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    27 February 2006
    A note of welcome
    My friends,

    Please welcome a new addition to the Middle East blogosphere: Sunshine Kitty!
    She is new in Qatar, but it looks like she got the gist of life here already. Her blog features such insightful observations as:

    "The whole country is just a shitty little hole with the most incompetent people I've ever met. There is no place you could go out and socialize. The only fun is going to the Cornishe and laughing your behind off watching the ninjas walking 2 meters behind their masters with tons of kids. Though after a while even that gets boring... "

    "We have a rasist vain personal manager from Lebanon who thinks when he looks like a European he is one..."

    "Wow, my consul in Kuwait was right, why the hell does a graduated intelligent european woman go to the primitive desert???"

    "I'm really considering to leave it all behind and get away from here before they really ruin my life. You just can't have a private life or a family over here, nothing. All you can do is going to work and spending money in the shops. If you are that superficial that might be enough for you but I'm more demanding and intellectual, it's a torture for me to live in Qatar!!!"

    "What upsets me the most are the natives here. They are really like bedouins from the desert. They treat women in general like shit. They have maids they treat even worse than shit. They are unskilled. And uneducated (university here = primary school in Europe). They stink (thanks god we have air refresheners at the office...)"

    "I've had enough of "made in Qatar"..... You know, it's like once you've driven a BMW you don't really want to return to Trabant....."

    I understand that by "BMW" she means Slovakia where she came from. If you would like to read more of this young lady's thoughts, they can be found on her blog. Enjoy!



    It appears that Sunshine Kitty edited her blog and removed all the horrible bits and pieces recently. I was really glad to see that. I hope she will live to find something she likes about Qatar.
    posted by Bravecat @ 6:31 pm  
    • At 27/02/2006, 23:07, Blogger Sever said…

      Hmmm... visited it once.

      Then really, it`s hard for her to stay in Qatar.

      Hey, Kitty! Don`t hide your name & appear already!
      Everything can be ok... usually problems are not in the world & in other persons... they are in ourselves usually.
      Think of it.

      But yes yes yes... BMW is perfect!:)
      But I like it because... because of my soulmate only:P

      Kitty, come already! Then may be I will visit you again.

      Aunt, well done!

    • At 27/02/2006, 23:36, Anonymous jaguu said…


      Didnt Know Slovak Universities churned out the smartest people in the world ( TY QC for this Info)... and all this from a Girl who few months back used to sit on her comp day & night wanting to Leave her BELOVED Slovakia & somehow reach Qatar....

      And shame on the People who Drugged...kidnapped...Dragged her to Qatar...

    • At 27/02/2006, 23:44, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      No kidding, J... You know, if she suffers so much, how about we start a charity, collect some money & send her back home?

    • At 28/02/2006, 00:15, Blogger ahmed said…

      okay this is for you, kitty bitch;

      "The whole country is just a shitty little hole with the most incompetent people I've ever met. There is no place you could go out and socialize. The only fun is going to the Cornishe and laughing your behind off watching the ninjas walking 2 meters behind their masters with tons of kids. Though after a while even that gets boring... "

      u know that was offensive! these who u called ninjas are our mothers, sisters and wives who respect their religion and they do whatever God asked them to do!! so you bitch stay out of this..

      "We have a rasist vain personal manager from Lebanon who thinks when he looks like a European he is one..."

      is it his problem that he is white? that he looks like a European? idiot!

      "Wow, my consul in Kuwait was right, why the hell does a graduated intelligent european woman go to the primitive desert???"

      first, ur not smart. second, if we assume that u are, then you should know what does he meant by that question! well im gonna tell u the answer anyway, he wants to FUCK U, BITCH!! u know why? coz all these graduated, smart, intelligent European females who are in the desert, they have rewardable, enjoyable and high ranked jobs!! not like you,,BITCH!!

