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    27 February 2006
    Afternoon delight
    They were trying to tell me that I got it all wrong.

    They, on the other hand, have got it all figured out.

    They come from a religious monarchy which has no legal protection for freedom of religion, and such protection does not exist in practice. Theirs is the official religion, and the law requires that all citizens be of that religion. Their Government prohibits the public practice of other religions and any public religious activities of those other religions. Non-official religion worshippers risk arrest, imprisonment, lashing, deportation, and sometimes torture for engaging in overt religious activity that attracts official attention.

    They have all political, religious and sexually explicit information monitored, or outright censored. All communications are subject to inspection. The official policy is to protect people from the harmful effects of pornographic material, and whatever other harmful items are on the internet.
    They live in a country where freedom of expression and association are nonexistent rights, political parties and independent local media are not permitted, and even peaceful anti-government activities remain virtually unthinkable. Infringements on privacy, institutionalized gender discrimination, harsh restrictions on the exercise of religious freedom, and the use of capital and corporal punishment are also major features of their country’s human rights record.
    Their women continue to face severe discrimination in all aspects of their lives, including the family, education, employment, and the justice system. Religious police enforce a modesty code of dress, and institutions from schools to ministries are gender-segregated. They do not allow their women to vote, work and drive. They can tear their throats all they want about their (one) woman pilot and their female teachers and doctors, and I will tell them only this (one) thing: women account for roughly 5% of their workforce. Now come on, argue with me!

    In their country, capital punishment is applied for crimes including (among others) sodomy and sorcery. In most cases, the condemned are decapitated in public squares after being blindfolded, handcuffed, shackled at the ankles, and tranquilized. Their courts continue to impose corporal punishment, including amputations of hands and feet for robbery, eye gauging, and floggings for lesser crimes such as "sexual deviance" and drunkenness.

    Yet they think raping boys is fine.

    They consider abusing foreign maids their birthright.

    I can go on and on.

    Can you guess who they are? They are the people who pissed me off yesterday beyond belief, preaching their values to me and trying to degrade mine and humiliate me. Telling me in my face that women are nothing, and thanks goodness they have theirs under control. Telling me that their religion and beliefs are universal and their God - omnipotent and whatever else you can imagine. Telling me that soon, very soon, they will rule the world and I will have to submit.

    They told me that were I one of theirs (one of their what, exactly?) they’d show me my place. Tough luck. They were not in a position to show me anything, but I was. So yeah I didn’t keep my cool towards the end of the encounter, and told them to get the F*** out.

    Submit, my foot.

    posted by Bravecat @ 9:38 am  
    • At 27/02/2006, 11:25, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…

      They have no idea what they're talking about. Don't waste your time and energy losing your temper on them.

    • At 27/02/2006, 11:26, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…


    • At 27/02/2006, 13:30, Blogger Susanne said…

      Good on ya cat!

      I'm proud of you for sticking up to 'them'.

      It must be hard living in your region sometimes.

    • At 27/02/2006, 13:59, Anonymous jack said…

      Damn they tried to declaw the QCat but got a good scratching in return.

      Be cool Catty ...

    • At 27/02/2006, 16:23, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Hey, I thought you are totally on their side or am I wrong? All the preaches about how fine you can get along with them, how much you love to live over there, how wonderful that life is. Now that's really ridiculous: are you schirophrenic or just change your mind as you please? Aren't your best friends "their" brothers? This is so funny, wish you further nice conversations with them :))

    • At 27/02/2006, 18:21, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Won't. You're right.


      Thanks! It's not bad here, really. But such things happen.


      LOL! meow :^)


      Grow up and at least find the guts to sign your comments with your name. And do me a favour, tell me exactly how nice your life was in oh so Western Slovakia, and whom did you move in with here in Qatar so that you call yourself a "Western expat"?
      I was almost worried when you stopped logging in to read my page from Slovakia! But hel-LO! You are here now :^) And everytime you visit me here again, I shall know.

    • At 27/02/2006, 22:14, Blogger [m]att™ said…

      WHO are these people again ?

      They sound most, ummmm, too many words, I think your post sums it all up really.

