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    8 May 2006
    Quick update
    I am sorry I've kept you waiting so long for a new post!

    I seem to have a blogger's block. Ideas aplenty, just can't put them into words. There have been some interesting suggestions from my readers with regards to the topics for new posts (i.e. homosexuality, mobile phone models, voodoo, dating, tennis features, movie reviews) and I am actually seriously considering one or two of these. If you have a suggestion - put it in a comment :^)

    For the time being, however, here is an update of what I was up to all this time:

    1. Office fiasco. Yup, we still haven't moved. We have to move urgently. I hate moving! Apparently my sweetheart of a boss found some prospective office premises just near my house. So keep your fingers crossed for me that it would work.

    2. Holiday planning. Silent and I are going to Malta end of June for 2 (fabulous) weeks. I love Malta! Yay! The in-laws will join us there for the first 5 days, should be fun.

    3. Car daydreaming. I want a new car, yet I don't think I'll get it anytime soon. Sigh.

    4. I got a guitar! I used to play fairly decently but that was 15 years ago. Time to brush up those skills! My fingers hurt badly already, but at least I can produce a tune or two. Now you know why I haven't been typing much :p

    5. Tennis (of course). Many tournaments simultaneously. Estoril, J&S Cup, BMW Cup, etc. The tensions are high, and new tournaments are underway: ATP Masters Series in Rome, and WTA Qatar German Open (yes Qatar actually bought a German WTA tournament. Don't ask me why.) And I am so very proud of myself - I managed to tune in to Eurosport 2!! That means much more tennis to watch!

    6. Thinking of a new mobile. I love the one I have, and it has worked hard for me, and it'll be a wrench to let it go - but it's getting a bit tired (and tired looking). It's been with me for a year and a half - a record time! If you know a great new model (or something I definitely shouldn't get) - please let me know.

    7. And a little brag - I am now working full time, which is essentially a bummer, but the pay is way better, so I don't complain. It is however rather time consuming, so I am not blogging as much as I would like to.

    Stay tuned for a new post (hopefully) coming up soon!


    posted by Bravecat @ 9:47 am  
    • At 08/05/2006, 13:18, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…

      CLARIFICATION: This is not meant to offend you Cat...
      But it's just that you make blogging sound like you do it for others not truly for yourself.
      I've seen several bloggers out there, who post stuff like, "nothing much happenin"... "stay tuned"... updates... etc etc.
      Blog your thoughts, your feelings... if you know what I mean.
      Blog for yourself, write for yourself. And take it just as a coincidence that some people come here and read what you feel or think. Don't feel obligated towards them.
      Once you start doing that, you'll find that there's no such thing as bloggers' block. There never really has to be.
      Anyway, this was said with real good intentions, and not to offend you, and I was not trying to be rude.

    • At 08/05/2006, 13:23, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Thanks for your recommendations :^)
      If I were doing it solely for myself I'd get a diary. But since this thing is online, it is obvious I am trying to communicate with people most of who are my friends from back home who are genuinely interested in what is happening in my life since I am so far away from them. Thus the "stay tuned".

      And yeah I appreciate you not being rude.


    • At 08/05/2006, 13:35, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…

      Well... e'mail your friends who want to know the updates. Just a suggestion to give your blog a lot more character.

    • At 08/05/2006, 13:36, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      In all seriousness, are you really trying to tell me what to do or not to do on my blog?


    • At 08/05/2006, 15:16, Blogger ahmed said…

      1- good luck!! i hope u get that near.to.your.house place :P
      2-sounds HOT!! may i join ? :D
      3- I thought u hated JEEP cars!!
      4- put something here! WE WANNA LISTEN :P
      5- I just skipped this part..couldnt find HINGIS so..u know :P
      6- try to the new motorolla..the slim one..looks sexy!
      7- how much do they pay u ? :P lol i was kidding

    • At 08/05/2006, 15:50, Blogger Dotsson said…

      Woof woof! You are one busy little kitty. Wish you all the best :)

    • At 08/05/2006, 18:09, Blogger Ella said…

      Cat girl .. good to see its still happening in here....
      if u really want something .. go get it .. so if u really want the car and u can offered it .. GET IT !! i hate that feeling of want and regret!!

      ooh .. i love planning for holidays.. ur's sounds exciting :D have a blast kitty ~!

