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    1 May 2006
    If Islam ruled the world
    We were sitting and talking one lazy afternoon in my house. My friend – pretty local girl, miles of lashes and heavy black shiny locks, lovely smile showing off her pearly whites, thick black kohl accentuating her already deep, beautiful brown eyes. Blue jeans, pink shirt, fancy beaded Moroccan flats. Abaya and headscarf thrown casually on the other sofa. Let's call her Miriam.
    'Why are you so negative towards Islam, Cat?' asks Miriam, absent-mindedly flipping through my husband's FHM magazine. 'You just don't know how nice it is'.
    'Me? Negative?' I am somewhat unprepared for this question. 'No way. I am not negative at all. And I am pretty sure it's very nice. Maybe I am a bit sceptical... It's just – well, you know me, I am not a believer. I am just as sceptical towards Christianity, only it's a bit closer to home, so I am kind of used to it. But the whole idea of believing in God – I guess you have to be brought up with it. My parents are both atheists, you know.'
    'Really? But that's horrible! How can you not believe? How can THEY not believe? Your parents?' A look of genuine surprise in her exotic eyes, fingers still turning pages.
    'I don't know, it happens. Where I come from, some people are really religious. Some are not at all. I guess I fall into the latter.'
    'But... wouldn't it be nice if everyone believed in God?' she asks, almost pleading, almost naïve.
    'I don't know, Miriam. I think it would be better if people were more tolerant to the beliefs of others.'
    'Yes of course... everyone should be tolerant. Islam is the religion of tolerance, you know.'

    I didn't have an answer to that, and so I rose to get some more water from the kitchen. I am a terrible host, and my house is totally devoid of any kind of treats to offer our rare guests. Miriam got hold of the remote and started zapping the channels, magazine still on her lap.
    'Tell me why you think Christianity is better than Islam' she demands, transfixed on the presenter of some afternoon talk show.
    'I don't think anything like that, silly.' I put a glass of water in front of her and try to pull FHM from her hands. Impossible.
    'Let me! I don't have anything like that at home! This is so funny!'
    'Yes I know it's funny, I also suspect it's totally haram, so good Muslim girls shouldn't!'
    Miriam retaliates by smacking me on my thigh with the magazine. 'Oh shut up, Cat.' Giggles. 'Stop being so damn sarcastic. Better look at this one's ass.'
    Few minutes and lots of giggling later we are done comparing models and she says 'Don't you mind your husband looking at all these girls?'
    'Why should I?'
    'Well, he has you, doesn't he?'
    'Yes he does, but I am not a model.'
    'So what? He should adore you as you are.'
    'I am sure he does.'
    'And yet he looks at these girls? Why?'
    'They are very pretty. I like looking at them too. And obviously, so do you!'
    Miriam slams the magazine shut, 'I don't!'
    'Well give it back then!'
    'No! I am not done yet!' She opens the magazine again and changes the channel on the telly. 'Look, look, Shakira! I love Shakira!' MTV channel... just in time for the video. I love this Colombian chick too, especially her last song. So I watch the video and Miriam jumps up trying to copy Shakira's moves. To my utter envy she actually manages pretty well. 'See? Like that!'
    To me, Miriam looks thousand times better than any model in FHM. And there, I have it! 'You know why I don't mind my husband having those magazines? These girls, they are not real. They are just paper and paint.'
    'Yeah yeah whatever. They are gorgeous! And so is Shakira!' The dancing continues until the end of the video clip. She is so uninhibited, really, Miriam. I don't think I would be able to just jump up like that in front of her and shake my stuff. I guess years of serious girl partying do make an impact.

    She falls on the sofa next to me and grabs the water. 'Still, I think it would be great if all people were Muslims.'
    'Why, Miriam?'
    'There would be no wars any more.'
    She has a really good point, I have to give her that. I think most conflicts are religion based. Yet, I am not convinced.
    'Miriam, can you imagine how much I will have to give up if everyone just converted to Islam?'
    'Like what? You would gain so much more!'
    And she went on telling me about all the nice things that Islam would give people. Mostly it had to do with families being closer, women being more protected, and of course everyone eventually going to heaven. While she was at it, I made a small mental list of things that will be no more should proper Islam rule the world. Just off the top of my head:

    - FHM magazines
    - Shakira videos
    - bacon sandwiches
    - figure skating championships
    - all other professional sports with female athletes
    - women's tennis (I love tennis, so it gets its own category)
    - portraits and statues
    - Christmas
    - wine and wine bars
    - prom dances
    - beauty pageants
    - dating
    - Hollywood movies
    - Gothic cathedrals and beautiful mass music
    - seaside open air night clubs in Athens
    - knock-out piña coladas
    - Copacabana babes in bikinis

    I could go on thinking and counting... but I chose not to. Instead, I told Miriam about some of the things that I would surely miss.
    She looks at me incredulously and laughs: 'Yes, it's hard to imagine you without your tennis.'
    She finally puts the magazine down and looks at her diamond studded watch. 'Habibti, I have to get dressed. My sister will be here soon to pick me up.' She stands up and wraps up in her abaya and headscarf. How come she look gorgeous in this stuff?? When I tried them on (of course I did, lol, I am a girl, we try things) I looked like refugee nun from Albania. Miriam, on the other hand, looks like royalty. Her mobile starts wailing with some ear splitting arabic tune. That must be her sister, already in the compound coming to pick her up and go to some relatives' house. Miriam kisses my cheeks and whispers in my ear as her sister stops her car in front of the house:
    'Don't tell her about the magazine.'

    posted by Bravecat @ 12:04 am  
    • At 01/05/2006, 01:34, Blogger Jackal said…

      wow.....nice post.....loved reading it.....i am muslim too....the kind of things u mentioned r there in Islam but's tht's due to some bigots.....for me my religion is all abt being a good human being.....which i can be without following those strict codes in some gulf countries.....
      btw war's are not because of religion its the oil......which is there plaenty in the gulf..if there was no oil there the turmoil tht was taken place over the last few yrs wud sure wud not have been there......tccc

    • At 01/05/2006, 01:52, Anonymous jack said…

      Miriam needs to put the FHM magazine down and read somethings about what her Religion of Peace has been doing in the real world instead of her fantasy world.

      And the money quote ... 'Don't tell her about the magazine.'

      Yea if the males in her family knew they may have to take some decisive action to get her mind right.

    • At 01/05/2006, 02:03, Anonymous Uncle J...aka Jaguuu said…


      How wonderful it would have been if there was no religion at all in the World...and People where just people... not a Christian, a Muslim , a Hindu, A jew, A Sikh, A Jain, A Buddhist.....Nice thought?? :)

    • At 01/05/2006, 02:53, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      "Imagine there's no heaven
      It's easy if you try
      No hell below us
      Above us only sky

      Imagine all the people
      Living for today

      Imagine there's no countries
      It isn't hard to do
      Nothing to kill or die for
      And no religion too

      Imagine all the people
      Living life in peace

      You may say I'm a dreamer
      But I'm not the only one
      I hope someday you'll join us
      And the world will live as one

      Imagine all possessions
      I wonder if you can
      No need for greed or hunger
      A brotherhood of man

      Imagine all the people
      Sharing all the world

      You may say I'm a dreamer
      But I'm not the only one
      I hope someday you'll join us
      And the world will live as one"


      Beliefs are hard to let go of- I don't think it is just a matter of being naive. There is faith, it makes people sleep easier, because God is looking out for them. It makes death easier, because you'll go to heaven if you are good. It makes religion part of a culture.. part of a tradition.. family.. It goes on.

