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    21 May 2006
    You bit my butt, that's why I came...
    Honestly. That's what she sang. From the stage. Then of course I searched for the lyrics and apparently it should have been "you'll be my part" and not "you bit my butt" but the damage was already done and anyways who cares? It was good fun anyways. For those who haven't guessed, I am talking about Eurovision and the Ukrainian singer Tina Karol's song.

    Gotta love the Greeks. They hosted Eurovision this year and it was a great show. Amost on the Olympic scale. Eurovision wasn't spared in terms of Greek nationalism and culture. Of course we had the singing, and the dancing, and Nana Mouskouri, and the Pan, and the mermaid, and you name it, and all the stages of Greek (music) history from the creation of the world until it culminated, ultimately, in Eurovision contest on the Greek soil. Oh, sorry, I forgot the last year's Greek Eurovision winner, Elena Paparizou. It was her winning number (aptly called "My Number One") that secured the venue for this year's extravaganza. She had to sing it at the beginning of the contest yesterday, and she rocked.

    The hosts were great. Maria Menounos is a gem - and Greece gets thumbs up for this choice. And Sakis Rouvas was not bad either although I am not a big fan. They did a great job and apart from the fact that Maria looked like a poodle (stick to the irons, girl) - no complaints there.

    (I wanted to write about the NET Greece TV channel commentators of the show but I realised I didn't know enough swearing words in all the lanugages I speak, combined, to give them justice, so I'll skip it altogether.)

    And the winners!!! Finland, if that wasn't the cleverest, the cunniest, the most ingenious idea - I don't know what is! How did you guess that since the voting is done via mobile network you should target the tech savvy, mobile phone wielding teenage European population?? Nobody else stood a chance once the Monsters got on stage. Well done, all the makeup and special effects didn't go to waste, and the song was actually kinda cool. So - no grudges.

    The songs I liked all did well, except Cyprus. Duhh. Here is my list of preference:

    1. Russia. As long as I didn't have to actually LOOK at the guy.
    2. Sweden. Gotta praise talent, determination and stamina :^)
    3. Greece. I guess weeks of listening to Anna's song paid off - I could hum along, and when I can hum along I tend to like the song more :P Not that it wasn't nice - it really was, but people respond to familiar hits more readily.
    4. Lithuania. A very communism-spirited little number, funny as hell.
    5. Finland. Couldn't help it. I liked them!

    That was my top five. I was going to post my bottom five as well but I don't want to be mean :P

    So next year - Helsinki!
    posted by Bravecat @ 12:36 pm  
    • At 21/05/2006, 15:53, Anonymous jack said…

      We demand pics of that derriere. How are we supposed to judge if junk in the trunk deserves a nible?

      Maria Menounos is a little hotty and very bitable. (PS: I like the curley locks)

      And what's up with Germany ... Texas Lighting?

    • At 21/05/2006, 15:56, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      LOL! Man you crack me up.
      Junk in the trunk - your site is notorious for pics of this calibre, not mine. If I find one - I'll send it to you, hehe.

      Menounos looks million times better with straight/wavy hair.

      Germany? Dunno, identity cricis? I liked the cactus though, very original.

    • At 21/05/2006, 15:58, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      LOL @ CRICIS. Can't spell to save my life.

    • At 21/05/2006, 16:24, Anonymous jack said…

      I post only the finest "trailers" on my site. Infact I haven't posted any lately.

      Think I look for a good one today ;^)

    • At 22/05/2006, 00:09, Blogger don_veto said…

      If anyone is interested in getting MP3s of the Eurovision songs, you can find the link here.

      QC: Sorry for advertising my blog, hope you forgive me ;-)

    • At 22/05/2006, 00:37, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Don Veto,

      What do you mean you are sorry? Are you kidding me?? THANKS A MILLION!! Woo hoo! Right click is the greatest invention since the Internet itself!! :D

    • At 22/05/2006, 02:55, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      Don't know much about Eurovision, other than its been around for a hell of a long time.. glad you enjoy it. Funny how we love these live "real people" type competions so much- its like "bring on the voting, I want control damnit!". Gotta love the human psyche..

    • At 22/05/2006, 12:35, Anonymous Zaza said…

      I liked the Russian song too ;-) Thanks for the link, Don Veto!

      Cat, I thought she sang you beem me bad that's why I came!

    • At 22/05/2006, 12:48, Blogger Susanne said…

      Go Finland! Their group this year was definitely different to the Eurovision stereotype, hey cat?

    • At 22/05/2006, 13:00, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I was never a big fan of Eurovision... until I moved out of Europe, that is. Now I love it! :D I never ever voted though.


      Ha so you found my page! See, told ya! You beem me bad?? LOL!


      I hate the Eurovision stereotype. Sticky, popsy, bubble-gumey miniskirtey stereotype, and I hate the dreamy, world-saving, ballady preachy stereotype too. Finlad was as far from being classified in these two as possible, and it scored. Go Finland!

    • At 22/05/2006, 18:54, Anonymous butterfly said…

      Oh, please Cat post your bottom five...

      Mine were:

      Spain (hate las ketchup and it was embarrasingly bad)

      France: Plain boring

      Switzerland: Too cheese

      Finland: Scary. I really didn´t like it. Too subreal for me

      And the worst one (can´t remember the country) it was a couple, and the girl, I swear, got changed on stage whilst performing about three or four times. Hilarious.

    • At 22/05/2006, 19:15, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      LOL ok :^) I see you are online in Qatar Living too now!

      I didn't like the couple where the girl was changing (that would be Moldova).
      I didn't like Croatia where the girl "lost" her red skirt and stayed in just her panties (that's not the reason I didn't like it, but that would probably make you recognize the song).
      I didn't like cheesy ones - Ireland, Switzerland and the like. And I absolutely hated Macedonia! What was it that she "wanted to give him??"


    • At 23/05/2006, 09:13, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Dima Bilan the best! Russia ROCKS (and russians rock, yeeeeha!)

      Miss you, pretty kit cat. Been a while


    • At 23/05/2006, 22:11, Anonymous jack said…

      "I didn't like Croatia where the girl "lost" her red skirt and stayed in just her panties."

      The show must go on ... she would have got my vote. A real trooper!

    • At 24/05/2006, 01:27, Anonymous jack said…

      After doing some research on the Croatia contestant ... I'm not so sure she didn't pull the skirt off to get a few extra votes. It's not like she hasn't flashed some flesh before.

    • At 24/05/2006, 09:17, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      LOL @ Max

      Yes he was my fav too and I am playing the song over and over :^)


      Really? Wow... Of course she pulled the skirt off to get votes, her vocal skills left much to be desired. But I didn't know she was a seasoned flasher. Anyways, I wasn't impressed by her at all. Yuck.

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