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    23 May 2006
    And the number goes to...
    I had a laugh when I saw this:

    Doha • Qtel will be holding an auction on Monday at the Diplomatic Club for the vanity cellphone number ‘6666666’. Tickets to participate in the auction have been priced at QR3,000 and the proceeds will be donated to the Zakat Fund. Bidding for the number will start at QR1 million and multiples of QR100,000 thereafter.

    And now the update:

    Vanity phone number nets QR 10mn* in auction.

    In a keenly contested auction, the vanity phone number 6666666 was yesterday sold for QR 10mn, setting a new record for an easy-to-remember telephone number in Qatar.
    The highest bidder was a Qatari who preferred to stay anonymous.

    Well, I guess we can call 6666666 to find out who the anonymous Qatari really is. That is, of course, if we can remember the number!

    Do you think he'll ever get "wrong number" callers?

    What fun!


    *For those not in the know, QR 10mn = US$2,74mn.

    posted by Bravecat @ 12:49 pm  
    • At 23/05/2006, 13:44, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…

      10mn!!!! What a fuckin waste.

    • At 23/05/2006, 16:08, Anonymous Jaguu said…


      Ouch!!! Just one more example of clay being at a place where some grey matter should have been......As for me.. well I dream of a cell phone Free World....

    • At 23/05/2006, 17:55, Blogger ahmed said…

      heh i wont take the number even if its for free!! with my current cell number i have idiots who call at 4 am!! imagine if i have that number lol

    • At 23/05/2006, 18:19, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      maybe u should translate that in dollars for a bigger impact????

    • At 23/05/2006, 18:23, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      oh sorry just saw it on the bottom (but its pretty small)

    • At 23/05/2006, 19:06, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      This is what happens when an entire population has so much money they don't know what to do with it.

      ...atleast the proceeds went to charity?

    • At 23/05/2006, 19:06, Anonymous jack said…

      Would this be $2,740,000 million for a friging phone #?

    • At 23/05/2006, 21:11, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Yeah I could think up a million uses for these QR 10mn, and honestly, none of them involves a phone #! :p


      Clay or grey matter - it's just too much money, that's all. Cell phone free world? Oh no, no way. I can't be happy in a world like that!


      Yes I could never really understand why people in the Middle East think it's ok to call each other in the middle of the night! I wouldn't call anyone after 9pm, unless it's an emergency.


      At least you found it in the end :^)


      Charity or no charity, the population still has too much money. Well, now the charity does, too.


      Yes that's exactly what it is. Fun, eh?

    • At 23/05/2006, 21:27, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      What a waste, indeed. It doesn't say much for that person's mentality!

    • At 23/05/2006, 21:29, Anonymous Tantalize said…

      What a waste, indeed. It doesn't say much for that person's mentality!

    • At 23/05/2006, 21:29, Anonymous jack said…

      "Yes that's exactly what it is. Fun, eh?"

      And who wants the US to fund what?

      Seems there is plenty money in the ME ... no need to send anymore!

    • At 23/05/2006, 22:54, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      Please enlighten us..

      Who told you that the Gulf States needed American money?

    • At 23/05/2006, 22:57, Blogger confused arab chick said…


      "The highest bid was beyond our expectations, al-Sayed said. However, the bidders said the offered number was worth much more."

      haha.. and there we were freaking out about QR 10 million- this guy sure knows the value of a good phone number..

      Wait till he goes out to get the matching license plate number, office phone number, home phone number, and POBox.

    • At 23/05/2006, 23:29, Anonymous jack said…

      "Seems there is plenty money in the ME ... no need to send anymore!"

      "Who told you that the Gulf States needed American money?"

      I didn't say the "Gulf States" but then we both know that don't we?

      I said the ME and I do include Isreal in that bunch.

    • At 24/05/2006, 03:24, Blogger Bandarof said…


      He means sendin money to the palestinian government "Hamas". U know what Jack? you are right for once, I personally believe that palestine should be wiped off the map as a country for being stupid, but unfortunately I don't beleive that's gonna do any of us any good. Though still that doesn't give the right to the Israelis to do what they are doing to the palestinians, besides that...If the US wanted peace in the ME they could have acheived it, but they don't and they are having a jolly good time with it. Without the bloodshed there would be no need for an international police state. How did this turn into a political discussion anyways?? For the love of whatever it is that you worship, would you lay off???


    • At 24/05/2006, 07:25, Blogger ku E said…

      i heard about this in a local radio this morning. then i found it here too! yea what a waste!! :P

    • At 24/05/2006, 08:11, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      No "we" didn't.

      If you weren't referring to Gulf States, then I don't know what you mean..

      ...but whatever you say. The rest of the ME it is.

    • At 24/05/2006, 09:15, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Can't leave you people on your own for a day!! How in the world did my post inspire a political discussion, again? You know, I came to the conclusion that it is not the topic, it's the people :D

      I love you guys. It's always a delight to open my computer in the morning!


    • At 26/05/2006, 00:07, Blogger frigg said…

      in a 100 years this won't matter much will it? heck by tomorrow this will be more or less irrelevant.

    • At 02/06/2006, 15:48, Blogger Twix said…

      Well at least the money will go towards building a hospital.

      To be honest, as stupied as I think it is to pay this much money for a phone number I can understand the logic behind it.

      I mean, 6666666 is a novelty number. People pay the same amount of money or more for a work of art, for a collection of fine wines, for jewelary and so on. Its all relative. Some people happen to be great fans of art others are great fans of themselve, thus buying items like specail number to distinguish themselves from others.

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