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    2 April 2006
    More foolishness
    Ok so here is the lowdown: My parents called me yesterday morning and said that the WTA (yeah tennis again, lol) final in Miami is cancelled due to migration of mice. Or was it invasion? I was too sleepy to doubt anything, as my parents usually are a trustworthy source of information of all kinds. And of course early morning I couldn't remember that it was April 1st. Duhh. Yeah so I fell for it. I was devastated for about 10 minutes of conversation, and nothing could cheer me up. Then my dad goes: "And tell A that Formula 1 race is cancelled also. The mice invasion (or was it migration?) has spread across the world and reached Australia, too." That had me in stitches! Of course then I realised (albeit a little late) that this was a joke, hehe.

    Later on that day I tried to play the trick on A and told him that the F1 race is cancelled due to mice migration (invasion, whatever). He just looked at me and said "Ok" and that was it. That left me speechless and I desided not to push the subject. Till now I have no idea whether he believed me, or realised it was a joke, or forgot it as soon as he heard it, or whatever else. Who in the world understands men??

    So what I want you to do is tell me whether a joke was played on you yesterday, or maybe you managed to make a fool out of someone else, and the joke itself. If nothing of the sort happened to you this year - maybe you have a story to share from the past, or maybe you heard one. If not - then perhaps you can tell me how you would fool someone on the 1st of April, and who would be your ideal victim :^)

    Want to know what the top 100 April Fool hoaxes of all times are? Look here!
    posted by Bravecat @ 2:09 pm  
    • At 02/04/2006, 21:21, Blogger Kazablanka said…

      A joke was played on me yesterday and I fell for it :(

      Theres this guy at work, we call him "Spiderman". Anyway, so yesterday, i was in the reception at wokr i was looking for a little paper i scribbled a number on.. Anyway, Spiderman comes in the office from outside and says" hey kaza, what happened to your car?" and i was like, "what happened to it?" he was like, "i dont know the glass from the back has this huge crack" i was like, "WHAT???????" and i walked outside and went to my car, he came right behind me and i was like, where is the crack??? and he started laughing and as stupid as i am, i didnt get it.. i was wonder why he was laughing.. but hes weird like that so i didnt really think anything of it until he was like "April Fools" and i was like oh shit! i fell for it.. blah

      *kills herslef*

    • At 02/04/2006, 22:49, Blogger Ella said…

      i ended up falling for the dumbest thing, im sooo against dubai in many ways- especially the way the country is moving forward with its technology and never ending hotels,etc etc. The subject that really effects me most is the one on - space tourism. I personally think its a waste of money and time, in my opinion that money can be used for many other things.
      A friend of mine who knows how sensative i can get with this topic goes, their planning on having a space zoo. So i get all worked up * being the drama queen that i am * and go on and on for about 15 minutes.
      In the end, he goes, ell ur soo naive, i cant belive u fell for it .. april fools. i know its pathetic, but hey i fell for it.

    • At 03/04/2006, 10:04, Anonymous C.P. said…

      Kalimera Cat!

      Remember the day you called me and said that you got arrested and needed me to come and bail you out? And that you were only allowed one call and no mobile? And you hanged up! I spent half day driving around police stations like an idiot asking for you! That's of course until some sympathetic soul out there told me it's April 1st, and therefore ought to be a prank. I think I didn't talk to you for a week after that.

      That was NOT funny. Well, it is now, hehe.

      The rest in the e-mail.


    • At 03/04/2006, 11:13, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      LOL guys thanks for sharing! At least I don't feel like such a dork anymore. There are other dorks out there!! Hehe


      You should crack the window on Spiderman's car... tell him about it, and when he doesn't believe you, remind him that it's not April Fools day anymore..


      Now THAT was one hell of a prank! I like! And witty, too, hehe.


      Should I admit that while you were running around trying to save me I was in Da Capo with Lori, drinking frappes?? I guess after all these years I can come clean, and you will forgive me! :p

    • At 03/04/2006, 12:18, Blogger ahmed said…

      I was fooled too..as u know i work in Jeddah and im loving it (this is not related to Mcdonalds :P) anyway..one of my collegues called me to her office, she said that she heared some news..Im GOING TO BE TRANSFERED TO RIYADH!! i didnt believe her in the begining but when she said that our MD told her that i was like :S (btw our MD likes to talk to female employees..i guess this is the case for all MDs:P) after that my MD called me in his office and started to tell me the bad news..

      this guy is really weird..he will NOT laugh or smile or anything..he made it as this is REAL..i told him frankly, i wont be comfortable working in Riyadh..god i feel so stupid lol :P

    • At 03/04/2006, 12:29, Anonymous Uncle J..aka Jaguu... said…


      The Geek in me had some Fun on the 1st of April.I logged on to the IISA server and changed the logins of 6 of my co-workers .They were asked a secret question about their Dream Man / Woman. LOL I collected the data's and mailed them back with a smiley!!! :D it Was fun.I got fooled too one of my friend said she & hubby were going away for 10 days to Lebanon...and thinking it was prank I said ...Yeaahhh Rite....well she actually has not showed up at work last 2 days & I feel like a fool for think she was playing a April Fools joke on me...

    • At 04/04/2006, 01:47, Blogger Lost in trance... said…

      i got fooled (well just a bit coz i'd smelled rat) by google.

      didyu c http://www.google.com/romance/ ??

    • At 04/04/2006, 02:21, Blogger Bandarof said…

      This is alwayas a fun subject. I would usually have a gutt-wrenching funny story on April first but strange as it may sound, this is the first year ever that I don't play a prank on somebody, it is too easy u know....So I guess I swicthed from playing pranks on people, to detecting pranks of others and busting them wide open. This year on Saturday, my rival at work said that the manager called a meeting at 3:30 when we have to work only half day on Saturday and we leave at 2:30 and I knew what he was trying to do as soon as I heard about this meeting. I know my boss too well to beleive he called a meeting at 3:30 on Saturday. And so I started acting rebelious and got everybody else at the office worked up, I kept saying I don't care my official work hours are over I'm out of here and everybody else was like "yeah!! we are leaving too!! This is bull" hahahahahaaa until the guy started having a warm feeling inside his pants and then I said with a very low voice that "You shouldn't beleive everything someone tells you especially on April first" And my friend Lara looked at me from accross the room and turned around and called the other guy "Fadi!! You are just trying to fool us!! There is no meeting today" and he couldn't hide his smile and he was busted. And we all went home happily ever after :D I hope you enjoyed this little piece of silliness at the office

    • At 04/04/2006, 12:08, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Hehe fun fun!


      What's wrong with Riyadh? :p


      That is awesome, lol. So you got to know people's secrets, didn't ya? Cheeky!

      Lost & Found,

      Hehe I saw that... on someone else's page. So I checked it out. I wasn't really fooled, but I had a laugh at the end.


      That was neat, hehe. Poor guy, he would have had entire office after his neck if his prank actually worked out! LOL

    • At 04/04/2006, 14:42, Blogger Susanne said…

      I'm gullible too, cat. Nothing happened to me this year though.

    • At 16/04/2006, 10:14, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thanks, that makes me feel better. I think we are all gullible, mostly it depends on who's playing a joke! I know there are some people I could fool easily, and some I wouldn't even start trying!


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