    • At 27/02/2006, 23:00, Blogger Sever said…

      Dear Cat, it`s so simple & primitive...

      Do you want to say that you never heard anything like that before?
      Do you want to say it`s something new for you?

      One word:

      I hope you did not lose your mind & could hold yourself.
      It`s important.
      Nikogda ne poddavat`sya na provokacii.
      Sure they wanted this only...
      Real provocation, dear Cat.

      No... really tell us please... how did you react? what did you do? I mean... mmm... how was it looking. Emotional plan please.

      React holodno... like they are nothing & like everything they say is nothing.
      & you will be a winner.
      + sweet jokes about it help heheh... but vsyo doljno bit` spokoino.

      Good luck, Aunt!

    • At 27/02/2006, 23:08, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thanks! :^)


      To be honest, no, I haven't come across anything like this in Qatar. This is imported goods... People here are really nice.

    • At 28/02/2006, 16:23, Blogger Bandarof said…

      Duuuuuuuuuudes!!! Take it easy!!! Don't be as ignorant as these people by steepin down to their level. I am a Saudi myself and I left the country because what Qatarcat said was true, but I don't appreciate the way you guys are talking about it. I understand Qatarcat was offended and I understand her reaction. But I beg you people to please keep your opinions private about this issue. Thank you.

    • At 01/03/2006, 10:24, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Bazza, chill :p

      Nobody except me here has said anything remotely offensive to Saudis en large.

      You're nothing like those four pricks... so keep your cool, man. You know me better than that, and you know that I don't generalise. And these guys here, they just reacted to what I'd said.


    • At 01/03/2006, 14:24, Blogger U.E. said…

      Holy hell woman... impressed you had enough calm to keep from imploding! Not sure I would've in your place.

      Submit? My foot!

      More like, "Submit TO my foot. Bend over and turn around you assholes!"

    • At 05/03/2006, 18:38, Blogger Chris said…

      Well put. And as far as keeping your opinions private goes, keeping opinions private is why things that absolutely must change don't. Bravo.

    • At 05/03/2006, 22:39, Blogger Silent Altitude said…

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    • At 08/03/2006, 09:43, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Too true.

    • At 14/03/2006, 02:24, Blogger Prup (aka Jim Benton) said…

      If you think THEY were bad, read what a real Wahaboob is like.

      Love the blog, btw.

    • At 15/03/2006, 01:56, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Thought to myself will not see this blog, But to make the wrong decision can bring just stupid thing to ourselves !
      you have this power to irritate ppl in unbelivable way Ana even with ZERO% of knowledge of what u are talking about!

    • At 15/03/2006, 09:30, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Truth hurts and irritates indeed, Bader. Thanks for proving me right once again. And for visiting my blog, too.

    • At 15/03/2006, 23:49, Anonymous Bader said…

      Truth !!? Did you say truth !? it's even becoming sarcastic! Tell me, how many times you have been in Saudi Arabia to honor us with your opinions !? I'll answer this question for you, it's "Never" and I want it really to be always like this. So based on what this big full of hate post !? I would say based on just hate. It's indeed irritating because nothing could piss off any reasonable person than an ignorant person (like yourself) talking about something has nothing to do about it and not even slight knowledge about it. I thought that you are a growing up person with a mature mind, but you just proved that I'm completely wrong about you.
      What a disappointment ! Anyhow at the end it's your blog and you need to empty this hate from inside you.
      Btw, what's holding you and other like you who live in the gulf and don't stop criticizing the area and the people to go back to your countries !?, you are like bugs sucking the blood of the country and getting fatter all the time and at the end you all come with this shitty trashy talk !!? What an grateful people you are !
      Cheers from Saudi Arabia
      Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

    • At 16/03/2006, 00:33, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      The only thing that is ridiculous here is your hateful criticism. First of all, I am not "sucking blood" of Saudi Arabia, as you know well enough I can't even visit it because people there made sure that I am not welcome, and never will be (and I don't even wonder why, I KNOW why). And second, if you bothered to really READ my blog, you would have noticed that I, for one, have never ever complaind about anything in Qatar and Middle East in general. So spare me the hatred, please. But when 4 men come into MY office and start teaching me how to live MY life when they themselves have a very vague understading of what they are talking about - I have my right to retaliate. And please, if you think that what I wrote is not true - tell me exactly where I am wrong. Can women drive? Are there Catholic churches? Do you have Xmas decorations? Can you access everything on the net? Can a woman travel abroad AGAINST the will of her husband? Can a woman divorce her husband by saying "I divorce you" 3 times for no apparent reason? Can a non Muslim resident born in Saudi ever become a citizen? No, no, no, no, no, no and no. Come on, argue. I am really looking forward to it.


