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    5 March 2006
    A (partially) boring new post
    Part 1 - Boring (Tennis finals)

    So the tennis finals came and went. Both Doha and Dubai Open championships saw the clashes between second and first seeds: namely Nadal (2) and Federer (1) in Dubai, and Petrova (2) and Mauresmo (1) in Doha. And second seeds kicked ass! I was so hoping at least one of them would win, and they delivered a double surprise upset! It's not that I don't like Mauresmo and Federer (ok I don't like them, just because) but I really like Nadal, and I think Petrova is an OK girl and deserved it. Besides, I always root for the underdog, and in both games second seeds were clearly the underdogs. And while Petrova came in strong right from the beginning to pull a stunning 6-3, 7-5 victory thanks to her great serve and consistency, the same couldn't be said about Tarzan-like Spanish teenager. He was a shadow of his former self, handing over the first set to Federer at a miserable 2-6. But oh boy did he kick back at him? Public roared, hats flew, flags soared and tears fell as the young Mallorcan toro cruised to victory at 2-6, 6-4, 6-4. World number 1 Federer didn't stand a chance. Move over, Federer, you are beyond reach in the rankings, but this is a matter of time. You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting. So that's about it, Petrova drove away with a $95K cheque on a shiny new Harley, and Nadal was almost crushed by the weight of a HUGE dhow trophy he had troubles holding. You go, guys!! Well done!

    Part 2 - Almost Boring (Suspicions)

    Tennis finals in Doha. One would expect a few journalists to attend the event, and write about it in the papers. So what do we have today in the morning? An article by Anil John appeared in Gulf Times, under a title "Petrova gatechrashes Mauresmo's party". All cool. Checking tennis pages in Yahoo, I stumble across the following: Petrova gatechrashes Mauresmo party. The articles are almost identical, with few paragraphs switched around, but still undeniably the same! Now, neither article credited the other for information. So either the said Anil John writes for Yahoo as well as Gulf Times, or someone did an easy trick of the job. Well done, hehe.

    Part 3 - News

    Warda delivered a healthy baby girl, congratulations!!

    Construction outside my house came to a sudden halt, giving us a few nights of precious undisturbed sleep. So my batteries are recharged, and I don't look and act like a zombie anymore.

    My parents are still here, enjoying themselves. Took them to the horse races, and to the tennis games. They are even bigger tennis fans than moi, if that is possible, so they are delighted.

    The weather is fantastic. I worked on Saturday, so my sweetheart of a boss decided to give me Thursday off in lieu. Wow, long weekend! That's 3 days in a row of great outdoors! :^)

    I washed my car (ok I didn't, the car wash guys did). Now this is nearly the most important piece of news since I only have it washed like once a month, and now that it's clean I don't recognise it in the parking!
    Well SUVs are not supposed to be spotless clean, no matter what the local folks in shiny Cruisers think!

    Anyways my friends, time for me to go pick my parents up and grab a nice lunch somewhere. I only work until 2pm (ain't that grand?) so I guess it will be another day of "Take us there, show us this, lets do that". Not that I mind, quite on the contrary! Have a nice day everyone!

    posted by Bravecat @ 2:12 pm  
    • At 05/03/2006, 15:41, Blogger U.E. said…

      First thing's first: I'm FIRST WOOT WOOT!!!

      OK, second... I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! Heath Ledger was too damn cute. :D

      Excellent news about long weekend, yay you! And about the tennis? You are crazy. Still love ya though!

      Oh... and Congratulations to Warda!!

    • At 05/03/2006, 16:22, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…

      He writes for Gulf Times and AFP. The story you musta seen on Yahoo must be an agency copy.
      Surprisingly, if you're woriking for Gulf Times, the paper doesn't mind if you do other work for other papers or organisations.
      It's all cool.

    • At 05/03/2006, 19:28, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      Good to know you have caught up on sleep and enjoyed the tennis and the great outdoors in general.

