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    15 February 2006
    More pictures
    I have already mentioned somewhere that I got a new baby - my beautiful VAIO FJ. Here it is.

    And I couldn't resist adding a few Doha shots - the road home, my neighbourhood, and the view from my office.

    posted by Bravecat @ 11:40 pm  
    • At 16/02/2006, 01:08, Blogger mimi said…

      I like I like ;)
      Definitely have Doha on my "must visit" list :)

    • At 16/02/2006, 05:10, Blogger SugarComa said…

      OMG! Totally love the VIAO...i'm planning to get the pink one...how much did it cost?
      oh and BTW awesome shots ;)

    • At 16/02/2006, 07:27, Blogger Susanne said…

      I like that last picture.

    • At 16/02/2006, 08:08, Blogger Lost in trance... said…

      thaz da view frmyur offce? woah! n hey, iv a vaio too...its n s580 :)

    • At 16/02/2006, 10:16, Blogger teagirl said…

      wonderful sunset shots!! Check out my new post I need feedback!

      I have a vaio too! Its two years old though -_- Congrats!

    • At 16/02/2006, 11:04, Blogger ahmed said…


      DO SOMETHING!!! :P

    • At 16/02/2006, 12:10, Blogger Sever said…

      I like the last photo... may be because I miss warm weather :-/

      The one before the last photo is nice too... gold :)

    • At 16/02/2006, 13:02, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      You're like, from the house next door! Everyone should visit Doha! OK I know you're in the UK now (it's cold and wet there, and here it's warm and sunny) so come on over already!


      Welcome! Cool nick! A fellow Qatar blogger? Vaio totally rocks (after you figure out how to use and change battery settings, hehe), but as far as I know in Qatar they only sell silver ones. And I have no idea how much it is - it was a gift.


      Thanks! Can you post some pics of your area too? :^)

      Lost & Found,

      Yeah that's THE view. Unfortunately, we will be moving offices in 2 months time. No more sea views for the cat... I think I'll quit. This view is like the main reason why I go to work!


      Thanks for the props! And Yay! to Vaio!


      Hmmmm QC do something... QC do something... OK:
      Hey there, (quote)"assholes at ISU"! Unblock! Freedom of posting pics rules! No arabian wet sex photos here, I swear! Just a laptop and some Doha pics. Morons...

      Did that help?


      Meow :^)

    • At 16/02/2006, 15:07, Blogger ahmed said…

      mmm i dont think that helped :| lol

      why dont try to upload your images at image4free.com? :D

    • At 16/02/2006, 15:18, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Because I want my images on my blog, that's why :^)
      Can't you use a proxy or something?
      If not - it's ok, you haven't missed anything of any importance.


    • At 16/02/2006, 17:31, Anonymous jack said…

      Well not yet, but wait till QC models her diamond bikini. You won't want to miss that.

      It's a real gem!

    • At 16/02/2006, 21:36, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Haha Jack, you can't keep a secret, can you? :p
      That was supposed to be a huge surprise!


    • At 16/02/2006, 23:46, Blogger SugarComa said…

      Oh la la a gift...you lucky girl you ;)
      They don't have the pink one over here?!WATTA BUMMER!!..i guess i'm gonna have to order it online or something.

    • At 17/02/2006, 06:19, Blogger Delicately Realistic said…

      Mabrook on the new vaio!
      Qatar looks beautiful!

    • At 17/02/2006, 10:29, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      Desert Sunsets are the best.

      No competition!

    • At 17/02/2006, 15:18, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…

      Where was I when the colour of the Doha sky was that???

    • At 17/02/2006, 23:14, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Thanks guys! Glad you liked my pics :^)
      And sorry all you people in Saudi who can't see them - I guess you have to complain to ISU.

      Desert sunsets are beautiful... Conman, I don't know where you were, but I was driving down Salwa road, and I was taking pics as I was trying to stay in my lane! I just couldn't resist.


    • At 18/02/2006, 12:21, Blogger Namika said…

      QC, why don't you bring your baby over so I can take care of it for a while :D

      Liked the view from your office.. If I was you I wouldn't mind going to work every single day :D

      the view from my office is just horrible.. will try to take a pic and post it in my blog :)

    • At 18/02/2006, 14:52, Anonymous arabpearl said…

      love the pics of the sky, beautiful!

      Your baby is looking sexy sweety, take good care of that now!

    • At 18/02/2006, 17:00, Blogger Sue said…

      Gorgeous photos! I hadn't realised you're in Doha... my 19-year-old son is going to be there next week, on the ship 'Doulos' which will be in port with a huge on-board bookshop (mostly in English, some Arabic). They're leaving Sharjah in UAE tomorrow (Sunday) and will be in Doha till the end of Feb. If by chance you visit, say hi to Dan from Cyprus... of course he's really a Brit but is the only person there who's actually gone from Cyprus.

    • At 18/02/2006, 18:28, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Nami, Arab Pearl, thanks, lol, I am quite capable of taking care of my babe :p And yeah the view from my office is smashing. Too bad they will demolish the building soon, and we'll lose the view.


      Yeah I am in Doha, but it's unlikely that I will visit any boats - I get terribly sea sick, even on the boats that are moored, hehe. Tell your son to get onshore and explore the town - he'll like it.


    • At 18/02/2006, 23:26, Blogger don_veto said…

      Congratulations on your new VAIO, ytraba ib3izich ;-)

      Lovely pictures, over here in Kuwait, it is cold. Not as bad as other parts of the world but Qatar looks warmer.

    • At 20/02/2006, 15:06, Blogger MriM said…

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    • At 20/02/2006, 15:07, Blogger MriM said…


      nice picz

      حبيت الصورة القبل الاخيرة

      wait for moreeeee =)

    • At 05/03/2006, 00:51, Blogger Ella said…

      mashalllaaaa qaatar has changed soo much since my last visit...
      inshalla soon i'll come again and check it out ....

      please tell me they got rid of " the mall "

    • At 05/03/2006, 10:02, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Ha, Ella, no they didn't! Welcome to my blog :^)

    • At 05/03/2006, 10:16, Blogger Ella said…

      shame... i never really liked that mall .... oh well ..
      interesting blog !

    • At 25/11/2006, 05:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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