      Your friend.

    • At 16/03/2006, 00:35, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Besides, Bader, in my post the word "Saudi" wasn't even mentioned. I am surprised you took the whole matter personally if you couldn't recognise your country in my story. And if you did - well, that only proves me right, doesn't it?

    • At 16/03/2006, 14:09, Anonymous Bader said…

      My response going to be as following: If it's as you are saying, that four men came to you and they were talking about whatsoever, then for what this generalized full of hate and anger post !!?, ?Yes you did not mention Saudis by name, but at then end you are talking about the region where the people has same religion and mostly same habits and traditions, so this ignorant post was pointed to everybody here and thanks to mention that the motive to write this post was entirely "anger" from what you faced from these 4 men, so why you didn't just kept it on them instead of mentioning. Cutting the neck ..bla bla bla unless these 4 men where trying to cut yours !? Were they ? It was clear that you just need a chance to blow your hate.
      Again this talk of the capability of women to drive !! since when the freedom of a woman measured by her ability to drive !? so I'll not even discuss this point.
      Why there no churches in the Area !? I think in Qatar there is but as you are atheistic (you told me that you don't believe on God and the only time you went to church was in your marriage ceremony), So I understand if you don't know about this as it's on your interest list and I think these is in Dubai too, BUT I'm completely against this, I'll talk about Saudi Arabia, it's the source of Islam therefore it's even a place to discuss making church in here, and with God's will it'll be always like this, at least it's known for everybody, so who is Christian and wants to come here, he/she already know this and has the choice to accept or to don't come, Btw do you have any idea about the European countries who doesn't allow to build mosques !? one of them is Denmark, To pray you don't need a specific place to establish connection with God, at anywhere, anytime you can pray, this information might be new for you as you are a atheistic.
      Why we don't have Xmas decoration !? Tell me are you trying to be funny !? or you are trying to be funny !? Hello !! this is Muslim country, these means the people here are Muslims and Muslims don't celebrate Xmas, or you want us to be like this Japanese & Koreans and celebrate your Xmas !!?  From the other hand we have two Eids, which one comes after Ramadan finishes, and here there are a lot of decoration for the Eid .
      About the divorce, at lease in Islam we don't have this thing of "life time marriage" where your pop (oppss sorry forgot that you are atheistic) said that divorce is forbidden ! Btw is the new pop accepting women to be religious and has same position as the men !? because the ex pop was against this. Anyhow, here the divorce is easier than anywhere in "your" Europe or any other place, I challenge you that for a woman to get a divorce there, that she'll not take many & many months, some times a year or two, while here the woman can go to the court and show her reasons to ask divorce and it's one of two things, either the husband has really not good side and based on this the judge will give her the divorce or that she "just" doesn't want him any more, then she has to pay (depends on the husband) him "back" what he gave, which is fair as here the husband give the wife around Usd 12k in cash for her to buy what's necessary for the marriage and if she doesn't want him any more just because she doesn't like him, then very fair the man get what he gave, although some they don't but if the husband is not rich then it'll be difficult for him to get another Usd 12k to married again. Believe me the divorce here is one hundred times easier than any other part of the world, beside if the woman has the power to say "I divorce you" and it's apply, then the whole world will be full of divorced couples 
      About the non Muslims resident who born in Saudi Arabia doesn't become a citizen, didn't I say before that nothing can piss off a person like an ignorant person talking about things has nothing to do !? any way, add this new information to your knowledge, Muslims or non Muslims who born in Saudi Arabia, both doesn't become a citizen. You know, as you have my email, my mobile number, then you should ask about things before publishing it, just to avoid yourself embarrassment .
      The internet connection and possibility to access any web site, ummmmm let me think, ah contact this number +966 1 479 6000, it's for Orbit TV network (which I use for more than 3 years) and there is nothing blocked in this connection, again you prove your ignorance about here, please check and ask before, ok ?
      I hope I didn't forget anything and as you asked me to argue, it's my pleasure always not to argue but to clarify, or let's say my pleasure always to increase your knowledge about the area which you are living for almost 6 years. And please, for the sake of our friendship ask about things before you put it in your page as you are 100% positive sure about it and the reality that it's 100% wrong.
      Cheers from Saudi Arabia

