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    11 June 2006
    Rafa, you Rock!

    I didn't have any doubts. And those who had them - well, Rafa proved them wrong once again. In an epic final Rafa shattered Federer's dreams of winning four Grand Slams in a row and defended his Roland Garros crown with a beautiful game. He truly is the King of Clay! Vive le Roi!

    Roger - you are still the greatest. Better luck next time!

    What about the girls? No surprises there, Justine Henin-Hardenne remains the best player when it comes to red dirt so naturally she won. Well done Justine, and well done Svetlana Kuznetsova for reaching her first Roland Garros finals.
    posted by Bravecat @ 8:46 pm  
    • At 12/06/2006, 01:09, Anonymous Jaguuu said…

      Soooo when is da Pardy My dear cat?? :)

    • At 12/06/2006, 04:37, Blogger Mise said…

      I'm glad your faith in Rafa was vindicated QC, but I still prefer green sod to red earth any day :-D ... so come on Argentina!!!

    • At 12/06/2006, 14:27, Blogger Nash said…

      I was hoping for Federer to win, lets see what happens in Wimbledon!

    • At 12/06/2006, 14:34, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      What Pardy? Is Nadal throwing a party and I am invited? :p


      So you are rooting for Argentina? Hmm let me check the teams... Nothing appealing. I might root for Ukraine though.


      Unless something very unfortunate and unpredictable happens, Federer will defend his Wimbledon title :^)

    • At 12/06/2006, 15:17, Blogger Mise said…

      QC..Purely because I drew them in a pool... otherwise, seeing as Ireland didn't qualify ('nuff said about that!), I'd have to support England as our nearest qualifying neighbours. :-D

    • At 12/06/2006, 22:56, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      Yeah, he does rock. He can rock my socks anytime...

      Oh, and I'm sure he's good at tennis too.

    • At 13/06/2006, 11:28, Anonymous Nuri said…

      He doesn't have a chance, in Wimbledon Federer is King

    • At 13/06/2006, 12:20, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Irishman supporting England? Unheard of!


      And here I thought you were taken? :p


      No argument there, all I can do is sit back, watch and enjoy, hoping for an upset! The pressure will certainly be on Roger :D

    • At 13/06/2006, 13:42, Blogger Sever said…

      Why not Kuznetsova :-/

      Aunt, you are not going to make posts about football?
      Or it will be later... close to final :)

    • At 13/06/2006, 23:04, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…

      Okay, Nadal is not easy...isn't he! ;)

      I thought Federer will win!

      Anyway, Nadal is cute too
      Ha Ha Ha

      Happy for your happiness QC :)

      wish to see you one day play not watch ;p

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