      "What upsets me the most are the natives here. They are really like bedouins from the desert. They treat women in general like shit. They have maids they treat even worse than shit. They are unskilled. And uneducated (university here = primary school in Europe). They stink (thanks god we have air refresheners at the office...)"

      i'll let ubergirl to reply on that one..check on her blog and click on comments..she kicked someone's ass coz he was making fun of beduions!! Bitch

      here is her link


      at the end..can u give me ur number so we can have a great time when i come to Qatar? im imagining that Slovakian ass rocking on my dick!! maaan thats just wow!!
      hey dont worry, im gonna pay you..alot :P

    • At 28/02/2006, 00:27, Blogger Bandarof said…

      Alright hello everybody.....I hope you all are doing well and I also wonder if you guys heard of why many people consider pigs dirty?? heheheeee well for the ones who don't know it's because pigs eat out of the same plate they shit in, and basically you are what you eat...So people who don't eat pork don't eat it because they think it is shit. What I'm tryin to get to is that if you eat and live in shit then you are shit, and the same applies to people who call the country they live in "shit" especially since they are feeding from it. So there you have it :D

    • At 28/02/2006, 03:59, Blogger mimi said…

      Ummmmmm, i'd like 2 be nice and say something like everyone's entitled to their own opinion but that was just plain RUDE! This girl can go back to wherever she came from and kiss my ass on the way!

    • At 28/02/2006, 09:47, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      Why doesn't her "civilized" European ass get on a plane and go home to the european country full of "intelligent" people that she came from?

      She called her boss racist (not that she can even spell it?).. when it appears to me that she is unashamedly racist and intolerant of the culture? The country full of uneducated fat people is paying her rent.

      I just dont get it.

      Sorry cat- not bitching at you.. just cant be bothered explaining to someone as narrow minded as her why she shouldnt be saying that things that she does, so I decided to say it here instead :P

    • At 28/02/2006, 11:04, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      You're a sweetheart.


      I should probably be offended by such language on my page, lol, but in this one instance I'll make an exception. She had it coming, and it's only fair that people who she abused and criticised return the favour in full.


      You're a philosopher :^) Thanks my friend. This pig story, it rocks!


      My sentiments exactly. We had enough talking about ignorant people on both sides of the fence, and here is a shining example of ignorance. You can be tolerant and respect other people's opinions as long as they return the favour.


      No apologies necessary, thanks for your input! And you are absolutely right - talking to people like that would be a total waste of time. I've wasted enough time on her already.

    • At 28/02/2006, 20:53, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Here's the response left for her on her most recent post:

      Whine, whine, whine! Just went through all your posts and I highly recommend that you should change your blog title from "Sunshine Kitty in Qatar" to "Whiner in Qatar".

      The only thing worse than whining is whining without humour. Go through all your posts again; if you were a stranger, would you want to ever meet the person behind your whiny posts? NO.

      If your job sucks so bad; leave already. Maybe try re-aligning your goals. Someone whose sole priority in life is to follow a man across the world sounds very colourless in character.

      You obviously aren't that highly educated/trained; otherwise you'd have had a better job. All highly trained western expats in the Gulf usually have well-paid gigs. Plus, your English/writing is a bit subpar, so don't feel very qualified in judging the English abilities of others there.

      Bottomline, Qatar is new, growing, etc. and you can either grow with it and take advantage of opportunities there (network and get other jobs, open a business, etc.) or get out. Socially speaking, it has far to go, but lots of expats there do have fun (socialize/hang out together, travel to nearby places, etc). Of course, its possible that you don't know this because you're too busy whining to do anything else.

    • At 01/03/2006, 11:02, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I would much prefer there was a name to go with such a post. But thanks anyways, it's a nice comment, whether it is yours or some other anon's.

      I hate whiners.

    • At 01/03/2006, 13:46, Blogger jashanmal said…

      I guess they teach everything at Slovakian Universityies except courtesy,diplomacy and humility when livin in a different culture.

    • At 01/03/2006, 13:46, Blogger Lym said…

      Hmm. I couldn't help but feel a bit offended even though I am not Qatari.
      Anyways, I believe she could've portrayed her views in a more civilised manner. It is not funny that she is offending 'us' in such a manner.