    • At 16/03/2006, 14:18, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      You're raving. I won't even merit this display of blind defensiveness with an answer. For the best answer you could EVER get on the matter, please look above at Bandarof's comment:
      "I am a Saudi myself and I left the country because what Qatarcat said was true"

      There you have it. You don't need an ignorant Western woman to tell you that, here you have a SAUDI telling you that.

      I rest my case.

      Oh and with regards to Saudi nationality, read up a little, would you? Here would be a nice start:

      So who should be embarassed now?


    • At 16/03/2006, 15:02, Anonymous Bader said…

      You know, I'll consider this as a white flag raised by you, because you didn't comment directly on my post but went running to other people's post with hope it may save you from the embarrassment that you put yourself in.
      For that guy who is saying he is Saudi, what's the prove that he is !? I'm not even interested to know and assuming that he is, So what !? Saudi Arabia contain some ignorant as well who might say things just to please some other people pissed because there was 4 men saying things to this people :))
      Any way, you are still my dear friend and I'll go personally to Qatar to kick your bum with help of Ceci :-))
      Btw, does my post directly be in the site or it has to be proved by you !? because it takes some time till I see it.
      Chill out, ok ? ;-)

    • At 16/03/2006, 16:57, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I'll consider this comment as a white flag raised by you too. Between you and me, we don't have to argue over these things. We've been through YEARS of arguing over these things. Enough already. Oh and that guy, Bandarof? I have as much proof that he is Saudi as I have that you are. He is my dear friend as well, you guys just happen to have different opinions, that's all.

      Can't wait for you and Ceci to come to Qatar!

      Oh and no, of course I don't have to authorise your comments, I don't know why it takes a long time for you to see them? Maybe you have to try and refresh :^)

      Many kisses!

    • At 19/03/2006, 01:14, Anonymous Bader said…

      My dear friend Qatar cat,
      Well, they say, it's not a shame to apologize when you made a mistake but it's a shame when you insist on your mistake.
      I would like to apologize from being tough, rude, insulting without made an effort to understand clearly the situation before I took attack position, I think I wasn't in a good condition at that moment to read with mind to get things clear, but I let the emotion drove me in my posts. You are been always a good friend and Arab's supporter, ok the good ones of them :-). These 4 men who insulted you are just representing themselves. Women are like men, have same right to get all the respect and the best treatment and nothing like the statement of profit Mohammad peace be on him, when he said " Best of you (men) is the best for their women" or When profit Mohammad was racing his wife Aysha as a way to play with her and he was letting her wining or when profit Mohammad was late on his wife Aysha more than he should, and he entered home carrying a plate has date, as she was very angry that he was late and she throw away the plate where all the date became on the floor, what the profit did ? sit down and said "let her, she is been angry and has the right to be", I just wanted to mention these examples from the best of Human the profit who was the best ever for his family and we should always make him as an example for us and after that, do you think these 4 men were even a bit close from what the profit was always persuading us to do !?. Not at all !. Beside you remembers your Arab friend (Me) who was defending you in the Mall, don't you ? :- )
      Sorry again my friend, although I'm still going to Qatar with Ceci to kick your bum :)


      Your friend

    • At 19/03/2006, 09:27, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Water under the bridge, babe. All is cool, and thanks a lot. You know I could never be angry with you no matter what we go through (and we've gone through A LOT together!). So cheer up. It was fun in Bahrain, wasn't it? :p I still remember exactly what I was wearing, and the face of that guard is forever etched in my memory, hehe. My regards to your girl, and I hope she will be back soon, otherwise you will continue being in a fighting mood.

      Many kisses

      your friend.

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