      Maybe I'M being naive- but I think the majority (peace loving people of all/no faith) will eventually come together and kick the minority (The Hitlers, Bin Ladens and Bushs and Rumsfelds) to hell. They have to. Otherwise we are all in trouble.

    • At 01/05/2006, 10:23, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thanks for your comment and thoughts. I do agree with you - the aim of any religion is living your life as a good human being.
      I was writing about Islam as it is practiced in Muslim countries such as Qatar and other countries in the Gulf. Therefore I made an emphasis on "proper" Islam as I see it here, or rather a strict interpretation of Islam. I wasn't talking about Talibani nonsense. What we have here in Qatar is quite moderate, peaceful yet strict version.
      As for the wars - no, they are not all about oil. Crusades were not about oil. Yugoslavia and Afghanistan were not about oil. Neither was Chechnya.


      Actually, it's mostly her sister who would have given her hell, not the males of her family. By the way, the link won't open here in Qatar.


      Yeah well it probably would be safer, yes, but by no means I would want these religions to disappear! So much culture and tradition just wasted? Noway! Diversity is what makes the world beautiful. Uniform was never my thing. I get along perfectly well with Miriam although she is Muslim, and I have no reason to fight with her. We learn from each other, and it is an enriching experience. I wouldn't want to give it up.


      I am not a huge Beatles fun, but this song fits in here perfectly, thanks!
      And yes, kicking some ass is definitely in order. To hell or further than that.
      I don't think faith could make me sleep easier... Knowing that there is a possibility of heaven/hell after death would seriously put me off sleep! I guess that I would sleep easier knowing that when I die - that's it, end of story.


    • At 01/05/2006, 13:54, Blogger Mystique said…

      I LOVED your post... so nice and descriptive..
      Pina coladas :( " My favo"

      More to your list:
      - no birth control pills on shelf lol
      -no condoms "on shelf"
      - no mazzika, melody, LBC, and those good arabic channels
      - no more so many things...
      - no more kareoke nights
      - no more beach parties

      ahhh aloot
      can't even imagine ;)

    • At 01/05/2006, 14:10, Blogger Bandarof said…

      Well as long as there are people with Jack's attitude there will never be peace. You speak like America is the angel state of the world, Look in the mirror before critisizing others.


    • At 01/05/2006, 14:49, Blogger frogman said…

      the problem with religions these days is that they are percieved based on strong stereotypes that lead people to believing or knowing the wrong things about any religion. like you mentoined earlier "the islam in qatar and the gulf, rather than the islam in taliban". its depressing that you stil have people who trully believe islam is what they see on CNN..

      nice post btw cat

    • At 01/05/2006, 15:18, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thanks! From an accomplished writer such as yourself (lol yeah I remember the poem, hehe) - this is indeed a great compliment. I'm pleased that you liked the story.
      And I never knew that birth control was unislamic! I know it's against Catholic rules, but I thought it was all cool in Islam.


      Criticizing others is a sad thing, true. Just as sad as committing a crime and walking away unpunished because nobody bothered to talk about it. And if the problem is the attitude alone - well, attitudes alone don't bother me. I've got enough attitude to deal with anyone else's attitude! :)
      However, my post has nothing to do with any of this, and so I won't get into it.


      Thanks! Glad you liked it. I hope you didn't mean me when you said "people", lol. I don't watch CNN, ya know.
      In case your comment is in reference to Jack & Bandar exchange - well, truth to be told, Jack reads a whole lot of Middle Eastern and Islamic press and that's where he gathers the info. So CNN has little if anything to do with it.
      I am not a huge supporter of his anti-Islam attitude, but I can't ignore the facts either...

    • At 01/05/2006, 15:59, Blogger Bandarof said…


      All I'm saying is that being so negative ain't gonna solve anything. I beleive in contructive though much more than destructive thought. So either put some constructive information up, or if you have your own issues...Deal with them. Don't spill your anger on an entire religion...Everybody knows what terorists are doing all over, everybody knows about some of the rediculous rules some Muslim preists laid down, everybody knows about injustice and the killing, there is no need to amplify it. Everybody also knows about injustice in the west, and many wrongdoings and people getting away with worse things than what the terrorists are doing. But why aren't they under the microscope?? But see that's what they do, point the fingure, put the focus on someone else to get the eye off them. At the end....We'll see if God exists or not...And we will find out who is right and who is wrong and I beleive it will be too late for those without faith, and biting fingures won't help.

    • At 01/05/2006, 16:00, Blogger Bandarof said…

      R E S P E C T

    • At 01/05/2006, 16:17, Blogger confused arab chick said…


      Heaven and hell make sleeping harder for you.. Easier for others. Like you said.. diversity ;)

    • At 01/05/2006, 17:52, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Chill. I didn't point any fingers at anyone. At least not now. And if someone wants to point a finger at me - well, I say let them point. You can hardly accuse me of anything major! I respect everyone as long as they are worth respecting.


      Diversity is the way! :p
      Actually, heaven and hell don't make sleep harder for me. They would if I believed, I guess.

    • At 01/05/2006, 20:50, Blogger ahmed said…

      cant say more than what bandarof said..


    • At 01/05/2006, 22:12, Anonymous jack said…

      "By the way, the link won't open here in Qatar."

      Interesting ...

      Bandarof says ... we all know what is going on but sites and other info ... routinely blocked in Qatar and all ME countries.

      Even Al-Jizz has been banned in a few ME countries.

    • At 01/05/2006, 23:00, Blogger ahmed said…

      Jack get a life..

      seriously, why do you INSIST that all these crazy stuff can be done by Muslims? I admit we (as muslims) do have some psycho ..but come on, ALL societies/relegions have these kind of sick people. you do think that all these terrorists are TRUE muslims. well they arn't. they used Islam as a cover for their devilsh actions. I just hate people who come and talk about others as they have no issues or problems at all.

      Again, Get a life!

      and that webiste is NOT blocked here in SAUDI..yes in Saudi!!

    • At 01/05/2006, 23:51, Blogger Bandarof said…


      U know I love you and love your posts, and I never said you were pointing fingures at noone, I wasn't talking to you, I was talking about Jack.


      Like I said....critisizing is not gonna solve anything, if it was up to me, it wouldn't be banned. And I'm doing the best I can, I refused a lot of money and status and many things you wouldn't dream of having for my values which agrees with most of the stuff you're saying, and every Muslim in my shoes is doing what he can too, so please give us a freakin break. Thank you.


    • At 02/05/2006, 00:01, Blogger Bandarof said…

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    • At 02/05/2006, 00:03, Blogger Silent Altitude said…

      hey QC thats a nice post. it shows one more time that people are the same after all and they are all attracted by the same things, be it the FHM models or the MTV models.

      If everyone didnt try to convert the other into a religion our world would have been sooooo nice. Unbelievable

    • At 02/05/2006, 00:15, Blogger Bandarof said…

      Without faith and religion, life would be pointless. How you gonna connect with your inner-self and realize your fate and fullfill your destiny without the guidance of God.

    • At 02/05/2006, 00:52, Blogger Lost in trance... said…

      Sexy post.

      Its all a big sham. I'm somehow convinced this -all religion things- is a necessary evil.

    • At 02/05/2006, 02:36, Blogger peacefulmuslimah said…

      Very interesting, Cat. I got me to thinking about all the things that might presumably be prohibited if all the world was Muslim...

