, but I try to keep an open mind! Q.C, i'm not going to get into the whole 9/11 issue, but we all know that Muslims in the states were also tortured and harrassed and boycotted when the terrorist attacks took place in Sep. So, we're not as extreme as some people might think we are. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean I support the whole "boycotting Danish produce" idea. I just wish that one day, people will come to realise that morals and beliefs are an individual thing. These should not be combined with business for the sake of defending one's beliefs! WAKE UP POEPLE WAKE UP!

    • At 03/02/2006, 21:52, Blogger Silent Altitude said…

      Another excellent post kitty. Couldnt have said it better myself. I really find it stupid to "punish" so many people be it producers or consumers with this boycott issue.

      I was hearing on the radio yesterday yhat these same cartoons were re-printed in Germany, France, Belgium and some other EU countries. So are we to expect boycott action against them as well? That could be interesting, as it could lead to closing down establishments, not to mention the dilemma into which it could put all these "devote" and religious people (shall i drive or buy this expensive and luxirious German car?), by all means though i believe to every person's right to believe, but not to the punishment of innocent people.

      Sorry if i got carried away here kitty, hope nothing bad comes your way, nothing worst than a Danish blue that is.


    • At 03/02/2006, 22:11, Blogger Peaceful Mind said…

      Bon post! I do agree with you..! and hope you will get ur favourite brands

    • At 04/02/2006, 02:07, Blogger Qatar Cat said…




      I appreciate you saying that. Goes to show that the whole of people should not be prejudiced against, as not everyone has the same opinion. You are the proof. I read your comments on Chanad Bahraini page - well done! When will the people understand that values such as these are not universal? Sigh.. I still have to resort to some substance Saudi call "butter" which melts into water and food colouring in the frying pan...


      Shall we have some Danablu next?? :^)

      Peaceful Mind,

      Thanks for stopping by and for the thought. And yes I do want my fav brands back! :^)

    • At 04/02/2006, 03:36, Blogger ahmed said…

      guys i might have a different opinion here..but hey, this is the way i see it and its my own point of view..

      i saw the "Danish cartoons" offensive. why? simply because that newspaper pictured our Prophet as a terrorist!!! isnt that offensive?? to me it is. when clay was asked in "60 minutes" about how he feels that he belongs to the same religion Usama Binladen belongs to?. Clay replied to the interviewer as follows: how would u feel that u belong to the religion that Hitler belongs to?

      all supermarkets are retailers to a number of manufacturers..manufacturers sell their products to these retailers..retailers, in turn, sell their products to us (the ultimate consumrs). its the retailers (choice) that they didnt want to buy the Danish manufacturers products! and its the choice of the majority of consumers that they refused to buy Danish products!! No one has punished you dear Qatar Cat..

      at the end..i just wanna say that i support the boycotting and REFUSE violant acts and killing threats..we as muslims have expressed our anger and dissagreement to these drawings in a modern and peacful way..

      sorry for talking too much and i really like your blog :D ..

    • At 04/02/2006, 05:31, Blogger U.E. said…

      Damnit. See what happens when you go on vacation and boycott the news?? I missed controversial cartoons?? DAMNIT!

      P.S Reminds me of some Americans 'righteous anger' in refusing to buy french products due to their lack of war-support. Come on people... those croissants were NOT made in France. Eat the fries already... how much more American can you get then McD's for god's sake! hee hee

      Miss you babe!

    • At 04/02/2006, 07:49, Blogger Jack's Shack said…

      Nonviolent protests make sense to me, but violence is just unacceptable.

    • At 04/02/2006, 11:07, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Lovely comment, thanks! In my blog controversy of opinions is more than welcome. I have mine, you have yours, and everyone else should have theirs. I hate it when people who don't have an opinion of their own stick to the louder group and go on bashing and thrashing things they don't even fully understand. Examples: other European countries reprinting those stupid cartoons, or other Muslim countries taking it a tad too seriously and resourting to uncivilised methods to prove their point. Glad you liked my blog, and welcome!


      Got your sms, couldn't answer back, SO wanted to fill you in with regards to those 'toons - but although you promised to be online more often, you went MIA and got yourself all blurry and drunk instead!! :p Miss you too much.



    • At 04/02/2006, 14:10, Blogger Violet83 said…

      i think that Arab banded Danish product, cos a public newspaper representing the country as a whole used those cartoons, and because the queen refused to apologies at first, only when she knew that we stopped buying their products and that it will affect their economy a big deal! they apologized! I'm sorry Qcat for the butter but I'm pretty sure you can find other good brands, if their queen didn't respect us, then they don't deserve our money!!

