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    1 June 2006
    What is fun and where to find it?

    Somehow lately I noticed that my life is totally devoid of all things fun (no offence to all the fun people I socialise with - that can be considered as fun, of course, but it is not my personal achievement).

    Fun things happen to someone else, somewhere else, I am always a little too late (too early) or too far (too blind?) to even catch a glimpse of anything that can be remotely considered as FUN.

    Maybe I am just getting old?

    See for yourself: these are the things (in no particular order) that happened to me in May.

    Stomach parasite. Now, one can argue that spending 10 days (and nights!) within 5m radius of the toilet can be fun just because it sounds funny - but trust me, fun it isn't.

    Toyota Prado. You might remember that this is the car I covet. I took my own car to the garage for service, and borrowed the Prado from someone who actually trusted me with it. You can say that this is fun - being able to drive my dream car for a few days. Ha ha. It was HELL. I was paranoid! I had nightmares that something might happen to the car, that I would have an accident, I didn't get any sleep, I feared the worst, I drove it for a grand total of 24 km (to work and back, ONCE) and sighed with relief when I returned it back. Bottom line - it was NOT fun at all. I hate borrowing stuff!

    Tennis. So you know I am a tennis junkie. I don't really play, I just watch. I have favourite players and players that I don't like, I watch some hoping they'd win, I watch others hoping they'd lose. I root for my country players (I have like 5 countries I consider "mine" so that's quite a long list), and there are few countries that I root against (for no special reason). If a player I like loses, or if a player I don't like wins, I am not a happy bunny. When I watch tennis I get too hyper, too nervous, I fidget, I binge, I am incommunicado to the rest of the world, I twist and break things, I snap at people, I am probably fun to watch - but is it really FUN? No, I don't think so. It's a condition, and probably there are some meds I could take. THANK YOU MOMMY AND DADDY FOR FORCING ME TO COME WITH YOU TO QATAR OPEN! I was as indifferent to tennis as all normal people, and now I am hooked and I can't help it.

    Internet. With the weather in Doha taking a sharp turn towards HELL sign, outdoor activities are pretty much limited to running to and from the airconditioned car in and out of airconditioned indoors. Indoors in my case mean home and work as I am not a shopping fan. Home and work mean internet access. Internet, by definition, is fun. But it is vicious, vile and contagious, and I have developed certain (not funny) symptoms of an internet addict - I actually said "LOL" to someone the other day. I can't write - I can only type. I find it difficult to talk to people, I don't know where to look, I don't know where to put my hands, I'd much rather there was a screen and a keyboard in front of me than a person, it makes the whole communication thing much easier. Does it sound fun to you? Me neither.

    (Much hyped) Doha Trade Fair. I went with a friend, and believe me when I say to you it was the worst event I've ever been to (first meeting with the prospective in-laws, which firmly occupied this position for 8 odd years, is the runner-up). Imagine stall after stall filled with cheap knockoffs and fake designer goods, isle after isle filled with screaming, running children and pushing, arrogant men and women and you will have an idea. Trade Fair a la Asia. The only thing I brought home with me was a nasty eye infection and sore feet. In other words, never again, not for any fun in the world.

    The list goes on and on.

    And now my boss announced that the deadline for the project I'm working on is shifted to the end of THIS week (instead of the last working week before my holiday). I am sure he's just being funny ;-)

    posted by Bravecat @ 11:51 am  
    • At 01/06/2006, 21:07, Blogger Mise said…

      God! Your poor thing :-( ... I'd invite you for a pint except I'm not within an ass's roar of a pub, and besides, I'd probably catch something!..lol...

      .... sorry (with most contrite look and The Jean Genie on the stereo!) ;-)

    • At 01/06/2006, 21:27, Blogger [m]att™ said…

      I understand, I actually said "LOL" the other day at WORK. Embarassing, and a clear sign to all who heard that I indeed have no life.

      I think you need a vacation. Not necessarily a long one, even just a weekend in Ibiza ! That way you can prove to yourself that you are indeed capable of fun-creation !

    • At 02/06/2006, 05:05, Blogger confused arab chick said…


      I think Matt was spot on- vacation will do you will. Saying lol to real, live human beings is NOT a good sign!

      - besides, everybody needs a little fun.. and I don't doubt that you will find it in Malta.

    • At 02/06/2006, 10:29, Blogger Sever said…

      Aunt, my poor Aunt :)

      I`m not that one who can advise something about fun...
      Not good that now you are so too
      :-/ Or from who must I learn how to have fun:)

    • At 02/06/2006, 10:36, Anonymous jack said…

      You need a pampered vacation. You can meet myself and better half for some high flying adventure.

      Hot Air Ballon

      You aren't afraid of heights are you?

    • At 02/06/2006, 12:05, Anonymous butterfly said…

      Cat...I know exactly how you feel...I haven´t had real, crazy crazy fun for months :(

      Everyone here is right, enjoy your vacation, do something crazy, and talk to real people. And please don´t say LOL again.