      - FHM magazines

      I don't know what these are but if they involve nudity you are right. I guess I can't see a problem living without them, though, and luckily my hubby is happy with his old gal. LOL!

      - Shakira videos

      I can't see why these would be banned considering the videos that are produced and aired across the ME.

      - bacon sandwiches

      no pork (which I used to consider one of the essential food groups before I became a Muslim) but have you tried veal bacon? YUMMY!

      - figure skating championships

      why not? there's no intention of indecency.

      - all other professional sports with female athletes


      - women's tennis (I love tennis, so it gets its own category)

      double ditto ;-))

      - portraits and statues

      this is even debated among the so-called scholars of Islam (btw, I am an art history professor and have done a lot of research on this area). Again intention would be a major factor, but Islamic history is rife with portraiture and there are examples of figurative sculpture -- not to be used in "idol worship", obviously.

      - Christmas

      yeah, I guess that's a given but maybe we could develop Eid more ;-)

      - wine and wine bars

      True -- a sacrifice. BTW, I have been trying to find info for making non-alcoholic wine. It's a market waiting to be tapped, I am convinced!

      - prom dances

      Well mixed, yeah, but I have been to some great all female parties and even dances. In fact, that was about the only time I wasn't too shy to dance. LOL!

      - beauty pageants

      I can sooooo live without these!

      - dating

      - Hollywood movies

      NOT! But certainly pornography wouldn't be acceptable. BTW, this semester I am teaching a film class for a mixed group of students. I haven't censored anything and teach essentially the same way I would in the States.

      - Gothic cathedrals and beautiful mass music

      No need to limit or destroy either of these things, as many cathedrals are essentially museums. They are manifestations of humankind's talents and creativity and great tributes to the greatness of God.

      - seaside open air night clubs in Athens

      well, we have those things all over but without the alchol. In fact,

      - knock-out piña coladas

      how about "virgin coladas"? I had a great one at TGIFridays the other night ;-)

      - Copacabana babes in bikinis

      yeah, but not a big loss IMO; kind of like the beauty pageants...

    • At 02/05/2006, 02:39, Blogger peacefulmuslimah said…

      Oops! I forgot dating!

      Well, if all the world became Muslim there would not be casual dating in the way that is typical in the West but complete segregation isn't necessary, either.

    • At 02/05/2006, 04:13, Anonymous jack said…

    • At 02/05/2006, 06:57, Blogger ku E said…

      Qc darling,
      what ever it is i hate afghans!!!! you heard about them killing canadians? grrrrr.......... makes me worried, miserable blah blah blah :(

    • At 02/05/2006, 09:10, Blogger Susanne said…

      That was a really engrossing post cat. I love your stories about dealing with different cultures/ religions.

    • At 02/05/2006, 09:44, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Is there any chance that you would actually concentrate on my post?


      Knock it off, please. I also watch the news and read newspapers. Here I happen to be interested in what my commentators have to say, and not in what is published somewhere. I can always visit your site for my daily dose of news :p


      Thanks my dear. I know you well enough to realise your critique wasn't aimed at me. Still, I am waiting to hear what you have to say on my writing.


      Same goes to you. Arguing won't change anything at all. I can imagine how you feel as a Muslim, as an Arab, being blamed for things you haven't done just because you are who you are. It's like blaming me for all the injustice that America has inflicted. Which has nothing to do with me, but as I am Western too - I am also stereotyped. And as I have already said - it has nothing to do with my post :^)

    • At 02/05/2006, 10:28, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Missed ya!

      Don't misunderstand me - I never said these things would be prohibited. I meant that they simply won't exist. There would be no Shakira videos if Shakira was a strict Muslim, don't you think? :^)

      The point of my post was to tell that differences are beautiful. Abaya is beautiful on Miriam, and skimpy skirts and serious butt shaking are beautiful on Shakira. I enjoy watching both.

      And dating stage was definitely the best of my pre-marital life. A great school for marriage, too.


      Afghan people have suffered more than we can even imagine. True, the suffering is mostly self-inflicted (i.e. mostly Afghani themselves doing it to their own people), but still it's a bit harsh to say you hate the entire nation.


      Glad you liked it :^)


    • At 02/05/2006, 10:32, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Of course people are the same. If they weren't attracted to this stuff, there would be no reason to ban it in some places :p
      And I am glad that you, of all people here, got the point of my story. If we stopped trying to convert everyone to our beliefs, the world would indeed be a nice and interesting place to live in. More time for creativity!


      How am I going to connect with my inner self and fulfil my destiny without the guidance of God? Watch me! :p

      And are you saying that my life is pointless? I hope you are, cause then I would be totally entitled to give you hell! I rule, so Tray up! :p


      LOL @ sexy post. Thanks! I would agree with sham, but probably not so much with "necessary evil". In my opinion - neither necessary, nor evil. Something people need, and should have if they need it.

    • At 02/05/2006, 11:47, Blogger Bandarof said…


      Sweetheart...I said the life of people who do not have faith maybe be pointless. But I don't think you have no faith. Although you might say you are a non-believer, I beleive you have strong faith inside you otherwise you would post all these posts ;)


    • At 02/05/2006, 12:01, Blogger Lost in trance... said…

      mmm...beg to disagree :)

      necessary coz otherwise ppl wud just b too confused, atleast the majority of em. not to say they r too better off now..hahaha :)

      evil coz u cant live with n without it.

    • At 02/05/2006, 12:56, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      We've been through all this before. I have faith, of course. I have great faith in lemon juice, among other things, lol.


      Yeah I guess you could look at it this way, too.
      Although I don't see myself as confused.

    • At 02/05/2006, 15:26, Blogger Mystique said…

      I thought this is interesting,

      What I was taught in school over here, that we shouldn't use contraceptives because it is "Haram" and against human nature..
      Cat!! your post has made a controversy in here!


    • At 02/05/2006, 19:29, Blogger frogman said…

      Cat, thought you might be interested in an article called "the clash of civilizations" by Samuel P Huntington.. you can google it.. he theorizes about there will always be something cultures of the world would disagree on.. applying his theory to the current times, religion, obviously would be the conflict of this time..

    • At 02/05/2006, 23:59, Blogger Dotsson said…

      No Maria Sharapova? No blow jobs? No more Qatar Cat posting pictures of her body? Nooooooo!!! We don't want more extremist regimes...

      Mystique I e-mailed your friend at Islamonline and gave them my view on their cockamamie fatwas.

      "My name is Dotsson and I am a self-proclaimed Sheikh (http://dotsson.blogspot.com/2006/04/q-with-sheikh-dot.html)
      I don't understand how you can make such a fatwa and use text from a 1400-year-old book to back up your false rulings. Condoms and IUD's weren't even invented back then so how can you say they are haram???
      You should be glad that no one is listening to your crap. Because if they did, the average Muslim woman would give birth to an approximate 30 children in a life time!!!
      With so many kids around, we could send them all to you and you could fatwaize them and explain why they only have 1 pair of underwear or why they have to eat seeds for breakfast, lunch and dinner or perhaps why they have to share one toothbrush with Ahmed, Sara, Mohammed, Ali, Rasheed, Usman, Leena, Abdullah, Hashim, Noora, Mariam, Basma, Fatima, Talal, Wasma, Deena, Khalid, Lamees, Soha, Tala, Dana, Hiba, Wael, Sameer, Mahmoud, Razan, Basim, Ghada, Nawaf, Omar!!!"