    • At 04/02/2006, 14:17, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Vio, sweetie...

      Newspapers in Europe do not represent countries as a whole, like in the Middle East. In Europe I could publish a newspaper that is my own personal point of view, and nobody else's, and nobody would have control over me. We can do it, it's our right. So it's wrong to blame the whole country for some independent newspaper's articles. Just as it is wrong to blame all the Muslim people for the actions of some terrorists, for example.
      And hey, if you want to boycott the products - go ahead! This is your personal right. But why can't I buy them if I want to?? They are denying me my own rights, too! People who don't want to buy Danish because of the cartoons should have a choice to buy or not, and is a nice and peaceful way to show that you disagree. But ban the products altogether so that only YOUR point of view is enforced, is wrong. You cannot expect EVERYONE to agree with your opinion, and it seems that Muslim people the world over have troubles understanding that there are other points of view over there.

      Missed you, girl! :^) Glad to see you up and blogging again, and hope you never have to go to the hospital again.

    • At 04/02/2006, 22:19, Blogger cocgrl1992 said…

      I love your blog, I found it by way of David and Lanny Duke's page. It's refreshing to see the opinions of people on the outside of the US, and from different countries.

    • At 04/02/2006, 23:00, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thanks and welcome! I am glad to see that people outside Qatar read my blog :^)

      David and Lanny Duke... Yeah I came across their page, it's really nice.

      Good day!

    • At 05/02/2006, 15:20, Blogger Raed said…

      "I have mine, you have yours, and everyone else should have theirs."

      The rule is applicable to the supermarket owner and those who chose to boycott init?

      Me on the other hand, I never had the pleasure of being addicted to Danish products to begin with. So, it does not matter...

      P.S: try the Mega-mart at the centre.

    • At 05/02/2006, 15:29, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thanks for stopping by... Yes, I guess you are right. It's just too stupid, this whole situation.

      And hey, thanks for the tip! Will check there! :^)

    • At 05/02/2006, 16:23, Blogger Raed said…

      Well it proves one thing:

      - Clash of civilizations does exist. “this global fiasco is all because of a man, not a leader but a cartoonist" yes it sure does exist!

      - The more silly acts people with "vision" people of the west keep pulling out, the more radicals we convert.

      - Muslims love their prophet more than a profit. (i.e. the supermarket owner)

    • At 05/02/2006, 16:41, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      That's three things, not one :^)

      The ONE thing that the whole case proved to me is that there are plenty idiots on both sides of the fence.


    • At 06/02/2006, 07:00, Blogger [m]att™ said…

      The Queen SHOULD refuse to appoligise, WTF did SHE do wrong anyways ? Maybe Arabs just don't get that the idea of "free speech" is that no ONE person is in charge or responsible for all that is said in a country, Therefore, She cannot be held accountable for the actions of free individuals. GAWD.

    • At 06/02/2006, 07:04, Blogger [m]att™ said…

      P.S. I think its WAY more appropriate for the Saudi king to appoligise for the 9/11 suicide bombers, since there is evidence of funding being from that family. But has THAT happened ? hrm...

    • At 06/02/2006, 07:08, Blogger [m]att™ said…

      (you might want to take back the thing about liking long comments)

      A quote from the Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who has refused to capitulate to the bullies:

      "He is one of the very few European politicians with guts. If anyone deserves a prize for his valiant defence of freedom of speech and freedom of the press, it is certainly Mr Rasmussen. He did not give in to pressure from Muslim fanatics, nor from the appeasers at the UN, the European Commission and the Council of Europe. In the past weeks Denmark has shown that all is not yet lost in Europe. If something is rotten now it is not in Denmark."

    • At 06/02/2006, 07:11, Blogger [m]att™ said…

      P.P.P.S. Omg, sooo sorry:

      My friend just said this to me regarding the hostile takeover of the EU office by extremists:

      "but good job muslim extremist types for validating the stereotypes the comics are lampooning."

      not my opinion, but I must say I agree.

    • At 06/02/2006, 10:00, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      It seems like you want to get me in trouble here! I may (or may not) agree with you, but seeing what happens to the outspoken types here in the Middle East, I think I better keep cool and quiet.

      And well, yeah, I agree with what you said about the Saudi King. So if you don't hear from me anymore... It is all YOUR FAULT!

      PS. Keep the long comments coming!

