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    7 February 2006
    I should have been asleep by now...
    Tagged again by Sever

    7 things to do before I die:

    1. Travel to all the countries
    2. Learn Arabic
    3. Make right choices
    4. Stay at Burj al Arab with the loved one
    5. Eat all the sweets I want
    6. Save a life
    7. Make someone happy

    7 things I can't do:

    1. Tolerate pain
    2. Make right choices
    3. Eat all the sweets I want
    4. Speak Arabic
    5. Live without internet and mobile phone
    6. Deal with stupid people
    7. Housework

    7 things I always say:

    1. Love you too
    2. Aha
    3. Shut up
    4. Oh, sh*t!
    5. Oh, that's nice!
    6. What's for dinner?
    7. Yalla

    7 books I have loved:

    1. “Hobbit” - Tolkien
    2. “Lord of the Rings” - Tolkien
    3. “War and Peace” - Tolstoy
    4. “The Forsyte Saga” - Galsworthy
    5. “Queen of the Damned” - Anne Rice
    6. Harry Potter books – Rowling
    7. “Wuthering Heights” - Brontë

    7 movies I love to watch over and over:

    1. Love Actually
    2. Harry Potter
    3. Bridget Jones Diary
    4. Pirates of the Caribbean
    5. Chocolat
    6. Original Sin
    7. Underworld

    7 things I get attracted to:

    1. Freshly ground coffee
    2. Sports cars
    3. Military Uniforms
    4. Talented people
    5. Travel
    6. Great humour
    7. Internet

    7 people I want to tag:

    Ohh this is not easy....

    1. Kaza (as promised)
    2. Qatar Diary
    3. Arabian Princess
    4. Degoat
    5. Unknown Entity
    6. Rumbling NRI (as threatened)
    7. Everyone else who reads it! Now get writing!

    posted by Bravecat @ 12:32 am  
    • At 07/02/2006, 09:39, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…


    • At 07/02/2006, 09:48, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Not even NEAR there. So get writing!


    • At 07/02/2006, 12:20, Blogger da Angel wears Escada said…

      Gee, I too should like to tag Rumbling NRI. But first please clarify for me that NRI is in fact, 'Non Resident Indian'and not 'Non Relevant Indian',please.

    • At 07/02/2006, 15:47, Blogger Sever said…

      Trying to find something common between us.

      In books & in movies I did not see anything...
      Tolstoy, Galsworthy & Brontë ;-)

      You like to say Aha?
      Hmmmmm... it`s my aha!

      To travel, to learn Arabic... yes, that I understand.
      "Make someone happy" - who is this Someone? A?

      "Eat all the sweets I want" - hahahah... Cat, now we are in the same boat. I`m a poor hungry kid :(

      "Military Uniforms"...
      Cat, only not this... only not this:(

      Ehhh... Good luck, my tagged aunt:P
      & also my sweet godmother, yes :)))

    • At 07/02/2006, 19:18, Blogger Titania said…

      Great interesting quizz :)
      One gets to find out that life is not that different in such a far away country...

      Greetings from Portugal!

    • At 07/02/2006, 22:34, Blogger mimi said…

      You know what Q.C? When I read this post I kept saying "God I hope I haven't been tagged" and then once I scrolled down and read the list of people you've tagged, I smiled. Well, until I read the LAST point! Do I really have toooo???????? :)

    • At 07/02/2006, 23:06, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Man Who:

      I guess you should ask the NRI in question :^)


      Ne takie uj my i raznye!


      I might be far away, but European girl I remain!


      Of course you have to! Unless you don't want to :^)


    • At 08/02/2006, 00:04, Blogger Kazablanka said…

      We have alot in common :)

      and you make me happy so u can die in peace now..

    • At 08/02/2006, 03:19, Blogger Omni said…

      If I could eat all the sweets I wanted, I'd have a diet like a hummingbird, LOL!!

      (who's Omni?)

    • At 08/02/2006, 11:25, Blogger ahmed said…

      7 things to do before I die:

      1. how many u've visited so far?
      2. V. easy :P (in ur dreams):P
      3. ur a woman right? :P
      4. hmmmm ;)
      5. lol
      6. interesting :)
      7. thats just sweet :)

    • At 08/02/2006, 12:54, Blogger Sever said…

      "Ne takie uj my i raznye!"
      Oh, yes, Cat... especially na fone nashih visityorov ;-)

    • At 08/02/2006, 12:58, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I was expecting something along these lines. But hopefully I'll get to meet you in person before that happens :p


      Hummingbirds don't know their luck..


      1. Around 40.
      2. In my dreams indeed
      3. Last time I checked, I was!
      4. In my dreams, for now
      5. In my dreams, once again
      6. Scary, mostly
      7. Awww :^)

    • At 08/02/2006, 12:58, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      My s toboy odnoy krovi, ty i ya!


    • At 08/02/2006, 20:31, Blogger don_veto said…

      I like the part about saving a life, I donated krovi, so maybe I saved someone's life.

    • At 08/02/2006, 22:31, Blogger [m]att™ said…

      F.Y.I. Qatarcat,

      My bog seems to have had some sort of major error when I updated it last, I added a new blog entry and what you see is what it gave me after I republished. Suffice to say I'm dealing with Blogger support as we speak, but they are mostly useless.

      I may need a new blog... :(

    • At 09/02/2006, 09:12, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Don Veto,

      You must have done! Well done! I could never do that :( Blood not good enough, or so they say.


      Go get yourself a new blog. Not that many entries in your old one anyway, lol. :^)

    • At 09/02/2006, 15:26, Blogger MiYaFuSHi said…

      omg we have a LOT in common. its freaky!

    • At 09/02/2006, 17:18, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Really? Wow! What exactly?


    • At 09/02/2006, 17:29, Blogger Violet83 said…

      6. What's for dinner?
      !! your not suppose to say that, you should cook!

    • At 09/02/2006, 17:35, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      LOL! Check # 7 in "Things I can't do"!

    • At 10/02/2006, 02:44, Blogger Kazablanka said…

      Yeah definitly.. I HAVE to meet you before u die.. so dont die anytime soon ok?



    • At 10/02/2006, 14:26, Blogger PizzaQueen said…

      U managed to finish war n peace
      girl you are one of a kind

    • At 10/02/2006, 23:23, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Haha PizzaQueen, it was compulsory at school. I had no choice. But I actually loved it! :^)

    • At 11/02/2006, 00:37, Blogger Lym said…

      I didnt read that post ;)

    • At 11/02/2006, 02:08, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      What are you talking about? :^) Which post?

    • At 11/02/2006, 10:14, Blogger Degoat said…

      i love military stuff.. n a friend of mine just came back and she's obsessed with military uniforms..

      We been getting along even better.. a girl in a military uniform is the sexiest eva


    • At 11/02/2006, 12:00, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Haha G, I agree!

    • At 12/02/2006, 10:05, Blogger U.E. said…

      WOOHOO! I've been tagged! Very fun. Now I can have a personal record of three posts in one day. lol

      I'm so jiving with your movie list, as far as your first four go. :*

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