    • At 03/05/2006, 02:41, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      I think it's really amusing that your "religion-related" posts always stir such a controversy, with everybody vehemently defending their views.

      People- live, and let live- think, and let think. Don't be a bigot- and everybody will be a hell of a lot more chilled. out.

    • At 03/05/2006, 09:20, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Ha, I love controversy. I read the article you quoted very carefully... and to be honest, it makes sense, especially to a religious person. OK so to me personally it doesn't, because I don't want kids, but then again I am not Muslim. I would say that the issue of family planning is one of the most complex in the history of marriage issues, especially nowadays. As it says in the article, neither husband nor wife can deny their spouse the right to have a child. Well I would say it differently - neither husband nor wife could deny their spouse the right NOT to have any!
      And a double LOL to the following exerpt: "Married couples, therefore, must not consider marriage simply as an avenue of sexual or emotional fulfillment and satisfaction". No, of course we don't. Hard enough to find a marriage that boasts sexual and emotional fulfillment and satisfaction these days, lol.

    • At 03/05/2006, 09:28, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thumbs up for the article! Thanks! I enjoyed the concept explained with Islam vs. Christianity examples. And to finish it off - a brilliant conclusion:
      "For the relevant future, there will be no universal civilization, but instead a world of different civilizations, each of which will have to learn to coexist with the others."

      Sheikh Dot,

      LOL @ pictures of my body! Haha!
      Now give me back my toothbrush and I don't care what hmed, Sara, Mohammed, Ali, Rasheed, Usman, Leena, Abdullah, Hashim, Noora, Mariam, Basma, Fatima, Talal, Wasma, Deena, Khalid, Lamees, Soha, Tala, Dana, Hiba, Wael, Sameer, Mahmoud, Razan, Basim, Ghada, Nawaf and Omar say.
      I'd rather they shut up, cause their breath stinks.


      I enjoy it :^)
      Why else would I write about it? I don't usually post something like that and keep my fingers crossed for a chilled out discussion. Although it would be nice for a change :)

    • At 03/05/2006, 11:27, Blogger ahmed said…

      okay here is my comment on UR post lol

      first, I think I'm in love with "miriam" i think she's cute :P

      second, I as a muslim, i don't accept any fatwas from anyone. if someone come and tells me a fatwa..the first thing i would say whats your source..even if he is "shekih". however, i do listen to some reliable sheikhs which i believe they make sense (yes i need to be convinced). as i said in one of your posts, we cant force people to be muslims! thats not right nor acceptable. even at the times of the Prophet (PBUH) it didn't happen and I dont think it should happen now.

      P.S As I promised, I'm ignoring comments by some idiots whom are making fun of my relegion and Quraan. sorry but I can't call them anything by IDIOTS! :p

    • At 03/05/2006, 12:29, Anonymous "Miriam" said…

      Nice story, cat :p

      1 - I can dance
      2 - the models were ugly
      3 - next time I visit I'll bring treats
      4 - Ahmed you just wait for the "males in my family" to find out and take some "decisive action"! (thanks for the tip, Jack).

      Flattered (^^)

    • At 03/05/2006, 12:44, Anonymous Tantalize said…

      You should have slipped her a few tequilla shots in a soda or juice and seen what sorts of TRUE Islam would have come out of her. What are friends for anyhow? ;^)

      Beautifuly written!

    • At 03/05/2006, 12:45, Blogger ahmed said…

      lool i better apologize to someone or my ass would be kicked :P

    • At 03/05/2006, 13:19, Anonymous kaleidoscope said…

      If Islam did rule the world, it would be Communism all over again!

    • At 03/05/2006, 13:49, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      LOL I guess Miriam already answered you. Thanks for the comment, although I wasn't really talking about fatwas this time :p


      - you don't just dance, you ROCK
      - you little liar, you said the models were gorgeous!
      - you keep promising treats and you NEVER bring anything. And quit telling me you've got my best interests in mind!
      - I would love to watch someone from your family trying to take "decisive actions" regarding you! :giggles:


      You don't READ. I only have water (if a guest is lucky) and liquor, lol. It's kinda hard to lace water with tequila! Unless the recipient is already drunk, of course. But thanks for the idea :p


      Yeah, so watch it.


      I can see analogies, but not to such extent. Communism was all about idolatry and symbolism.

    • At 03/05/2006, 18:23, Blogger LiLaCs said…

      Hey hey..Didnt read all the comments..Too many and I have a low attention span:P..

      I just wanted to point out some muslims are heavily laden with society which is interlocked with religion..I dont want the world being full of that..But other wise nice post:D I luuuuuv shakira and the moves..Do some infront of a mirrror with a midrif baring top and mini skirt;) this is coming from a muslim looool

    • At 03/05/2006, 19:28, Blogger Arabian Princess said…


      I dont think we can specify "who" should rule the world, wether its christians, muslims, jews, buddhist, hindu, democrats, republicans, communists...etc) its just plain wrong. Every society and area should live the way it suits them. I am not talking about this from an afterlife prespective, becuase I bet every religion have its say on that .. but I am talking about the on going prespective..

      But I beleive Islam has good ruling to control humans. Like for example, Wine. Quran did not say that all alchol are bad. It said alchol has benefits and have problems, but thier problems is more than its benefit so we should be away from it. It prohibited alchol because Allah knows his people, and how they have weak self control, and that explain alcholosim!!

      So yes, I beleive Islam has a good set of rules that makes a better life, but I dont think it SHOULD run the world!
      I hope I am making sense :p

    • At 03/05/2006, 20:21, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      First of all, welcome to Life in Qatar. Second - best belly dancers are (gulp) Muslims. And yet, I've never seen nor heard of more closeted societies! Except perhaps some weird sects in the States.


      I am so glad you're back! Where have you been?? Thanks for a lovely comment - and you are making the same point I am making: it's not a clever idea to try and dominate everyone, or force everyone to submit under your rules or religion. Live and let live. You want Islam - you should be able to live by it. I want to watch Shakira, wear bikinis on a public beach and drink wine - I should be able to do that, too, don't you think?
      I guess the next topic on my blog will be "If Christianity ruled the world", to be fair.

    • At 03/05/2006, 22:17, Anonymous tommy said…

      Hello Qatar Cat.

      Love your blog.

      I have to disagree with you about your assumption that if all countries on Earth were Islamic there would be no war. If you look at the Middle East, there are often incredible tensions between neighboring Islamic countries and often internally as well (think the Kurds, for instance). To the extent that these countries don't go to war, it certainly isn't because of Islam only because of the political fallout.

      There are always more hardline Muslims who are willing to fight and kill more moderate co-religionists. What is more, as the Sunni-Shia conflict in Iraq demonstrates, there is plenty of division within Islam itself.

      Overall, secular/Christian western Europe has done a far better job maintaining peace and resolving disputes peacefully than the Arab world has in the past 50 years.

      I also have to say that while it is nice to see so many moderate Muslims on this forum, we all have to admit that this moderate version of Islam is hardly the only one out there. Moderate Muslims often try and convince us non-Muslims that things wouldn't change for the worse if people adopted their religion; things won't be so bad because their interpretation of Islam isn't as severe as other people's. This is a bit dishonest. There are still plenty of people throughout the Muslim world who have visions of imposing Taliban-style regimes in their own countries. They are a reality too and unfortunately they are everywhere in the Muslim world - from Indonesia to Morocco, from Nigeria to Europe.