    • At 02/06/2006, 14:51, Blogger Silent Altitude said…

      Καλημέρα αγαπούλα μου

      I really enjoyed the car adventure. The car was really good ut I still remember your "scare" that the car is too big for you.

      I am sure you will have it really soon though.

      Tennis is on tv full speed now as will be the world cup soon.


    • At 03/06/2006, 16:13, Blogger ahmed said…

      so when is ur vacation?

    • At 04/06/2006, 02:29, Blogger [m]att™ said…

      Maybe she took our advice and went on holiday... Since Qatarcat seems to be awfully silent out there !


    • At 04/06/2006, 09:06, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Ha, yeah Mattie, very funny :p No I was just taking a break from the net - one weekend only!


      I'll remind you about your offer of a pint.. in different circumstances!

      Matt, Chick,

      I can't WAIT to go to Malta! I really need a holiday, and as much as I would hate leaving Qatar and everything here, I understand that if I don't go somewhere sometime really soon, I will have a nervous breakdown. I am leaving on the 16th of June :^)


      Thought you left again! Glad to see you here again. You have enough fun in your life lately, it seems :p


      Whoah! No, not afraid of heights at all. But not too fond of flying, either!


      Thanks dear. LOL! Are you planning to come back to Qatar in the nearest future?


      I don't know anything about any World Cup. It's Grand Slam season. :^)


      Soon and yet not soon enough. June 16th. I'll have net access, although I kinda think I should take a break from the net, too.


    • At 04/06/2006, 17:23, Blogger BirkenEarthyKel said…

      Well cat,

      speaking from experience, get out of HELL asap. Our trip home was horrible, and exahusting but we made it! It was actually raining! In my book, there is nothing better than a good, cleansing, moutain rain. it's beautiful here. i have missed home more than I thought. i'll post some pictures this afternoon of my beatiful mountains. Want to come visit? It sure will be hard coming back to Qatar.

    • At 05/06/2006, 00:34, Blogger Lost in trance... said…

      didyu c that match? i saw the highlites on rolandgarros.com n was stumped!...maan this guy Mathieu is gud huh? 60 winners past Nadal? huge! i'm sure ur guy was relieved at the end! hahaha!

    • At 05/06/2006, 08:29, Blogger Susanne said…

      You said LOL to someone in person?

      Oh dear.

    • At 05/06/2006, 09:12, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Lost & Found,

      COURSE I saw the match. Well, I knew Nadal would win, of course, but I didn't know Mathieu was capable of putting up such a fight! Good on him! :D


      Pathetic, I know.

    • At 06/06/2006, 22:59, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

      QC: you have really high sense of responsibility that many people don't have "Good For You", but try not to be so snappish ;p
      OMG, me too…I almost said LOOL with normal people who don't even know what the hell is LOL is!!!
      Ha Ha Ha Ha
      What the hell is happening to us and I can't write a normal letter, I even use computer and printer to make a normal letter. I lost my skill and my pretty handwriting!!
      The last one is so unexpected to you….
      take a luxury vacation and leave ur computer and internet ;)
      We're going to Ibiza
      I love this song so much

      I Don't Wanna Be A Busdriver "or internet chronic"
      All My Life
      I'm Gonna Pack My Bags And Leave This Town
      Grab A Flight
      Fly Away On Venga Airways
      Fly Me High
      Ibiza Sky

      I Look Up At The Sky
      And I See The Clouds
      I Looked Down At The Ground
      And I See The Rainbow Down The Drain
      Fly Away On Venga Airways
      Fly Me High
      Ibiza Sky

      Whoah! We're Going To Ibiza
      Whoah! Back To The Island
      Whoah! We're Going To Ibiza
      Whoah! We're Gonna Have A Party
      Whoah! In The Mediterranean Sea

      Far Away From This Big Town
      And The Rain
      It's Really Very Nice To Be
      Home Again
      Fly Away On Venga Airways
      Fly Me High, Ibiza Sky

      Whoah! We're Going To Ibiza
      Whoah! Back To The Island
      Whoah! We're Going To Ibiza
      Whoah! We're Gonna Have A Party
      Whoah! In The Mediterranean Sea

    • At 08/06/2006, 13:19, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Haha I used to HATE this song! But now it reminded me of those glorious careless sunny days back home and cheered me up considerably! Thanks!


    • At 10/06/2006, 00:56, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

      My Brother gave me this song
      and i listen to it every day.
      Yeah, so cheering song
      Hope you are happy now ;)

    • At 11/06/2006, 16:41, Blogger U.E. said…

      Can't beleive I was gone so long that I missed this cRaZY FUN post! Haahaha, I'm with you on the borrowing aspects. To much stress involved for sure.

      Oh... and I don't need to impress you... I know you love me :P

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