    • At 08/05/2006, 19:52, Blogger Bandarof said…


      WHO ARE YOU DUDE!!! Are you joking?!? Do you want to be eaten by the lioness??...What are you sayin anyways, are you blind?? This blog lacks character?!? You see the people who comment on these posts...Checking this blog is part of our daily chores, it's like checking our e-mails. Every morning I wake up, drink my coffee and check my e-mail then visit this blog to see what interesting subject Cat has for us today, and you say it lacks character??? I'm amazed, check some of the blogs of people who write about themselves and see how boring they are and the number of comments they get. I say you either like Cat so much that you don't know a better way to tell her that you would like to get to know her better, or there is something wrong with your computer, or there is something wrong with your (no offense) brain. Sorry man if you don't like the blog, don't visit it, end of story. You simply don't have the right to tell Cat what to post and what not to post. Besides, she is in fact writing about her thoughts and feelings and what's going on in her life...What do you call this?? What's wrong with informing and educating people according to what's going on in your life, that's how we all learn together. What's your point anyways dude?? I would appologize to Cat for being rude if I was in your shoes. Peace bro.


    • At 08/05/2006, 23:03, Blogger Irony said…

      Ummmm ok...lol

      Never knew u played the guitar you got to play some tunes and record them and post them here!

      Mobile phone hmmm no matter what you get it has to be a nokia they are the best and am talking out of experience here, had a song and sumsang and a motorola they all suck and nokia is the best.

      Enjoy Malta!!!! ;o)

    • At 08/05/2006, 23:04, Blogger Irony said…

      oooops looooooool ment SONY not song hahaha what the heck was that!

    • At 08/05/2006, 23:04, Blogger Irony said…

      OH MAN CAT and a SAMSUNG plz forgive me just had an exam!!going nuts..

    • At 09/05/2006, 15:38, Blogger Mystique said…

      Qatar Cat,
      I love your writing style, sepecially when it is full of feelings, and funny. I just LOVE it..
      hmmm, why don't you write about..... the first thing that comes on your mind now as you are reading this :")


    • At 09/05/2006, 22:04, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      I'm with Irony, Nokia is BEST. :)

    • At 09/05/2006, 23:51, Blogger Silent Altitude said…

      hello my brave cat. I am so proud of you for managing to tune the Eurosport 2 on tv so that we can enjoy tennis for 48hrs a day, just in case we miss on any major tournament.

      Can't wait for our holidays in Malta (37 days to go).

      As for the telephone i think the Moto is really nice one. About your new car well you can never know.

      Finally regarding your quitar playing I only heard you playing little bit (perhaps you prefer practising in private),and i think that you are really good at it, but after all as you say elephants have most probably stepped into my ears making it completely impossible for me to express any opinion that matters in music.


    • At 10/05/2006, 12:31, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      1 - we got the office now. Very close to me, but not the best of areas. Oh well, better that than spending 2 hours a day stuck in traffic.
      2 - With my in-laws? Are you sure? :p
      3 - Since when did you think that? I have one now, and I've wanted Prado for a long time.
      4 - Yeah right, lol.
      5 - Hingis is doing great in Berlin now, Qatar German Open.
      6 - It sure looks sexy. One drawback - I don't like phones that open up!
      7 - They pay me enough to cover my petrol and phone expenses :p


      Thanks dearest! :^) Busy little kitty is home, sick. But getting better and going to get even busier soon!


      Long time no see :^) Yeah I wish someone offered that car to me, lol. I won't refuse! Thanks for all your wishes, and waiting for your new posts.