    • At 03/05/2006, 23:04, Blogger Bandarof said…

      Goodness Gracious!!!

      I leave you guys just for one day and there you go again, arguing and going in all directions like a lost puppy HAHAHAHAAAA I just went to spend the night on the mountain away from the city, won't you guys give me a break heheheheheee It's very simple...There is God and there is us the human race. How or why or when really don't matter, I am Muslim and I drink when I want, also I don't hide it and I don't care what people think. We think that if the world was ruled by Islam all these fun things will dissappear because we do not understand Islam. You gotta look from outside the box, and consider all religions not only one religion or one ideoligy. After all God is God in all religions, but we humans don't know what's good for us and we are driven by our emotions, when we like something we just wanna do that thing and nothing else and when we hate something we completely reject it...WHY? let's take a small example. In christianity you can drink but not get drunk, and people still drink their faces off. Then Islam came...When drinking was prohibited at first, Muslims were prohibited from going to prayer while drunk, but people still did!! then later, drinking was completely prohibited...Let's stop for a second and think why. Doesn't it make sense that we need someone to put down rules for us because we don't know how to moderate, don't try to tell me that alcohol doesn't mess up your liver, don't try to tell me that God is not watching out for our own good. We abuse anything put between our hands, porn sites have the highest number of hits on the internet, the amount of money spent on sex hotlines are rediculous, all you see on TV is advertisments, contraversy and conspiracy, the video porn industry is sooooo huge bigger than hollywood itself, even hollywood the best movies are the gory bloody violent ones, transportaion started with horses and camels now it's just a tool for picking up chicks or making your girlfriends jealous. We are like a bunch of pigs, all this while there is religion and values and the feeling of guilt when committing a sin. Imagine this world without any religion or values, it would be a huge pigstye. Is it really necessary for tennis players to play tennis while wearing such reveiling skirts, and then women complain why they are looked upon as sex object, well NO KIDDING!!! Outdoor pubs on the seaside of Athens are gorgeous, but you go there for a week or two, enjoy your time and leave, you don't know what goes on while you aren't there, how many people get alcohol poisining and overdosing and how much adultry goes on. kids steal their mother's FHM and victoria secret magazines so they can look at them and masturbate until they turn 18 and they can buy playboy and penthouse, tell me that's not harmfull. Ofcourse we need a set of rules and giudlines to live by or we'd all kill ourselves and each other, but we just don't get it. It's not the religion that rules, we are the ones who rules if we could only agree on one methodology or ideoligy. We are all seeking the same thing "happiness" isn't it, why does ones happiness always count on someone else's misery. Duuuuuuuuude!!! It's all about moderation.... Balance


    • At 04/05/2006, 02:12, Blogger peacefulmuslimah said…

      WHAT IS FHM??? i feel so out of the loop... :-((

      Bandar, you are so right about balance but we have to admit that Tommy is right, too. There are an awful lot of wannabe mullahs out there who will gladly deny us the choice of moderation of ANYTHING! And these folks are as much a threat to you and me as they are to Tommy and any non-Muslims.

      What I am saying is that we have to speak out, be active in our communities, engage politically and EDUCATE OTHERS!

      Salaam Alaikum,

    • At 04/05/2006, 03:10, Blogger Luckybellybuddha said…

      Hi :-)
      Honestly?.. I felt the need to say this before reading on: (...My friend – pretty local girl, miles of lashes and heavy black shiny locks, lovely smile showing off her pearly whites, thick black kohl accentuating her already deep, beautiful brown eyes. Blue jeans, pink shirt, fancy beaded Moroccan flats. Abaya and headscarf thrown casually on the other sofa. Let's call her....) Felt like you were gonna start a porn novel.
      I'll read on now :-)

    • At 04/05/2006, 09:25, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Welcome. Glad you like my blog. I liked your comment! You didn't disagree with me at all, you probably disagreed with Miriam. I wasn't the one who said about peace on Earth if everyone on Earth turns Muslim. What I meant is that most conflicts are religion based. Lets say there is only one religion, with no differences in denominations and rituals - then there will be no need to fight for it.
      I agree with you - Europe has done great in sorting out differences, yet of course there are certain problems still (protestants vs. catholics, anyone?) And yes it is indeed not very honest of Muslim people to say that "these people out there who do all this horrible stuff - we have nothing to do with them, they have nothing to do with us". People with Taliban-like tendencies and rather weird views on reality, humanity and peace are not so hard to find. Anyone listened to Qhaddafi lately?? And that's not JUST a misled Muslim. That's a country leader!


      Whatever it is, give me some!
      "Is it necessary for girls to play tennis in revealing skirts?" - go try playing it in pants or long skirts. I'll watch you. Besides, I don't think anyone looks at these girls as sex objects. Well, maybe the guys that come from the land where such clothing is prohibited? :p
      Moderation is good, but prohibition is not. Prohibition, in fact, creates unhealthy interest. I hope you are not saying that alcohol should be banned because some people abuse it...


      LOL I've heard you've got unfiltered connection - so try fhm.com
      Otherwise just take my word for it - FHM is a magazine for men, with all sorts of weird info that men seem to find amusing, entertaning or educational (needless to say, none of it is any good, lol, but it is fun to read anyways.) FHM also boasts revealing photos of sexy ladies - but no porn, of course. It's actually a rather poor version of Cosmopolitan for men.
      And unfortunately wannabe mullahs are aplenty. There seem to be no shortage of them...


      I am SO sorry to disappoint! No porn here :p But glad you dropped by, anyways.

    • At 04/05/2006, 09:52, Blogger Arabian Princess said…

      Tommy says: This is a bit dishonest. There are still plenty of people throughout the Muslim world who have visions of imposing Taliban-style regimes in their own countries. They are a reality too and unfortunately they are everywhere in the Muslim world - from Indonesia to Morocco, from Nigeria to Europe

      That is unfair!! only because those minority of muslims who beleive in killing and destroying places are very visible through media, its not fair to say that they are the majority!!
      If I went and give charity and communicated with my christian neghbours, would that be in media? NO! while if my neighbour went and bombed my christian neghbour house, would it be in the news? OH YES!!

    • At 04/05/2006, 10:14, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I hope you are not saying that communication with christian neighbours and bombing christian neighbours are two acts equally newsworthy?

      And "the minority of muslims who beleive in killing and destroying places" is indeed very visible, because killing is visible. It takes a very insignificant number of people to do significant damage.

      Besides, Tommy has never said they were the majority. It's just that minority in this case is more than enough.

    • At 04/05/2006, 10:19, Blogger Aoi_Chokoreto said…


      if there was no diversity in the world.. whats the point?!! how boring would the world be?

      cat, some people feel the need to dictate how u should live ur life.. i am a strong believer in Islam, but that does not mean i dismiss everyone else.. or decide whether they should go to heaven or hell.. human beings did not create heaven therefore have no right to decide who shall enter and shall not..

      allll i want to say is,, u have thr right to believe whatever u want.. but im sure ur friend had the best intentions at heart..


    • At 04/05/2006, 10:35, Blogger x~nezitiC said…

      I will wait, and wait,
      Behind the shades,
      and hide,
      until the dawn comes,
      Because tomorrow is a different day.
      For you, to change.

    • At 04/05/2006, 11:40, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Welcome to Life in Qatar :^)

      Diversity is the key to make this life great and interesting. I am not so much interested in the afterlife and what matters to me is here and now.

