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    19 May 2006
    Oh, Saudia, Saudia...
    First there was this.

    Then there was this.

    What next?
    posted by Bravecat @ 6:58 pm  
    • At 19/05/2006, 19:18, Anonymous jack said…

      Would this be par for the course coming out of the ME press?

      You say you will ...

      Then you won't ...

      Uh oh honey dont ...

      Dooby doby do ...

    • At 19/05/2006, 19:36, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      LOL Jack my sentiments exactly...

      I guess the fact that all around the world people criticized and laughed at the first entry has played its role... And if this is so - then there is hope still :^) At least it shows that the King pays attention to the international press!

    • At 19/05/2006, 20:54, Anonymous jack said…

      Catty ... please ask others to sign this petition.

      Help Save Nazanin

    • At 19/05/2006, 21:04, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      There's a Ministry of Culture and Information (mentioned in second article) ... Huh. Do they also have a Ministry of Love, a Ministry of Peace, and a Ministry of Plenty ?

    • At 19/05/2006, 21:13, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I already have... but through a different site, not through the singer Nazanin's site. It's horrible what's happening to these poor girls in Iran...


      No. But they have the Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice. They pretty much control plenty of love and peace :^)

    • At 20/05/2006, 00:15, Blogger Lost in trance... said…

      The guy in that pic is 83 year old? :-o
      sweet gaaaaad!

    • At 20/05/2006, 19:16, Blogger Bandarof said…

      I watched the king speak a couple of days ago and I couldn't help butlaugh my ass off. Also I watched the minister of interior on TV a couple of nights ago and I was freaked out, I mean he's got something in his neck he cannot stop moving it, and his eye look quite scary. I asked and they told me he was sick, what kinda sickness God only knows, for all I know he can be a psycho but nobody would say that cuz he's the minister. All the rulers are old and quite sick, it's actually abnormal to be Saudi and not have diabetes and blood preassure by the time you are fourty, that means you must have some other blood running in your vains. I mean the king is tryin to be democratic and stuff and he's talking to the people in the royal court as if they were his friends, so he speaks in bedwin language which only a bedwin can understand although you can tell he's been taking classes, a few years ago he couldn't read one sentence off a paper without stuttering, He's really tryin real hard for a 70 year old but unfortunately it's not working...Such a mess. Though I must say that the Saud family as well as the wahabi faith were only able to make a country with the strength and support of the English who were in bahrain at the time. Do I need to clarify further?

    • At 21/05/2006, 10:44, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Yeah, makes sense, doesn't it?


      You don't sound very patriotic, you little runaway!

    • At 21/05/2006, 11:23, Blogger Bandarof said…


      You mean towards the soil of my birthplace or towards the people who think they own the place ???


    • At 16/03/2007, 12:15, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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