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    5 February 2006
    4 times the happiness
    A Saudi man is in hospital after his divorced parents forced him to marry four times within six months.

    The battle began when the father insisted the boy should marry a girl from his side of the family.

    The mother retaliated by ordering him to wed a girl from her side, reports Arab News quoting Al-Watan daily.

    But the father wasn't happy with the balance of power and insisted on a third wife from his side, to show who was boss.

    The mother, not to be outdone, then demanded that her son include another wife from her side of the family.

    The son has now been admitted to a hospital for psychological treatment. He is refusing to see his parents or his wives.

    Article stolen from here through here.
    posted by Bravecat @ 3:11 pm  
    • At 05/02/2006, 19:57, Blogger mimi said…

      WOW! U serious? daaaaammmnnn. Amazing this is! The worst part is that the guy did what his parents wanted, no questions ansked! Now that's just stupid!

    • At 05/02/2006, 23:31, Blogger Hussa-G said…

      Poor man. He wants to please his parents and look what happened to him. what a selfish parents he has.

    • At 05/02/2006, 23:58, Anonymous Bandarof said…

      Hahahahahaaaa that's just hilarious, sorry for showing no sympathy but as my fellow commenters said...it's just plain stupid on his part, on th eother hand i pray he would turn the situation around and make the best of it. Peace out :D

    • At 06/02/2006, 00:17, Blogger Silent Altitude said…

      Well kitty like you always said one should be grown up enough to decide for himself in his life and not to follow all the instructions his parents give him. But then again he shouldnt be freaking out in a situation like that, sure many "infidels" would envy him while many muslims would sympathise for him.

      As we say in my country thats life what looks nice for some people could be really nusty for others, or like a common friend said the best dream for some could be the worst nightmare for others.

      Keep up the good work kitty. Its always a pleasant surprise to read your posts.

      Looking forward for your next one

    • At 06/02/2006, 03:45, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      That is f*cking hilarious!

      Poor guy- of course he needs psychological treatment- doesn't he know when to put his foot down?

      Classic! Thanks- that made me laugh!

    • At 06/02/2006, 07:02, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      LOL, that is such a good metaphor for WHY multiple marriages is a bad idea, amongst others. It's funny at first, but then after the laughter, it's kinda depresssing that that actually happened to some poor soul.

    • At 06/02/2006, 09:53, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…

      What fuckin idiots man... some of these people out here...
      Lord have mercy!

    • At 06/02/2006, 10:15, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      LOL glad you guys found it funny, I feel sorry for the poor chap, and sorry for his wives. But what woman would marry a guy who only got married a month ago? That's beyond me...


      Bazza, is that how it is, really? Do tell!

    • At 06/02/2006, 10:17, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Yeah G, maybe he is seeking treatment other than psychological?? Keeping 4 new young wives happy at the same time... I daresay it's not that easy! :^)

    • At 06/02/2006, 10:18, Blogger Degoat said…

      LoL... Horny is written on his forhead.. LoL

      Dad: Get married
      Son: Ok Dad, Yessssssssss!!! an other chick..

      Mom: Get married
      Son: Yahooo!!! Now u know i can't say NO to you..

    • At 06/02/2006, 10:19, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      OK now why did my comment appear before yours???

    • At 06/02/2006, 14:32, Blogger Sever said…

      "Esli b ya bil sultan, ya b imel 3-h zhyon..." i t.d. :)

      I can understand to have 2 wives... thats ok...
      But 4...

      Hahah :)))

      2 versions:
      1. HE wanted to have many women
      2. he is soooooo weak

      Soskuchilas`... very very much :P

    • At 06/02/2006, 17:35, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Others in his place would probably be happy and enjoy it... like the song.

      Ya toje soskuchilas' :^) Where have you been hiding?

    • At 06/02/2006, 19:03, Blogger Sever said…

      We are joking... mama, papa & me.

      My mom said: if he has 4 wives like you or me, then it`s terrible... he must suicide.

      My papa: 4? what? 4?!! crazy!!! better without wife at all.

      Support him!:)

      You did not try to search under beds... ok next time do it... may be you will find me :P

    • At 06/02/2006, 21:00, Blogger Arabian Princess said…

      Maskeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen (feel sorry for him)

      But yah, he should be stronger than this .. I mean ok, I understand if he did it for the first time and married the second .. but 4 wives!!!!

    • At 06/02/2006, 21:29, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      What can I say, girls? Fascinating are the ways of the world... :^)


    • At 07/02/2006, 23:59, Blogger Kazablanka said…

      Hmm. Interesting. Most guys would be more than happy to marry 4 women and in such a short period of time.. lol

      I would like to marry more than 1 man..

      is that a bad thing?

      should i be ashamed of myself?????????

    • At 08/02/2006, 11:21, Blogger ahmed said…

      OMG :S this is just stupid..how could this guy listened to his sick parents! he is no victim at all, he is just stupid!

    • At 08/02/2006, 13:02, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Unfortunately, we can only dream... for the time being :^)

      Welcome to the club! LOL

      I want to marry my boss, for instance. You, on the other hand, might want to marry my husband. Unfortunately, they are already married. It would be so much easier if we could just marry whoever we wanted, whether we (and they) are already married or not... Don't you think?? Nobody would ever cheat, then.



      Maybe he wanted to, in the beginning, but the ladies made his life hell... I suppose they would have. So he escaped to the mental ward!


    • At 08/02/2006, 17:44, Blogger ahmed said…

      loool i really dont know what this guy was thinking at that time when he agreed to marry the four of them..hey have u heared of that story which four teachers married their DRIVER!

    • At 08/02/2006, 17:49, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Yes I heard that one! So that they could travel to work easily, hehehe. One thing I can tell you - ONLY in Saudia!!

      This is some hilariously insane sh*t, my friend....

    • At 10/02/2006, 02:54, Blogger Kazablanka said…

      I would never want to marry my boss :S ... But i wouldnt mind marrying ur husband :p

      But i like your idea.. If we could marry anyone we want at anytime, no one would cheat.. no wait actually EVERYONE would be cheating so cheating would be so normal and a daily thing to do and if u didnt cheat then u wouldnt be normal and people will look down at you... yeah :)

      cheat! cheat! cheat!

    • At 10/02/2006, 23:24, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I can ask him for you... Actually I just did, and he was like "Who is she?" instead of "Never!" Hmmm.... Makes one think, dunnit? Lol!


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