      Of course my friend has the best intentions in heart. She has a big heart, too, and so much love for everything that is great and beautiful and kind. Matters very little to me what religion she follows, but whatever she does she does with love and kindness. She couldn't possibly believe in something that is criminal, murderous or promoting cruelty. I trust her, and therefore I trust her opinion on Islam, too. It's just I have a different opinion on what I should (or should not) follow. That's all.


      Welcome to you, too. We've met, I believe, on some other territories :)
      Love the poem. But does it imply that I should change, or that I should change something in the different day?


    • At 04/05/2006, 11:44, Anonymous Drima aka SudaneseThinker said…

      QC I know your married but I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE UR BLOG... this is the first time I stumbled upon it. I found it through ur comments at sandmonkey. What a lovely post. You have no idea how much I loved reading and how much you made me miss Qatar. I lived there for 11 years and it was such a wonderfull time. I'm guessing you're American. I'm glad you are getting to know Islam and Muslims from Muslims themselves rather than from the freaking news. I had the lovely opportunity of coming to Malaysia and studing in an international school and that's when I started knowing many Westerners, Christians, athiests like you etc... And hey they're not such bad people after all.

    • At 04/05/2006, 12:58, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Don't believe everything you hear or read: I am mean and evil. And very very bad :^)

      Oh, and I am absolutely, totally and definitely NOT American. In fact, I am almost as far from being American as geographically, politically and influentially possible. And if you read my stuff at the monkey's closer, it would have told you few things about my origins. But that's beside the point. I am still Western, white, and atheist. Unless you count voodoo, of course.

      Welcome to the Life in Qatar :p

    • At 04/05/2006, 13:20, Blogger x~nezitiC said…

      Life has its reasons, and I don't guide people, and I don't try to convert any one, I am not a priest nor a preacher. I give my opinion and leave, a word can have a thousand meanings, and it can change many people hearts. and I prefer that.


    • At 04/05/2006, 14:07, Blogger peacefulmuslimah said…

      Hey Cat,

      I checked FHM out from home and got blocked (of course) but was able to see through a susbscription offer at Amazon what it is all about. Good thing I didn't get caught by one of my students at uni checking it out! LOL!

      I think I understand how Arby is feeling because it gets so frustrating to fend off attacks on ISLAM because of the actions of the wackos (not that anyone except Jack is doing that here). I will be one of the first to challenge MUSLIMS whose actions are unacceptable -- and in fact, other Muslims SHOULD be the first to do so -- but unfortunately many seem to want to imply that Islam is the problem and in my mind, our religion was pure when it was given to us by God. Some Muslim men and women have polluted it and those men and women must be challenged and reined in. Unfortunately, we Muslims have a tendancy not to address criticism at other Muslims in mixed company (meaning including non-Muslims). That gives the impression that we support the wackos. Still, as I see it the problem is with some Muslims -- not Islam.

      I'm not sure I am being clear about this. Does this make any sense?


      PS: I have a cute little Republican cartoon on my blog you might like ;-)

    • At 04/05/2006, 14:58, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Yeah that makes tons of sense. Basically, you gave an opinion that could mean whatever, and left. I am much obliged, thanks :p


      I know what you mean. And yeah I have already realised, after years of living here, that Muslims don't take criticism lightly. Come criticism, they unite as one and fight back, even if it is not aimed at them directly. So yeah I guess it is kind of inevitable that the impression of Muslims supporting the wackos is alive and well. Another funny fact is that Muslims are more than glad to explain Islam to us infidels, but when we try to explain any other religious belief to Muslims - they get extremely offended.
      I have already written somewhere here that I have no intention of criticising Islam as a concept. I lack the reasons and the knowledge to do that. There are so many Muslims out there who I respect and admire! But there also are plenty Muslims who gross me out, and claim their actions to be supported by Islam. Well then I can judge religion not as a concept but as a way of life by the acts done in this religion's name and by its followers. Saying "Islam is alright, it's the Muslims that got it all wrong" is hilarious, because to me Islam is what I see from Muslims, not what it supposedly should have been. The more moderate and peaceful Muslims such as most of commentators on my blog I meet and talk to - the better I think of Islam. The more horrible stuff happens in the name of Islam - the worse I think of Islam. The same applies to all religions and ways of life out there. I guess it's only natural. After all, you judge the school by its students.

      And now I am off to your blog for the cartoon! Glad you finally updated! :p

    • At 05/05/2006, 02:17, Blogger Bandarof said…

      Hey guys

      I think tennis skirts are some of the cutest things I've seen in my life, heheheheheheeeeee I'm too tired right now, I'll comment again later ;) Peace


    • At 05/05/2006, 05:26, Anonymous tommy said…

      I just found an interesting link showing how long the Muslims have hated Americans. The answer: forever....or at least since the 1780s:


      Back in the 1780s the US was a completely unimportant country, unlike the European powers.

    • At 05/05/2006, 06:01, Anonymous ratedrreality said…

      Of course Tommy and that is for a very good reason.
      Mohammed stated quite clearly that all non believers must be killed, converted or forced to live as dhimmis and pay the Jiyza tax. Osama bin laden is a true Muslim which is more than can be said for the 'so called' muslims here.

    • At 05/05/2006, 08:40, Blogger ArmyArtilleryWife said…

      What a cool vignette...and so well written.


    • At 05/05/2006, 13:04, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Glad we sorted THAT out, lol. And glad you agree!

      Tommy & Ratedrreality,

      Around those times Christians hated all non Christians too. Or maybe you forget the next door buddies, Jesuits? Church was much too militant, much too recently. Thanks for the article though. I rarely count extremely biased sites as 100% fool proof, but it was interesting nevertheless. And yes, unfortunately, there are plenty Muslims out there who would rather the whole world was Muslim. Just as there are plenty Christians (or whoever) who would rather Islam disappeared from the face of the Earth. I guess we're square, and back at the starting point. The question is not who is to blame, the question is where do we go from here.

      Army Wife,

      Welcome :^) Glad you visited.

    • At 05/05/2006, 13:46, Blogger Bandarof said…


      Thank you so much....You saved me the trouble :D


    • At 05/05/2006, 13:49, Blogger Bandarof said…


      You are a Gem and yes I do agree with you regarding what Tommy said previously, but now he's on my black list with Jack and Ratedreality :D Peace :D


    • At 05/05/2006, 14:45, Blogger peacefulmuslimah said…

      Salaam Alaikum Bandarof. I understand your response to these guys. I expect they are trying to provoke heated responses in us anyway so they can point more fingers. Mabrook to you for handling them with such grace and humor.


      BTW, a Lebanese friend sent me a funny post about why Lebanese guys can't be terrorists. I thought it was pretty funny and posted it on my blog. Yeah, I know it's blatant stereotyping but maybe it will generate a few smiles ;-)

    • At 05/05/2006, 20:58, Anonymous tommy said…

      Qatar Cat,

      The point of the article wasn't a comparison of between Christianity or Islam. What I found interesting about the article was how long the Arabs have hated Americans like myself.

      We constantly hear anti-American sentiment expressed in the Arab world. These complaints about the United States are usually grounded in the idea that the United States is too powerful, imperialistic, anti-Arab, anti-Islamic, etc.

      What is made clear by this article is that even when the United States was a country that had little relevance in international affairs, we were still hated vociferously in the Arab world for reasons we had little control over. The hatred of America didn't begin after World War II, for instance, it has always existed. The hatred seems to be grounded in the perception that non-Muslims are inferior and in the popular interpretation of Islam itself.