    • At 06/02/2006, 11:20, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      What happened to your blog by the way? You've been playing around with the template??

    • At 06/02/2006, 15:03, Blogger Violet83 said…

      What about the queen, she doesn’t represent the country as a whole?!! If our sultan insults your king, the war will be on Oman as a whole not only your king!

    • At 06/02/2006, 15:05, Blogger Violet83 said…

      i mean *not only our sultan*

    • At 06/02/2006, 17:06, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Vio, sweetie, the Queen does represent the country, of course. If your Sultan, in his position of power, insults the Queen - there will be a political issue (although I doubt there will be war). You should not compare a person in a position of speaking for the whole country (like a Sultan, or a Queen) with a person who can only speak for himself (i.e. cartoonist).


    • At 06/02/2006, 21:18, Blogger Arabian Princess said…


      "Maybe Arabs just don't get that the idea of "free speech" is that no ONE person is in charge or responsible for all that is said in a country, Therefore, She cannot be held accountable for the actions of free individuals."

      Alright, but then she shouldnt be freaked out to loose business, I mean after all its the consumer choice to wether go for Danish products or not, its freedom of acts ;)

      "I think its WAY more appropriate for the Saudi king to appoligise for the 9/11 suicide bombers, since there is evidence of funding being from that family. But has THAT happened ? hrm..."

      hmm ok I guess you would have to boycott Saudi's Oil then!!
      Its intresting how sometimes being a "weaker" country economicly could actually benefit you! Muslims dont have anything to loose by boycotting, on the other hand this could be a way to improve the regional businesses ;)

      QC, I am not with the Boycott (to me it doesnt matter, I dont buy Danish products anyway) but, I think its a civilised way to tell the world about our point of view. Do you think the whole world would know that offending our prophet is really something that hurts if this boycott didnt happen?!

      Freedom of speach is not an excuse to insult others. A person's freedom ends when it crosses other's freedom.

    • At 06/02/2006, 21:47, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I agree with you wholeheartedly. Boycott is a civilised way to show your disagreement. But violence? Burning embassies? Assaulting people? Yes, even freedom of speech should have its limits. However, Muslims in the West are enjoying the same freedom of speech that they are denying us (in our own home), shouting insults and threatening to repeat 9/11 in the very same countries that they live in. "Europe is cancer!" shout protesters in the streets of London. Cancer, you say? Then what are you doing there? I doubt I could shout the same in the Middle East without being deported (or worse).
      And by the way, if the West starts boycotting Saudi oil, Saudi people will move back to the desert because they are uncapable of providing for themselves and keeping their economy stable without petrodollars. My guess is that all Middle Eastern countries would follow suit should the West boycott their oil and stop sending aid to the poorer countries. I doubt that Arabs would want that.
      And yes, at the same time I agree that cartoons were stupid. But by no means the offence caused by stupid cartoons should have led Muslims to act the way they do now. There is absolutely no excuse for what is happening. It is even worse than Islamic "eye for an eye". Why not answer to cartoons with cartoons? Why resourt to violence?


    • At 06/02/2006, 22:11, Anonymous Madsen said…

      Hi there Qatar Cat

      First: Great post...I obvious liked it a lot, - although I believe I would have liked it even if I weren't Danish.

      Secondly: You seem very much up to par with the whole situation and you also seem to be
      very knowgeable about how western societies operate, but I'd still like to elaborate the issue a little more.

      I originally saw the cartoons back in september 2005 and instantly knew that "shit had hit the fan" so to speak. I found the cartoons to be in bad taste, unnecessary and...well...hostile.

      Danish write Kåre Bluitgen was writing a childrens book about Mohammad (pbuh) so that
      children alike (muslim, jew, christian, hindu etc etc) could get to know about the Prophet. Childrens book are most oftenly highly illustrated, and Bluitgen therefore wanted to include some drawings to make the book more interesting for kids to read. Bluitgen contacted 40 cartoonists, but no-one dared accept the assignment. Jyllandsposten (JP) picked up on this, wondering why the cartoonists were carrying through this kind of self-censorship. They contacted 100 cartoonists themselves and picked out 12 cartoons to be published. The cartoonists were asked to depict Mohammad (pbuh)...or more specific...depict what they came to think of when they heard the name "Mohammad".
      One of the cartoonists drew the prophet as a bearded man with a turban...in the turban layed a bomb with a lit fuse.
      I read that the cartoonist felt that Islam had been taken hostage by a number of nutters, who were committing horrendeous acts in the name of Islam and in the name of the Prophet...e.g. islamic fanatics had placed the bomb in Mohammads (pbuh) turban without his knowledge or approval.