    • At 01/03/2006, 14:22, Blogger U.E. said…

      Typical. Dreadful and typical. I'm surrounded by idiots who begged, borrowed, harrassed, cajoled and turned their lives upside down to get here. Then they do the exact same thing this IDIOT did... judge, commiserate, complain, whine and insult the entire experience.

      *sigh* There's good and bad in every person place and thing... it's up to the individual to suss it out. If she can't? Than her misery is her own damn fault. Ye-gads..., my message?


    • At 02/03/2006, 21:51, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      quote: "can u give me ur number so we can have a great time when i come to Qatar? im imagining that Slovakian ass rocking on my dick!! maaan thats just wow!!
      hey dont worry, im gonna pay you..alot :P"

      LOL! God asked his mom (sister, wife...) to cover everything but eyes!!! I guess he also advised her how to rise her offsprings. And here we see the result:)
      I am sure that mama (covered from head to toe just like God asks her to) would be proud of her son paying "that Slovakian ass to rock on his dick".


    • At 02/03/2006, 22:11, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      See, God never told our (European) mothers to wrap themselves from head to toe. But he told them how to raisee their sons. So they are the ones who raise those classy European gentlemen - gentlemen who kiss women's hands, open doors for them, buy flowers... behaviour so attractive and seductive that (unlike you) they DO NOT have to pay to rock. They rock for free!!!
      (including married ninjas on family vacation in Egyptian hotels)


    • At 03/03/2006, 13:20, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Guess they didn't teach her that. Or maybe she skipped that class.


      Hey, even I was offended by that! I can only imagine how Middle Eastern folk would feel.


      So true. Come, use and abuse. And whine whine whine! Blech...


      True and not true.. Yeah probably you should be really proud that it takes a man to kiss your hand and off he goes rocking. And probably it says a lot that most women who take money for sex in the Middle East are those whose hands were kissed aplenty, back home. So yeah lets all just start counting how many Arab ladies are prostituting themselves in Slovakia, and vice versa.

      The argument, however, has evolved from a little private affair started by a not so bright girl and a rather amused moi to a full blown East vs. West exercise, and I'm sure we've had enough of that lately. So lets move on.


    • At 03/03/2006, 16:24, Blogger Silent Altitude said…

      Reading through the posts of kitty one can only feel like he's been on the receiving end of a huge blow. Having known and talked to the kitty before she came to Qatar when she was desperately seeking a way to enter the doors of Paradise, which is how Qatar sounded to her.It's therefore a big shock to read her posts now, but then again at the end every person reveal their true self, even if it takes some time.

      I agree with all the previous posts advising her to take the first plane home.

      The advise of QC is very good maybe we should all help the poor kitty back to its little hole, where everything constucted by angels as the saying goes in my country. I am sure she could take her loved one with her, she could then treat him the right way as she wishes.

      The last thought, "One should not spit where he eats"

      Have a nice day QC

    • At 03/03/2006, 19:17, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Is it just your low IQ level that prevents you from understanding my comment or you DELIBERATELY twisted my words? Since I did not reveal anything about myself in my previous comments I wonder HOW did you make your (stupid and incorect) conclusion about my sexual life. Based on what? On my description of well-mannered European gentlemen?
      See how wrong you are, it doesn't take them even a hand-kiss to take me to bed :)... just like every other (normal) Europen girl, I have sex with the man whom I find sexually attractive - before or after hand- kissing.
      As for your statistics, I guess you are trying to implement the idea that it is the morality of Arabic women what prevents them from coming to Slovakia to sell sex. Is it? Maybe it's the fact that they often can't even vote (drive,etc.) let alone travel abroad independently. And even if the problem of independent traveling would've been solved what is waiting for them in Slovakia? A lot of slim, well-educated, open-minded Slavic beauties. Tough market for a beduin girl to make the cash, isn't it? As for European girls selling sex in the Middle East - would they been able to do that had they not had so many customers there. And who are the customers??? That's right, sons (brothers, husbands...) of the wraped primadonas.
      The point of my posts (which you somehow missed to get) is that Europen ladies do not wrap themselves from head to toe, but they know how to raise their sons. It is understandable that we loose respect towards veiled women and call them "ninjas" when we see what disguisting, immoral, primitive, mysogynic men they bring up. Boys are reflection of their mothers and their home upbringing, aren't they?
      I also emphasised that it is far easier for a well-mannered European gentlemen to get laid. This poor beduin has already realised that therefore he tries the only known metod to him to get a European puss* ("Don't worry, I'll pay you... a lot")LOL! Quite the oposite experience had my friend with ninjas in Cairo hotel:)


