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    23 June 2006
    More Malta
    Here are some more pictures I took over the last couple of days. Click on them for a better view.

    Republic Street, Valletta

    Caffe Raffael terrace, Spinola Bay

    Westin Dragonara resort/casino

    Bedouin Bar, Dragonara ;-)

    World Cup fever, Vittoriosa

    Vittoriosa street note

    Horse "parking", Valletta

    Locals resting by the church, Vittoriosa

    Malta is very beautiful, full of history and amazing architecture (and people seem to have many more legs than they do in the Middle East, lol). Enjoy the pictures! I might post some more later if you want me to.

    posted by Bravecat @ 3:43 pm  
    • At 23/06/2006, 16:28, Blogger Sever said…

      Pakuyu chemodany.

      That`s how I feel, when I`m watching your photos.

      Want to visit Bedouine Bar... heheh:)

      What do you think, dear Aunt, is it possible to find normal job there? :-D

    • At 23/06/2006, 19:04, Blogger ArabLady said…

      nice pics....wish if i could be in ur place!!! :D

    • At 23/06/2006, 20:57, Blogger Mise said…

      Gorgeous church QC ... hope you're having a good time...

    • At 23/06/2006, 23:17, Blogger >>Sama Oman said…


      Awesome pics QC…

      I want to go there one day ;)

    • At 24/06/2006, 08:51, Blogger U.E. said…

      Random thoughts...

      *I see lots of 'shor pants' my dear... so much for it being an "American" thing! :p

      *Casinos? Man.. if I had any reservations I've now been convinced. lol


      *All those people.. I had no idea it was so 'touristy'.

      Great pics, can't wait to hear more! Hugs babe!

    • At 24/06/2006, 11:30, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Yeah Bedouin Bar cracked me up. I haven't visited it though. I saw it on the way to casino (which I visited, lol). I don't know about the job, sweetheart, but I don't assume it would be easy. It's EU and beside all the legal restrictions, there are tons of EU youngsters queueing for jobs here. On the other hand, I can't really tell because I haven't tried.

      A. Lady,

      Welcome to Life in Qatar and thanks for your comment. I hope one day you will visit Malta as well. As for being in my place - well no, I guess you can't have that :p


      Having a blast, mate. I am alone most of the time, and have plenty time to explore on my own. Just the way I love it. And yes, this church and the churches in general are unbelievable here.


      And you should!


      Lots of short pants. Giving me a headache! People don't wear anything else here, and we feel terribly overdressed. I guess we'll adjust by the end of the holiday, just in time for Qatar, lol. Then it will be a culture shock to the other extreme.
      Went to casino yesterday, it's just a 10 minutes walk from the hotel. Bet $30 on roulette and lost, and then won $29 in the slots, and realised it was a sign to get out of there, hehe.


    • At 24/06/2006, 19:44, Blogger confused arab chick said…


      I've just added Malta onto my mental list of "places I must visit before I die" :)


    • At 25/06/2006, 17:52, Blogger Rimyoleta said…

      okay I can't see any pics..
      but looks like Fun:D
      Hope you enjoy ur time
      Miss you

    • At 25/06/2006, 23:55, Blogger mimi said…

      meow.... beautiful pics.. I've missed ur blog very much :)

    • At 26/06/2006, 08:19, Blogger Nash said…

      Nice pics QC, thanks for sharing them. The Republic Street seems full of people, must be a real tourist spot.

      Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

    • At 27/06/2006, 03:57, Blogger Mise said…

      Hey Cat....rain in Wimbledon ...the rain gods must know you're on holidays ;-D

    • At 27/06/2006, 06:47, Blogger Susanne said…

      Wow, I must go there someday!

      I love that about blogs- that you can see what someone else on the world is seeing, or read about what they are experiencing.


    • At 27/06/2006, 08:08, Blogger BirkenEarthyKel said…

      Lookin good!
      I hear you on the over dressed bit. Everywhere I go here in the good ole US of A, I see butt cheeks hanging out and braless breasts in spaghetti strap tank tops....not that I'd wear that anyway, but you know...
      When are you back to Doha?

    • At 27/06/2006, 16:24, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      You should definitely visit Malta. Everyone should! It's such an amazing place. I'm in love with it.


      Awww.. ok in my next post the pics will be uploaded so that you could see them, too. Otherwise it's not fair. Miss you too, girl!


      Meow back! Don't miss my blog - visit more often! :^)


      It is a tourist spot, actually most of Malta is pretty much touristy, but not annoyingly so. They manage to strike a balance really well. And yeah I am enjoying it to the max, thanks!


      Yeah did you see that?? LOL! Well the weather is better today, but still... :p


      Of course you must come to Malta some day. And you are so right - I love "travelling" through other people's blogs. Yours, too! :^)


      Don't let me start on those... I wish I could just make them look at themselves in the mirror! Or maybe I am just getting old. Looks like brushing your hair is definitely out, too. Girls here don't bother. And hotpants and skirts look more like belts to me. Legs legs legs everywhere.. Yesterday there was a girl in the restaurant who wore shorts so tiny that she had most of her butt exposed when she sat down - and she wasn't wearing any undies (at least I haven't noticed any). Argh

      I am coming back this Saturday. You?

    • At 05/07/2006, 12:14, Blogger Namika said…

      waw loved the pics.. looks like a very nice place..

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