      The cartoons were met with indignation from the broad public...it was considered bad taste and unnecessary, but hey...freedom of expression means just what it says...the freedom to express what you think and/or believe in.
      A huge number of moderate muslims rightfully condemmed the cartoons. They met with JP and
      discussed the matter in a civil and proper manner.
      A small group of muslims though were not satisfied with the situation and demanded that the Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen intervened. As I'll explain to you later Rasmussen cannot do such thing, and advised the group to take the matters to court. They did, but lost the case. The paragraf in question was § 140, a paragraf regarding blasphemy, that hasn't been used since...1938.
      The small group of muslims (some of them imams...one of them known for stating that...quote..."It's ok to kick a girl if she doesn't wanna wear a chardor" and "The way
      Danish girls dresses...well...it's their own fault if they get raped") put together a small delegation to travel the ME to show the cartoons to various muslim clerics claiming they were representing 200000 Danish muslims.
      Not only did they show the cartoons printed in JP, but they also included some additional drawings not printed in JP…drawings much much more offensive than those published in the danish paper. And then...well...you know the rest. Needless to say a huge number of muslims strongly condemned what the delegation did, and they are at this moment very upset that the delegation claimed to be speaking on their behalf. Right now there's actually a new
      movement of young muslims in the making here in Denmark. A movement of muslims tired of
      unwillingly being claimed to be represented by various imams. 90% of all muslims in Denmark are moderate and sensible (and kind) folks, and I fully understand their situation.

      So then. Why couldn't Rasmussen intervene? Well...the powers that be in Denmark are separated into three souvereign and independant entities:

      1. The Judicial Power (the courts)
      2. The Legislative Power (the parliament)
      3. The Executive Power (the government and the police)

      ...and then there's the 4.th and unofficial entity, a status aquired through the freedom of speech law, The Media.

      Either of the entities can tell what the other is to do or say, or how to act. This ensures that no-one gets absolute power. If the Executive Power wants to change the law (The Judicial Power) they have to get approval to do so from the The Legislative Power (the parliament). Freedom of speech means that you can say pretty much what you want. If Rasmussen were to intervene and tell JP what to do and say, he would have to change the law (from 1849) which only happends very very rarely...also it required a 3/4 majority in the parliaments and a national referendum. In short: He his not in a position in which he can intervene...Neither can our Queen...she's just a figure head with no real power whatsoever..nada! (By the way: the stories that have been floating around the internet regarding anti-muslim remarks put forward by our Queen are false. An english newspaper interviewed the Queen a year ago. Unfortunately they translated a single word wrongly which meant that the statement got turned sompletely upside-down..."Modspil" was translated as if she had said "Modstand"...Modspil mean to offer someone an alternative to something, while modstand means resistance. At the same time they had left out a word..."radical". The Queen said that "Denmark should offer young danish muslim an alternative to radical islam" and not "Denmark should put up a resistance against islam"...there's a big difference).

      The Courts ruled liked they did because they felt the cartoons were within the limits of freedom of expression. You can disagree with that, but that's what they did nonetheless,and there's no thing the prime minister can do about it. My guess is that the court felt
      that JP's agenda was benign in the way, that JP was trying to put focus on why Danish artists/journalists were doing self-censorship.

      Now then...does this mean that you can say whatever you want to say in Denmark without
      getting jailed. Nope...certainly not! If you say (or print) something that is insulting or degrading to your fellow citizens regarding...well...their religious beliefs, sexuality, political views etc etc. you WILL get convicted. Every year there's people getting jailed for something they said or wrote.
      The leader of Hibz-ut-Tahrir (hard to spell) was given 30 days in jail for handing out
      pamphlets calling for the killing of Danish jews (sic!).
      A Danish politicial (non parliament) was sentenced to 6 months in jail for degrading remarks about muslims.
      The leader of the Danish Nazi Party (yes we do have such a thing!...has about 50 members..and yes!..he IS our local village idiot!) was sentenced to several months of
      prison time for degrading remarks about muslims, gays, jews, communists...and remarks about gay-muslim-jewish-communists (you know the drill!)...

