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    5 June 2006
    Roland Garros

    And you all thought I was going to let it slide? Oh no way! You will be treated to a tennis post :p

    Roland Garros is the name of the French Open tennis tournament, one of the four most important tennis tournaments. The other three are US Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon. They are also known as "Grand Slam", like Grand Slam in bridge, if you like. Winning a Grand Slam tournament is the greatest achievement for a tennis player. Ok so of course you could win multiple Grand Slams and build up from there, but I am trying to keep it simple, so forgive me, all the tennis fans out there (yeah all three of you). Roland Garros is also the only Grand Slam tournament that is played on a clay surface. The significance of it is that the ball leaves a mark on the surface where it hits thus allowing to see whether the ball is "out" (player who hit the ball loses the point in this case) or "in".

    Roland Garros is at its second week now, and today is the last day of the fourth round games. Those who make it through will be in the quarterfinals of the French Open - a great achievement in itself. The ATP (men's tour) guys who already made it through are: Roger Federer, from Switzerland, the greatest player of this century and the number one in the world; Mario Ancic, a Croat with the craziest eyes on tour (pretty handsome guy, lol) currently ranked 12th in the world; Nikolay Davydenko, Russian, perhaps the least famous of all in the top ten; and David Nalbandian, Argentine, who I don't really like, but who plays well. The other quarterfinalists are yet to be determined as eight guys take to the courts today to fight for the four remaining places. The guys that I think will make it are: Rafa Nadal, who is the defending champion of the tournament, and the only one who can beat Federer (if all goes well, they will meet in the final); Gael Monfils - a French teenager who is enjoying his dream run in the Grand Slam; Ivan Ljubicic, an ace-hitting Croat, number 4 in the world; and as for the last one - I have no idea, I don't know much about Benneteau and Martin to make a prediction. I hope Benneteau wins as he is a French guy and it will be cool if he wins in front of his home crowd, especially since...

    ...Amelie Mauresmo, French, number one in the world on WTA (women's tour), crashed out of the tournament yesterday, losing rather badly to Nicole Vaidisova of Czech Republic. So she is not in the quarterfinals. Great for Nicole, 17 year old, who reached her first Grand Slam quarterfinal. The rest of the quarterfinalists on the girls' side are: Venus Williams, the last remaining American in this tournament, she's back on tour after slumbering for quite a while with various injuries; Dinara Safina (who beat Maria Sharapova yesterday), she is climbing up the ranks steadily and clearly enjoying it; Sveta Kuznetsova, another Russian, and since she will play Safina in the quarters - one Russian will definitely make it to the semis; Justine Henin-Hardenne of Belgium who I don't like much, defending champion and a favourite to win this time around as well; Anna-Lena Groenefeld of Germany, a gutsy determined blonde; and Kim Clijsters of Belgium, number 2 in the world. The last remaining quarterfinalst will be decided today between Martina Hingis and Shahar Peer of Israel. I hope it's Hingis!

    So complain all you like, but I will be writing about the progress of the players to the very end of the tournament! :P

    posted by Bravecat @ 10:30 am  
    • At 05/06/2006, 12:32, Blogger Sever said…

      Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

      Only not this, please, please!
      Только не в терновый куст ;-)

      But really... I don1t mind. So I will not need to ask papa, you will tell me everything :)

      Crazy, crazy, crazy!

      Murrr :)

    • At 05/06/2006, 12:41, Blogger Mise said…

      So I might as well not check this blog until it's all over ... and I'll definitely know when that is because at 6:20 this morning my Indian colleague on one side (who's old enough to know better!) and my Algerian colleague on the other side (who's even older) talked about nothing else ...all I heard was that the Nadal match went to 4 1/2 hours ...or was that the ladies' one?!..... and they watched it all!!!! They should give medals to the supporters! :-D .... and I'll keep that pint cold for you ;-)

    • At 05/06/2006, 12:50, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I didn't know you were interested in tennis :p But you have so many great players in your country, I would imagine everyone there being a fan! And yeah of course I will keep you posted, hehe. You and the rest of my readers!


      I won't be able to talk about tennis at 6.20am, if that is of any consolation to you. I won't be able to talk about anything, period. But you know, a nice afternoon, a pint or two (well I don't know what your limits are, hehe) - and chances are we will be talking about Rafa and the rest of them! :p

    • At 05/06/2006, 14:54, Blogger GIASI said…

      ok ok ok.... u inspired me to create my own blog. I said words to that effect on my first post :) and put a link to your blog.

      here it is if you have a spare 30 seconds


    • At 05/06/2006, 15:10, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      That's great news! Of course I have time for your blog! And I hope you remove all the protection systems you currently have in place for the comments :p

    • At 05/06/2006, 16:08, Blogger GIASI said…

      oops.... it does seem a trifle anal doesnt it.... anyway.. took them all off... thanks

    • At 05/06/2006, 19:14, Blogger Lost in trance... said…

      its a shame u dont dig henin. shes such a fighter. much like hewitt...:D *devilish grin*

    • At 05/06/2006, 23:39, Blogger Mise said…

      Ok! ...I give in!.. lol...here's a link for you (just in case you don't have it already ;-)


    • At 06/06/2006, 04:55, Blogger A Daydreamer said…

      i admit i didnt read this post, cause quite frankly, i dont know ANYTHING about tennis and dont care for it much... but i still felt like commenting cause i was reading some of your old posts and i found them very interesting and some what funny (esp. the one about "fun" lool) I cant beleive you actually said LOL to someone!!! hilirious!!

      anyway... nice blog :)

    • At 06/06/2006, 11:46, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Much better! More posts, please!


      Don't dig her at all. Noway noway. Hewitt is not bad, but I can't like them all now, can I? :p


      See, it's not so bad after all. I got you searching for Rafa! Thanks a lot for the link, it has a lot of cool stuff on it.


      Thanks and welcome! LOL if you didn't read the post why comment on it? You can always leave a comment under the post you actually read and liked and have something to say about :p

    • At 21/02/2007, 04:01, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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