    • At 03/03/2006, 19:42, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      I mean - they didn't ask him for money, they did for their own pleasure.

    • At 03/03/2006, 23:08, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Of course my low IQ prevented me from understanding your comment in all its complexity, and since I am so stupid I would therefore request you to stick to the subject of the post in question next time you visit, thanks. However, I agree that European gentlemen totally rock, and I never said anything to the contrary. Yes of course I love good manners and fine conversations, and hand kissing and door opening, etc. etc., and I do miss it here. But for as long as I am in this country by choice I will not complain about the people or life here in such dreadful way. I have a choice to go back where I came from, and complain from there about my horrible experience all I want. Unlike the subject lady (who complained as to how terrible the men in her country were, and how they all only wanted to screw and nothing else, and nobody was taking her in marriage). So spare me the talk about European gentlemen. I know how European men are, and not all of them are running in front of you opening doors. Just as there are plenty local people here with manners and education and it all depends where you go and who you mingle with. So lets not generalise, please. I feel sorry for this girl who obviously found herself in the middle of the labourers' camp!

      On the other note, I do like your comments! :^) I guess my IQ is enough to appreciate someone with a clear and interesting thought, and a great expression of it.

      Once again, lets move on already, please.

    • At 04/03/2006, 05:19, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Pity that you like my comments... since this is the last one :D

      Not all European men are gentlemen, true, that's why I stick to those who are and avoid those who are not. While in the Gulf countries... wait, you are saying THERE ARE SOME GENTLEMEN THERE as well? Really??? I'll take that from you. Then it must be just my bad luck I never met a single one during my visits.I wonder where were they hidding...

      One does not have to be in the middle of the labourers' camp to describe Qatar the way she does. My friend's friend lives in Qatar. They pay him shitloads of money and kiss his ass regularly. Still, he finds the country unbearable. Mind you, he is a sportsman, so definitively not the type of person who is into art, culture, intelectual discussions, etc. But EVEN HE finds the life and people of Qatar dull and intelectualy miserable.
      The fact that you don't complain about that dullness and can bear life in the country where shopping malls are the leading institutions of arts and culture, reveals a lot about you. I wonder where you are from... I bet you are American. It would be the explanation.
      For the fact that you can hear things like "it is God who wants women to hide their whole existance with a (what is that? I can't call it cloths)... with a tent...it is Him who doesn't want them to vote, drive, run businesses... it is Him who want's them to be stoned to death for fucking without a fucking-licence granted by the state... it is God's will and not the will of those sick, pathologycal, misogynic men they live among... yeah, right... and all that comming from someone who "imagines that Slovacian ass rocking on his dick" and is ready to pay (a lot) of money to turn that fantasy into reality... comming from HIM!!!... he dares to talk about God and God's will... for the fact that you can hear things like that without your blood starting to boil, I don't have any explanation. Where are you from? From another planet? Don't you understand the global danger of such ideas?

    • At 04/03/2006, 12:22, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Ha, Natalia, what a terrible pity... I almost thought you were for real! Unfortunately, you are just one of the righteous anti Muslim agitators who base their arguments about Qatar on the opinion of a friend of a friend. You didn't go far from anti western Muslim agitators who claim that western people are all evil, and so on.