    • At 05/05/2006, 22:00, Blogger peacefulmuslimah said…


      What amazes me more is how much my fellow Americans have come to hate Arabs and Muslims. It seems to be grounded in the perception that Arabs and Muslims are inferior and the popular American interpretation of Islam. What do you think?


    • At 05/05/2006, 22:48, Anonymous tommy said…


      Thank you for your comments and questions (rhetorical or otherwise).

      What amazes me more is how much my fellow Americans have come to hate Arabs and Muslims.

      Quite the contrary. I think the mainstream media engages in nonstop apologetics on behalf of Islam and even for Islamic radicalism and terrorism. We are attacked by Islamic radicals on 9/11 and lose almost 3,000 people and the best our president can do is describe Islam as "a religion of peace" and an American jury cannot even sentence a co-conspirator Moussaoui to the death he so richly deserves. All because of the image that Islam is no more extreme than say Christanity. That it is just another faith in the same milieu as Judaism or Christianity. Not really any different. To say otherwise is still largely taboo in our media and will earn you insults of being "intolerant" or "bigoted".

      Of course, Christians don't commit thousands of terrorist incidents every year with a resulting loss of thousands of lives worldwide, do they? Islamic fundamentalists execrise absolute control governments whereas Christian fundamentalists not only don't run any authoritarian states, they also are routinely derided in the media. Any attempt to equate Christian fundamentalism with Islamic fundamentalism is silly. However, we see Muslims and their apologists engage in this sort of dishonest tactic constantly to deflect attention from the real problems that the Muslim world has with violence and extremism.

      I realize that most Muslims are just like anybody else. I realize that most just want to live their lives peaceably, that most are busy with their personal hobbies, work, and families. I can honestly say I've met a few Muslims, both Sunni and Shi'a, and haven't ever met one that I've personally disliked. On the other hand, I cannot easily ignore or dismiss the sort of extremism I see from the Muslim world rountinely. I also cannot ignore what appears to be the religious basis for that violence.

      I don't hate Muslims but I am very concerned about what Islam advocates.

    • At 05/05/2006, 22:50, Anonymous tommy said…

      Sorry for the typos in my last post.

      Islamic fundamentalists execrise absolute control governments whereas Christian fundamentalists not only don't run any authoritarian states

      Should have read:

      "Islamic fundamentalists exercise absolute control over governments whereas Christian fundamentalists not only don't run any authoritarian states"

    • At 05/05/2006, 23:36, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      I follow my comments box with interest and I am glad the discussion is far from over.

      I have to admit that I agree with what Tommy posted in the last comment. There is no match, no comparison with Islam in any other religion of the world. In addition, Western world doesn't have the luxury of criticising Islam unlike Muslim world (including country leaders). And while I also agree that the majority of Muslims are people like you and you and you and like me and all they want is peace and a shot at happiness - Christians don't blow people up in the name of Christ. And while I was watching in disbelief as Muslim extremists in London paraded holding banners like "Europe is cancer, Islam is the answer", "Europe, take lessons from 9/11" and "Kill those who say Muslims are terrorists", all nicely protected by European laws of freedom of speech and such like, I was wondering what would happen to me should I try something like that in Qatar under the Emir's palace. Perhaps something softer, like "Islam is not an answer, turn to Christianity". Or even just "Christianity is a great religion". I wonder how long it'll take me to be thrown out of the country (or worse). However, Muslims feel free to do this and that, and still it's West that hate Muslims, and not Muslims that hate the West.

    • At 05/05/2006, 23:57, Blogger peacefulmuslimah said…

      I disagree Cat; at least with your closing remark "and still it's West that hate Muslims, and not Muslims that hate the West."

      In fact, sadly, there is a enough hate to go around and everybody take their share. What I don't like is this attitude I hear coming out of the West harping on how Muslims supposedly hate Westerners/non-Muslims. It simply is no more true than vice versa.

      Yes, thankfully, it's been a long time since Christians have gone around and commited violent acts in the name of religion. They are to be commended, I guess. And yes, some Muslims have done this -- and they are to be condemned. But peace will only come through dialogue and entrenched, hardened and even paranoid positions against each other will not bring about any relief from what ails us.

      BTW, I would be extremely offended to see the kinds of protests you mentioned in the UK and I don't suggest you try it here ;-))) But one of the big problems -- strangely enough -- is that this is what happens when you have open immigration policies and allow almost complete free speech. We have neither of those policies here in Qatar. In fact, Qatar has left the door open to deport its enemies and I am not so sure that is not a bad thing in some ways... LOL!


    • At 06/05/2006, 00:07, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      LOL I totally agree :^) I also think that Europe will be better off without these people. It would probably be great if there were Muslim values countries and Western values countries, and they just traded and otherwise left each other alone. I am so sick of USA policies of patrolling the world!

      I would allow free speech as long as it carries no threat.

      It's getting hot in Qatar.. went for a walk today in the evening and it's really hot and humid. At least this year we had a longer winter than usual. The heat was already unbearable this time last year!


    • At 06/05/2006, 00:29, Blogger peacefulmuslimah said…

      To me it seems so much hotter this year at this point but maybe I am just nearing a hormonal milestone... tee hee! It doesn't bode well for us, though. I am teaching a summer class in June and had thought to go to our other homes (we keep a flat in Kuwait City and have a small farm near the Iraqi border) for the month of July but believe it or not, Kuwait is even HOTTER than Doha! YUK! At least my hair is finally long enough to pin up under my shayla so that helps. Do you walk on the Corniche? I think I am going to get Mr. PM2 to start a walking program in the evenings next week.

      Are you taking any vacation time and getting out during the worst of the summer heat?

      Take care,

      PS: No one ever really likes the cops, do they? LOL!

    • At 06/05/2006, 00:35, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I walk on the Corniche, at Khalifa stadium, and anywhere else where it's possible. Today went for a walk on a stretch of a road adjacent to (ex) Parachute r/a. Not sure what it's called.
      We are going to Malta end of June for 2 weeks, and then it's back to work. I have more holidays than my husband so I could go somewhere else as well, but my colleagues are travelling in July and August so I have to stay and work. I might go to Europe sometime early Autumn though.
      Flat in Kuwait City? How neat! :^)

      And yes I guess nobody likes the cops, but we do need them from time to time. Not THIS kind, though!


    • At 06/05/2006, 02:40, Anonymous jack said…

      "I continue to be completely committed to dialogue with Muslims, to supporting moderate forces on all sides ... and recommend that people read the Koran ... and judge for themselves."

      Best advice a person could give or take with 150+ verses in the "quran" alone (not counting hadith or sunna) that directly address jihad ... violent jihad.

      And as far as I can tell only 1 Islamic Imperialist war ... "Battle of the Ditch" was defensive in nature. All All Alll of the rest were offensive to spread Islam at the point of a sword. Of course they were all given the opportunity to lay down and enjoy Islam before they were forced into Islam/Submission.

      Sorry QC ... I couldn't hold back any longer.

    • At 06/05/2006, 12:46, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      First of all, you're welcome to comment - as is everyone else. No need to "hold back" as long as your comment is not offensive, outright provocative and contributes to discussion. I don't take sides, and I am not defending/attacking anything. I read and learn. I realise that most people here, unlike me, are firm in their beliefs. I enjoy talking to all of them.
      I agree with you regarding Quran - I, too, have problems understanding how it can be deemed as a book of peaceful religion if it preaches the most horrible death to all non Muslims on virtually every page.
      With regards to the wars - well, Christianity was also spread by sword (mostly).