      We were the ones, together with the Norwegians, who initiated the boycott of South Africa and the international criticism of the Apartheit regime. Denmark was the first country Nelson Mandela visited after being set free.
      Denmark layed out the Roadmap to Peace, by which the Palestinians are ensured to get recognised as a souvereign nation.
      We have more than any other western nation critized Israel for the way they have been treating the palestinian people...Some of us have even boycotted Israel!
      We've given the Palestinian people $600 mio in donations to help them build medical facilities, public institutions and roads...that's more than any other nation per capita.
      We've given people fleeing from middle-eastern dictatorships a safe haven in our country...
      Most jews were saved in WW2 because danes helped their fellow citizens fleeing from the Nazis.
      Last year Chechen politicians held a conference in Denmark discussion the situation in Cechnya...Russia then claimed Denmark was supporting islamic terror...In short: freedom of speech and personal freedom is very important to us.

      Is everything just "Super duper" in Denmark?...Heck no! We too have our share of problems. There is some degree of discrimination (like there is in every single country in the world) against some minorities. There _is_ unemploymency, althought it's nowhere near as bad as in other countries...Imho the biggest problem we face is to get better at integrating immigrants into our society.
      In addition to that we're supposedly somewhat reserved...Or at least that's what people from foreign countries tell...I believe they're right:-/

      One last thing that I hope you could help me understand: Why haven't we seen global muslim demonstrations/boycotts etc. when muslim fanatics: behead innocent civilians/ cuts off heads of e.g. Nepalese workers/kill 300 spaniards on their way to work...All in the name of Islam and/or The Prophet (pbuh). Surely the Prophet would not condone such actions and it taints a peaceful religion. I really don't understand it! Doesn't that hurt Islam and offends the Prophets name and legacy more than those cartoons?

      Phew...I need a break :-)

      I'm off for now....hope to talk to you guys and girls later...

      Best wishes and a big warm hug!!!! :-)


      (please disregard misspellings and bad grammar...English is (obviously) not my mother tongue)

      P.S: You've got a really cool blog :-D

    • At 06/02/2006, 22:20, Anonymous Madsen said…

      ..One more thing...I just heard in the news that rumours are floating around in the ME (via sms and email) which claims The Holy Quran had been burned in the streets of Denmark! Let me assure you...No Such Thing Has Happend!!!!!! It's totally false!!!!!

      If you have any questions regarding this whole ordeal...just ask! I'll be more than glad to try to answer them...:-)

    • At 06/02/2006, 22:51, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Wow, that was a record long comment, at least in my blog, thanks so much! I do understand what you are trying to say, and I hope that my visitors will read your comments and perhaps see the whole situation in a different light, from a Danish person's point of view. I know the story, and I know how it started with the kids book... once again, I hope my readers will note that, too. And yes, your explanation of separation of powers is pretty much identical to that of every other Western country. Here in the Middle East, where the Kings or Emirs or Sultans have the absolute and ultimate authority, it is hard for people to understand how come it is impossible for the Head of State to intervene or offer apologies.

      I can't help thinking that there is a hidden agenda behind all that, that someone out there is heating the things up on purpose. I just don't know why.

      I feel that so much has been said on the subject that there is little left for us to add, and yet as we speak, more violence is taking place. I am glad to hear from you about the moderate Muslims movement in Denmark, and that the stories that are being spread about defamation of Islam in Denmark are not true. Thanks a lot for stopping by and for sharing with us your views, Madsen. You're always welcome. And your English is great by the way.

      PS. I really like your blog too! It's a little too high tech for me, and I am so envious! :^)

    • At 07/02/2006, 00:31, Anonymous Madsen said…

      Hi qatar cat

      You're welcome :-) and I agree with you 100%,- I don't think all this is just about the cartons and as you say it does indeed look like someone has a hidden agenda. Let's hope reason and good will prevails :-)

      qatar cat...please...please don't take this the wrong way. I'm absolutely not trying to provoke or anything like it, but I had hoped you or maybe some of your readers could help me with the questions I posted at the end of my entry. I'm just as tired of all this as you are, and if you (or your readers) don't feel like talking about it any more I understand it fully and respect it 100%.
      If that's the case (and again...I understand it fully!!!) do you then know of a nice and friendly forum frequented by moderate muslims...maybe they could help me with my questions.

      You take care now...big (!) hugs :-)


      P.S: No need to be envious dear...Your blog is cool and...yup...funky!! ;-)

    • At 07/02/2006, 09:32, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      As a non Muslim infidel, I am not qualified to answer your question as to why the Muslims have not protested globally against such horrible acts of violence. I only remember that when America invaded Iraq, the protests shook the entire continent. Everyone took to the streets, condemning the attack. Christians, Muslims, you name it. Now, there were no such protests on behalf of Muslim community when 9/11 & 7/7 happened. I honestly don't know why. As for the Muslim forum - I will ask around and I will get back to you. But I think your best bet is either Chanad Bahraini page, http://chanad.weblogs.us/ or Mahmood's Den http://www.mahmood.tv/. The commentators on these blogs will be more than happy to discuss the events with you, and most importantly, they are (the majority of them) able to discuss the matters without insulting each other. Good luck!