      Me, American? LOL! Since you made assumptions regarding my nationality I think we're square. I assume you've been to America many times and can speak for the entire country. I have visited former Yugoslavia, as well as Slovakia, plenty times to assure you that not everything is as rosy as you describe... Far from it. So get over yourself already. This was your last comment? Oh well, I'll miss the excitement, but I can handle it. Should you preach anywhere else, be a sweetheart and let me know.

    • At 07/03/2006, 14:41, Blogger Nzingha said…

      ::chomping on popcorn::

      that was the funniest exchange I've read in a while.

      In all seriousness what I've found about expats who come to the ME and do nothing but put down the culture in which they choose to live. Is that these people tend to have low self esteem issues and have felt on the low end of the totem pole back in their own hometowns. The whole need to insult and put down others in order to feel good about oneself. Rather pitiful and sad if you ask me.

      I am so loving the intellectual sarcasm. What fun!!

    • At 07/03/2006, 19:30, Anonymous butterfly said…


      Cat, personally, I wouldn't mind if you start a charity and send ME out of here! that would be awesome, preferably somewhere nice and charming, pls. :D

      I do understand that many expats struggle with the culture shock and lifestyle here. It's hard for some to get used to , but that doesn't give us the right to insult or intentionally offend our qatari hosts.

    • At 08/03/2006, 09:43, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      That's exactly it! The need to put others down comes from this person's need to appear better than the others, which was somehow denied to this person back home.


      Welcome welcome! :^) OK let me send the first suffering girl home, then if we have anything left in the money bag I'll let you know! And good luck with all your relocation plans. Hey, I'd move to the Southern Spain anytime! Give me a great job in Granada (or even Cadiz or Tarifa) and off I go :^)

    • At 09/03/2006, 00:31, Anonymous Huda said…

      :hoppin' in to share Nzinga's popcorn:

      Hi Cat, nice to meetcha. This is what happens when you follow link after link and end up laughing your A** off at the sarcastic exchange you find. One just simply has to stop and comment.

      Natalia, darling...from one European gal to another...please, allow me to enlighten you. And I'll try to do it in the spirit of Islam, meaning I'll attempt to bite my tongue and remember that it's ignorance, not intentional rudeness and ego that is causing you to speak this way.

      You probably haven't found the "good" gentlemen because you're not attracting them.

      Try being modest and quiet and opening your mind. Emphasis on modest. These men were raised to respect a woman who has femininity.

      Try making friends with Quatari women - head to a mosque, attend a class sometime. It may take some time for them to warm to you, but if you make a consistent effort I feel you may find yourself with a new group of friends. Under the veils and abayas, they are women..just like you.

      You might be enlightened.

      Educated people branch out their sources of education. You may be well-schooled, with a paper degree...but from what I hear, you're lacking in your awareness of humanity (or your perception of it is coming across that way in words) and certainly in your acceptance of culture.

      How does one call one "educated" without being able to accept cultural differences? I want to know.

      Covering up one's body parts isn't an evil thing, you know.

      Fucking whomever isn't exactly wonderful for society. Sexual diseases, kids born without fathers around, stuff like that tends to happen. You know? Presently in North America there's roughly 14 million children growing up without dads in the home. That's a lot of single moms. A hard life.

      I have my own beliefs, but were I to play devil's advocate, I would ask that which God wills...could that not be entirely different than what (many) man follows? If God created this world around us, if He gave us guidelines to follow...is that not better than following nothing but our own desires?

      My father once told me something. Since he was quite a gentleman and had a strong belief in God and I held him in high respect, I'll quote it.

      "God never fails. Every faith you put in humanity may fail, but God never fails."

      Don't judge muslims by faith alone. Remember they are people also. Don't go looking for perfection...perfect piety, perfect mannerisms...don't look for that. You may or may not find it. Don't judge a faith by people alone.

      Have you ever spent time in an local's home..with their family..? I find myself questioning this. I suspect the answer is no.

      For me, it's a global danger that people don't question beyond their own understanding..that they simply judge based upon appearances and the few isolated experiences they have.

      Do you feel you have become an expert after such a short time in another country? I ask this because I know that for myself, I couldn't say I was unless I'd been there for...I dunno...ten years? Long enough to truly have developed a sense of community and understanding, for certain.