      I'm still hiding indoors- but soon!

    • At 05/03/2006, 20:18, Blogger ahmed said…

      How about my sweetest HINGIS? was she qualified? did she participate in the first place? :P

      Warda!! congratulations :D

      mmm u know when was the last time i washed my blazer (well..some guy did it actually :P)?

      2 months :P and it still looks clean :P maybe becoz i don't drive it often hehehe

    • At 06/03/2006, 10:49, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      You rule! I love that movie too, and finally I found where to stick this expression, hehe. OK so I don't like Heath one bit, I liked the prince more! James Purefoy... he can rock my world anytime!


      Oh ok thanks! Makes sense now.


      Is it cold in Montreal?? When will you come back to visit Doha? When was the last time you came here?


      Your sweetest Hingis? Kicked out in semifinals by not so sweet Mauresmo. 6-2, 6-2, and at one point Hingis was hanging on the net laughing, couldn't even stand up. But it was all cool.


    • At 06/03/2006, 13:53, Blogger ahmed said…

      LOOL really?? what she was laughing at? :P


    • At 06/03/2006, 17:07, Blogger TANTALIZE said…

      Thanks for your perspective concerning the tennis matches. It was a better and more subjective read than how the newspapers normally objectify them.

    • At 06/03/2006, 18:16, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Ahmed, Tanta,

      Thanks! At least someone here reads my endless tennis commentaries! :^)

      And to the rest of you - NO I will not stop writing about tennis! :p

    • At 07/03/2006, 04:04, Blogger mimi said…

      Can't say anything about the tennis BUT I can comment on warda's girl :) Isn't that great? I think I have to reconsider not having kids :)

    • At 07/03/2006, 09:47, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Yup it's totally cool! :^)

    • At 08/03/2006, 01:18, Blogger Lost in trance... said…

      u washed ur car! :(

      damn! my baby is still sporting the bird crap :D...werz all da time? maaan i gotta run away or smthg...:)

    • At 08/03/2006, 09:35, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      LOL @ Lost

      Bird crap is toxic, man. Go give your baby a good scrub...

    • At 09/03/2006, 10:19, Blogger U.E. said…

      Ewww, your taste... ugh. Blah. The prince? Oh, wait... him? YEAH! O.K. all is forgiven. He IS cute. :D

      Was first sidetracked with image of evil dude with funky eye scar bulging thing. Silly me.

      Now where is a new post!!

    • At 09/03/2006, 11:56, Anonymous Hobici said…

      Very nice blog..

      Did you visit my blog???

      Have a nice day

    • At 10/03/2006, 12:05, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      LOL! New post is coming soon, got a lot on my mind and on my hands to deal with first.


      Thanks, and no. Should I have?

    • At 10/03/2006, 21:12, Blogger Silent Altitude said…

      hello QC. Hope your weekend is not boring and you have lots of fun.

      Damn it girl, whenever i am planning to take your car for wash you go and do it yourself, you must e reading my mind, thanx anyways for doing it, heheh

      Decided to post something in greek in your blog, so here it is

      Το κείμενο σου είναι όπως πάντα πολύ ενδιαφέρον να διαβάσει κανείς. Πολύ μου αρεσε η φράση από την ταινία (καιρό έχουμε να τη δούμε).

      Ωραίος επίσης και ο χαραχτηρισμός του Ναδάλ, (Ταρζάν; χεχε)


    • At 10/03/2006, 23:57, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thanks for the thought, at least, lol! Next time try to beat me to it!

      The movie - you're right, its been a while :p
      As for Nadal, I am glad you agree.

    • At 12/03/2006, 09:12, Blogger Degoat said…

      I didnt tell u.. went to watch the Dubai final game


    • At 12/03/2006, 14:36, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Can I hate you now??

      You can make up by sending me a plane ticket to Indian Wells plus tournament tickets for quarters, semis and finals! Oh, and for all Baghdatis, Sharapova and Nadal matches!


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