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    29 May 2006
    Oh, Dubya...
    From an outspoken royal to an outspoken politician

    Mr. Bush
    has promised the world the following:

    "we will not rest until the promise of liberty reaches every people in every nation" and that "by standing with democratic reforms across a troubled region, we will extend freedom to millions who have not known it and lay the foundation for peace for generations to come".

    In other words, Be Nice to America, or We Will Bring Democracy to Your Country.

    HT: Marjorie

    If only Bush were THAT outspoken (in response to Mr. Ahmadinejad's letter).

    HT: Sandmonkey
    posted by Bravecat @ 1:02 pm  
    • At 29/05/2006, 22:08, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      OH Bush. Did you know his approval rating is now at about 35% ? If he worked any other job he would have been fired by now.

    • At 30/05/2006, 09:15, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      And he should have been, by now.

    • At 30/05/2006, 12:16, Blogger Bandarof said…


      Yeah impeach Clinton for alegedly havin an affair with lewinsky, make him a joke for everyone. though impeach Bush!?!? Naaaaaaa After all, all he's doing is killing Arabs!! Freakin Nazis!!


    • At 30/05/2006, 14:34, Blogger BirkenEarthyKel said…

      You know, I saw a picket sign one day in DC saying "somebody give Bush a blowjob so we can impeach him" Hahahaha! Sorry, distateful but I had to laugh.
      His approvals are WAY down and it won't take long, I feel pretty confident that he will be impeached. He still has 3 years left in office and the way things are going right now I have no doubt that he will be a lame duck. A few more points and his rating will be the lowest of all presidents in American history with Nixon as the runner up.

    • At 30/05/2006, 21:17, Blogger Lost in trance... said…

      AWESOME bumper sticker!

      on the side, chk this out too:
      its hilarious!


    • At 30/05/2006, 23:10, Blogger Drima said…

      If I used the word "misunderestimate" in any English test, I would end up with an F grade... Clinton was waaaay better than this retardo...

    • At 31/05/2006, 09:40, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      LOL! Problem is, I don't think there were any volunteers...


      The link didn't work for me :(
      And yes, bumper sticker rocks!


      Haha don't misoverestimate!
      But retardo he is, and a big mean one, too.

    • At 02/06/2006, 07:10, Blogger Lost in trance... said…

      just go to video.google.com and search for colbert...easy to find..:)

    • At 02/06/2006, 15:37, Blogger Twix said…

      I actually like Bush. I find him very entertaining.

    • At 08/06/2006, 13:51, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      I am at work and you are throwing in these suggestions... Sigh


      Entertaining he might be, but should he be a president?

    • At 07/03/2007, 01:08, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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