      I'm sorry you have found your stay in Qatar so distasteful. Perhaps you should return to a less-distasteful land...if you desire immorality, lack of personal faith in God, lack of strong, strong family values then you certainly don't belong in the islamic world.
      Faults and all (nobody is saying they're less human than you, therefore they exhibit royally horrific traits on occasion) this is their land, their culture - if you can't respect that (if not agree with all aspects of it) then you are doing them, and your own country of origin, a disservice.

      You chose to go to their country - it's their culture, their land. I mean, common sense. If you find it not to your liking, nobody is forcing you to stay there.

      Do you lack the feminine grace to put your opinions eloquently so that even they would respect your views, if not agree with them?

      As for your insinuations about lack of culture and arts in America...I'm guessing you haven't been there either. It would be impossible for you to say so otherwise, as America is made up of so many cultures (including yours).

      I almost feel sorry for you, to be honest. You must be quite unhappy.

      Nzingha, more butter please. Or salt. Something to take this bitter taste out of my mouth!

      Sorry Cat. Rant over lol - btw great blog, I'm enjoying wasting my time (don't take that the wrong way lol - I should be doing bills is all). I'm heading over to Dubai in a month and from then most likely to Saudi...hubby likes it there, I'll be venting shortly I'm sure *laughs* but unlike some...I'm hoping to keep an open mind, develop friendships, embrace culture and further my own education. I think that any other attitude is a "global danger".

    • At 10/03/2006, 12:03, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Heya Huda, welcome :^)

      Wow what a comment :p
      I agree with you... I think you've covered everything, leaving me with nothing to add! Hope you enjoy your time in Dubai and Saudi, don't forget to blog and drop me a line!


    • At 18/03/2006, 21:30, Blogger Ella said…

      hey cat girl !! - well .... as any other arab, i cant help but feel offended as well, she did touch on sensative topics that can easily insult any arab. She was being plain rude, but in my opinion, she did state facts. For instance, like her going out for dinner to a fancy Italian resturant, its not rare they u find hooligans like the man she mentioned in a posh place like that. We have pathetic drunken arab men walking our streets and insulting anything and anyone around them.
      Im against racism 150% if u ask me, but if we look around us, we, those who live in " deprived " countries such as that are rasict. It might not be to the foreginers around us a.k.a Europens and so forth, but the indians we pay soo little to build our societies. Its funny how we were quick to judge, but i still think she's making a point. Fine i agree, it isnt our fault shes missing home, and a life she' loved ever so much, and no one told her to move to qatar, it was she who chose to go there. She has no one to blame but herself. We may be a deprived nation of some things, but that is our norm, and what we are suppose to live by, but i will not deny the fact that i have a ball time back home ( bahrain ) or any other GCC country. We arent as restricted as we used to be, segregation has become a thing of the past, as the world moves forward, we follow!! ( not talking about saudi here, but their socities are changing as well, ever soo slowly )

    • At 18/03/2006, 23:22, Blogger Ella said…

      i jus read what Huda had to say , and ya, she's basically summed it all up.
      Its great to see people of different races, backgrounds, and religons coping with life in the gulf.
      "God never fails. Every faith you put in humanity may fail, but God never fails."

      Don't judge muslims by faith alone. Remember they are people also. Don't go looking for perfection...perfect piety, perfect mannerisms...don't look for that. You may or may not find it. Don't judge a faith by people alone. "

      That is very true, everyone is judgeing everyone. They should try to see the bigger picture then make such radical assumptions of our society.
      Good on you cat girl for taken on an arrogant fool, like natalia - you shouldnt waste ur time argueing with people like her, its clear to see, you've opened up ur mind and your heart to that world. Its about time the world follows suit.

    • At 18/03/2006, 23:59, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Thanks Ella. I know I shouldn't have taken it all so personally, but as Kitty was talking about the country I live in, and Natalia was abusing me personally - I couldn't help it.


    • At 05/03/2007, 01:47, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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