    • At 06/05/2006, 14:12, Blogger Bandarof said…

      Ok guys,

      I skimmed quickly over the new comment we have here and I see we are in fact getting deeper and I shall read them again when I get home with more concentration and comment back. But I just wanted to say something real quick, clearly the hatred seems to be two ways, but where did it start. The reason why Arabs always hated America is because America is a masonic country with a quite controversial agenda, I beleive it's much bigger than religions or countries or any of all that. First of all Osamam Bin Laden was trained and supported by the CIA in the war against russia, he was made by America and was made to hate America by America. Did anyone stop to think that maybe just maybe the whole 9/11 was staged or planned by secret beneficiaries? Did anyone think about the possible involvment of the "Iluminati" in all this, and the "knight's Templar" among other things. I beleive the issue is much much deeper and more complicated than all the things we are talking about here. Anyways, I catch you guys later.


    • At 06/05/2006, 20:16, Anonymous tommy said…

      is a masonic country with a quite controversial agenda

      So you are conspiracy theorist. Great. The Freemasons are a completely benign organization, I'm sorry to say. They've done a lot of good (such as secretly donating money to charitable purposes) and nothing bad to my knowledge. Many of my male relatives on both my mother's and father's side are or were (for the deceased) Freemasons. Some founding fathers were Freemasons, though the number has been greatly overexaggerated - especially by conspiracy theorists. In any event, the Muslims back in the 1780s would not have known about the Freemasons, let alone had any funny ideas about them, so that is not the reason why they had so much hatred towards America. Their hatred of America, by their own account, is motivated by the fact that non-Muslims are kuffar who must be converted, subjugated, or killed according to their interpretation of Islam.

      Osamam Bin Laden was trained and supported by the CIA in the war against russia, he was made by America

      Osama was not made by America or its intelligence agencies. In Afghanistan, he was really very much a bit player as far as CIA was concerned. It isn't even clear if he actually saw much if any combat (many of the combat stories surrounding him appear to be unfounded rumors). His primary role, as a rich Saudi, was to act as a money man. While the CIA was heavily involved with the mujahideen against the Soviets, bin Laden appears to have been acting somewhat independently and not really in any collaboration with the CIA from what I've heard. It is possible he had some minor involvement with the CIA but the nature of that involvement is hardly clear. He was rich and could afford to attract his own clique of mujahideen. It is important to note that the mujahideen forces were quite diverse in origin and very fragmented, the CIA hardly exercised absolute control over them.

      Did anyone think about the possible involvment of the "Iluminati" in all this, and the "knight's Templar" among other things.

      OK. Now we are entering the Twilight Zone. Please tell me you are not serious when you bring up the Illuminati or the Knight's Templar? What next, maybe the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion? I think you have been reading too much conspiracy literature. Please, come back and join us on planet Earth.

      How about this: did anyone think about the possible involvement of the 4K Club or the Rotary Club in all this? Maybe the Humane Society? LoL.

    • At 07/05/2006, 02:35, Blogger Bandarof said…


      There is never smoke without fire, and yes I do read a lot of literature and history books unlike your ignorant self. So far I haven't shown any hatred against anyone here just sharin my knowledge it's you who's been the agressive one against my religion, and you have total rejection to anything we say in our defence so there is nothing I can do for you and I'm getting tired of this meaningless talk. Gte over yourself and try to have some respect, I'm out.


    • At 07/05/2006, 03:49, Anonymous jack said…

      "against my religion"

      When muslims quit trying to pander off "their religion" for religion and own up to what "their religion" really is ... a "political doctrine".

      Then we can have a discussion.Until then what you have to say about "your religion" is mere deception/misdirection.

    • At 07/05/2006, 04:04, Anonymous tommy said…


      In answer to your remarks:

      There is never smoke without fire,

      A wonderful platitude, Bandarof. Here is another one: conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen.

      and yes I do read a lot of literature and history books unlike your ignorant self.

      Excuse me? What do you know about my reading habits? I am well informed of history and literature, by the way. Almost certainly, more informed than you are.

      any hatred against anyone here just sharin my knowledge

      Conspiracy theories like the ones you believe in are inherently hateful and they most certainly do not constitute knowledge. You aren't sharing knowledge, rather you are sharing absurd, unfounded, paranoid speculation originating from sources with no credibility.

      and you have total rejection to anything we say in our defence

      I've never said anything that should give you that impression. I am certainly willing to listen to reasonable people and I would be the first to acknowledge that I'm no expert on Islam. I am always anxious to learn more about such subjects from people who practice it. However, when I hear the sort of nonsense about "Illuminati" and 9/11 conspiracies coming from Muslims that I would ordinarily expect to hear only out neo-Nazi groups in the United States, I have a hard time taking such fluff as a substitute for mature discussion.

      Frankly, I think you would do well to search out information on the internet that provides a critical analysis of the sort of conspiracy theories you seem to take seriously. You need to see how easily such theories are debunked because plainly you've lost the ability (if you ever had it) to exercise skepticism on your own.

    • At 07/05/2006, 09:15, Blogger Qatar Cat said…



      I enjoyed reading your comments and I share your views on conspiracy theories and Osama. Maybe I don't know much about either subject, but what I DO know is in agreement with what you wrote.


      Huh? Why insult? I haven't noticed any ignorance in Tommy's comment which provoked such a response from you. Ignorant because he doesn't agree with theories of freemasons playing the major part in the East - West conflict? Well then I am ignorant, too, for I don't believe that either. Let's keep it civilized. Abusing each other is not going to help anyone.


      That's interesting :^) So you think Islam is a political doctrine? Well noting the extent to which it influences everything, including politics, I can see what you mean.


    • At 07/05/2006, 11:08, Anonymous Omani Heiress said…

      QCat, I am a muslim too and I am shocked at what other muslims do supposedly in the name of our religion. I hope my sisters and brothers will wake up and understand that not everything in the Koran can apply today. I am very ashamed of what muslims do and how aggressive they are and unable to take constructive criticism and unable to keep cool in an argument. I hope you don't think that we are all the same because we are not.

    • At 07/05/2006, 12:07, Blogger Bandarof said…

      First of all...I never said that this is what I beleive, I said "did anyone stop to think what possible involvment they had", I am not a conspiracy theorist I just take everything into consideration unlike some narrow sighted people. Ofcourse I am offended by the constant attack on my religion by the minority here and I'm also starting to get offended by QatarCat for keeping this going although she knows we are waaaaay off the subject. I already said more than what I had to say in this discussion and I don't think anything I might have to say will make any difference as it may be too much for some people to comprehend. You wanna discuss Osama Bin Laden or conspiracy theories?...write up a new post about it and I'll be more than happy to discuss, but I'm not gonna participate in this pointless discussion any longer. Peace out.


    • At 07/05/2006, 13:15, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      After reading all the comments I received for this post and a rather long deliberation, I have decided to close the comment section here. I can see sparks flying in all directions and temperature rising and I don't want to start any fires.

      The last fourty or so comments are way off the subject of the post. As usual, this exchange proved that any subject that remotely touches Islam is a breeding ground for Islam vs. West arguments, and that was not my intention in the slightest.

      Thanks everyone for your input, I have enjoyed hosting this discussion.


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