    • At 07/02/2006, 23:53, Blogger Kazablanka said…

      As long as they didnt publish any Kaza Cartoons, I am good.

    • At 07/02/2006, 23:55, Blogger Kazablanka said…

      But they should have respected other peoples religon cuz basically they did it on purpose to piss muslims off.. but you never know maybe something good might come out of all this mess.. i already hear that over 50 people in Denmark converted to Islam.


    • At 08/02/2006, 00:52, Anonymous jack said…

      "Now before I go any further, I want to declare for my personal safety and for my friends' peace of mind that I DO NOT SUPPORT those cartoons."

      Wasn't it Maggie the Cat that told me to ... ease up Islam ain't that bad?

    • At 08/02/2006, 01:02, Anonymous Madsen said…

      kazablanka: No they didn't...They were trying to put focus on why danish artists/writers/journalists were doing self-censorship. They didn't do it very cleverly however, and yes...they indeed did piss off quite a few muslims...but that wasn't the purpose of the articles.

      Where did you hear that 50 Danes have converted to Islam? Do you have a source?...just curious!

    • At 08/02/2006, 02:02, Anonymous Madsen said…

      Thx. qatar cat

      I've posted an entry over at Mahmood's blog...Thx... Appreciated:-)

      Hugs :-)

    • At 08/02/2006, 13:07, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Kaza, Kaza, Kaza...

      Will you love me less if I draw Kaza cartoons? :^)
      And Danes converting to Islam is a good thing? How so?


      Just being on the safe side. You never know nowadays :p


      Looking forward to reading your discussions there! And yeah I will make Kaza tell us where she heard it.

      Thanks everyone for stopping by!


    • At 09/02/2006, 07:09, Blogger [m]att™ said…

      Lol, I think the last thing Europeans will be doing anytime soon will be CONVERTING to Islam. Most people in Europe have respect for human rights.

    • At 09/02/2006, 09:10, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Actually, they do, sometimes. Just to make Kaza here happy.

      And since I like making her happy too, let'em convert.


      Bottom line: I am FED UP with all this neonazi anti Christian anti Islam anti "everything that moves unless it moves the way we do" bull*. Can't we just, well, WORK, I dunno... Looks like people in the world got nothing better to do than fight for the sake of fighting. Enough, already. We got your point.

    • At 10/02/2006, 02:58, Blogger Kazablanka said…

      LOL @ Scratchy. Thanks for caring so much about my happiness :p

      And scratchy Its ok if u draw cartoon pics of me, i give u permission too.. but no one else is allowed to ok people? I will so boycott u forever if u do..

      About the 50 converts.. I heard it on the news. Al Jazeerah Channel. Dont know if its true or not, but i hope it is.

      I am fed up with all this fighting too. God, why cant we all just get along??? I respect you and your religon, you respect me and my religon.. everyone is happy! YAY!

    • At 10/02/2006, 03:42, Blogger [m]att™ said…

      yeah, but fightings never gonna end anytime soon. Argh, its all fueled by ignorance, both on the Western and Islamic sides. Ignorance is the enemy, the US needs a war on Ignorance!

    • At 10/02/2006, 23:27, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I am not updating my page cause I am busy drawing cartoons about you. So be patient. Besides, I think you've got a little war of your own, so you're busy.



      Get a blog already or I'll WAR you! LOL

    • At 15/03/2006, 01:35, Anonymous The Brazilian's man said…

      Hey kitty, this is Bader !
      I donna know what I'm doing here, but the fact that I'm in your blog which I thought that I won't check :P
      Anyhow, for me, to see in the news that a british sir (63 years old) put in the jail for 3 years in Austria, just because he said something about the "untouchable" jewish and from the other hand these danish make fun on our profit in this way and they say it's freedome!!!?, so it's our choice as well to don't buy their products and as their products are not well sold any more because majorty "choosed" to don't buy, then no body wants to offer. at the end it's a way to show that every body is free to make their own choice, isn't it !? and ok kitty come over and I'll over you some other good product here in Riyadh :))

    • At 14/12/2006, 11:16, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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    • At 16/12/2006, 12:38, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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