      Wow, I didn't know you liked my blog so much! I am actually quite flattered. And thanks for your support! Although I don't think Conman was rude this time, but I am happy to see that people like my blog even if it lacks character and even if I write for my readers more than I do for myself :^)


      Thanks for Nokia tip. Yes I think I will go for Nokia. Although now that I look at my old phone, I can't even think of changing it! I love it :^) And yes I do play a little, but nothing worthy of recording and posting. Maybe later, when I'll have practiced some more.
      LOL @ song & sumsang :p


      Awww, you're making me blush here :^) As I have already mentioned here in the comments, I am sick and at home, and my mind is blank. When I get a chance to fill it in with stuff, I will write my mind away! :^)


      What in the world happened with your comments on your page??? You've enabled that moderation thing - and no comments that I sent over the last few weeks are appearing! In all probability, you don't even get them! Disable this thing, please! Then I'll be able to help you with the jpeg. There is not even an e-mail addy on your blog to contact you! Arghhhhhhh


      Haha Ha. NOW I realise that you didn't tune into that channel ON PURPOSE!! How could I be so blind? Poor you, 48 hours of tennis a day, every day! What a torture :p
      Even blatant flattery regarding my guitar playing ain't gonna help you outta this one. You are officially in my bad books.

      Oh well, if you get me a Prado, I might reconsider.

      Filakia :D

    • At 10/05/2006, 19:14, Blogger confused arab chick said…


      My apologies for blog craziness. I've fixed it now!

    • At 11/05/2006, 13:23, Blogger Bandarof said…

      Hey QC,

      1- Well it's great to know that you finally moved into a permanent office and that your boss got his act together and made sure there aren't any mess-ups this time. As long as you don't have to work with smelly lady, right? hehehee

      2- Ok dude you gotta stop tellin me about your Malta trips....Unless you plan to take me with you :D It's the one spot on this planet which I am dying to visit. Though I hope you get to enjoy it to the fullest, and don't forget to send me photos.

      3- The Prado is an awesome car. Go for it girl!! While your at it pray for me to get rich and I shall buy it for you, from now till 10 years from now if you don't manage, at least you have a plan B heheheee.

      4- I didn't know you play the guitar !! Though it's the first time I see someone practicing the guitar in the same house with someone who doesn't hear them practicing, though good job girl cuz I tell you it can get a little annoying when you are still in the first stages, keep that door closed until you can play some songs :D

      5- I don't follow tennis much, my entire experience with tennis consists of playing "spin out" on the Xbox360 heheheee. Though like I mentioned before I love the skirts hehehee.

      6- I guess since you are a nokia user you should stick with Nokia, I saw a quite nice one, the 8800 I think it's pretty nice but since you like flip phones I"m not sure if I can advice you on a better one than the motorolla as I don't like flip phones.

      7- Glad to hear you makin more money, maybe that's a step forward towards the new prado, though always have a plan B in everything you do ;)

      I agree with you that Conman wasn't that rude and I beleive my response with him was on the same rudeness level. I hope I didn't cross the line, if I did please tell me so I can fix it. Catchya soon. Peace.


    • At 13/05/2006, 00:21, Blogger U.E. said…

      Miss you. Love the updates. Am just to blah and ugh to reply... I suck.

      Thinking big hugs and sloppy kisses in your general direction though!

    • At 13/05/2006, 21:56, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Well now you know what to check should the comments stop coming by :p


      Gosh, I am still sick! Can you believe it?
      1. - Haven't moved as yet. In the process. And nothing happened to the lady, she's still with us. Gotta ask hubby if I could borrow some of his oxygen tanks...
      2. - Yeah I remember you always wanted to go. Wonder why. Can't take you with me - but will take tons of pics :p
      3. - Prado.. I love it. You don't have to BUY it for me, but you could always chip in, ya know.. Friendly, like. lol
      4. - I can play guitar quite well, silly. Just out of practice :)
      5. - Speaking of tennis - Rafa has just won! And so has Federer, so one more exciting final in order tomorrow! No skirts.
      Oh well, there will be skirts in the final tomorrow too - but that's another final, Qatar German Open. I notably ignore it for a few different reasons.
      6. - I guess I'll stick to Nokia. It has a few features I can't live without.
      7. - I am not making nearly enough money to get a Prado, at least not yet. But I am working on it :D


      Big hugs and sloppy kisses in my general direction won't suffice, girl. Where the HELL are you?

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