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    31 August 2006
    US Open
    US Open is in full swing!

    And now the post (all 3 of) you were waiting for! I am sure you were wondering why it comes so late - 3rd day into the tournament. The answer is that I was neither in the mood nor have I watched enough games to be able to say anything about it until now. And now that I saw a few matches and got myself sorted out I can finally yak about tennis ;-)

    1. Cast. This year US Open features the best of the best. Check this out:
    ATP: Agassi (this is his last career tournament), Federer, Nadal, Nalbandian, Davydenko, Baghdatis (who only plays well in Grand Slams for some reason, lol), Roddick, Safin et al, no major player absent.
    Youngsters to watch out for: Andy Murray (who beat Federer recently and got scared of the fact, lol) and Gael Monfils (love the 'fro!).
    Oldies to recon with: Henman, Agassi and Grosjean.
    WTA: Mauresmo, Hardenne, Sharapova, Hingis (seeded 8th!), Davenport, Pierce et al. Notably absent is Kim Clijsters. I won't miss her.
    Youngsters capable of major upsets: Radwanska, Azarenka (dispatched Myskina in 1st round, way to go!!), Vaidisova, Mirza.
    Oldies who can do substantial damage: Pierce, S. Williams, Hingis.

    2. Weather
    . Day 2 of the tournament was completely washed out, allowing only about 40 minutes play all in all. This of course caused havoc in the schedule and instead of getting a day on day off kind of routine everything is now squashed to catch up on the lost day. Fun fun fun!

    3. Outfits
    . Woo hoo! White and blue are boring, boring, snore... This year it's all about red and black, and thumbs up to that. The outfits are fab. Especially Nike. Check out Sharapova and Nadal for the sexiest ever tennis clothes. Federer is true to his signature blue "airconditioned" shirt. No comment.

    4. Challenges.
    These have got to be the most exciting news in the tennis world. Now if the players disagree with the line judge/umpire, they are allowed to watch the replay of the point on a huge screen - and make sure the decision was correct. It's not exactly new technology, it has been around for few (selected) tournaments, but I am still excited every time the player decides to challenge the call. It allows for more public interaction and interest. A player is allowed 2 challenges every set, losing them if the call was correct, carrying them on should the call be overruled by the replay. Players get one additional challenge in the tie break but they cannot carry them over to the next set.

    5. Who I root for:
    ATP: Baghdatis, Nadal, Agassi, Safin, Tursunov, Murray, Davydenko.
    WTA: Sharapova, Ivanovic, Safina, Daniilidou, Schiavone.

    6. Who will win? I have no idea. With this cast you can never be sure. Federer has a good chance to win this year again, unless Nadal stops him. Women? It would be too good to be true if Shara got the title. Hardenne and Mauresmo look pretty solid. I will come up with quarterfinalists after the next round. Watch this space!

    7. Special note. Tursunov, the undisputed King of ATP blogs, has agreed to become a resident ATP blogger. Yay! Check it out for the most hilarious insider's view on the world of professional tennis.

    Aren't you all excited I'll be talking tennis for the next couple of weeks?


    posted by Bravecat @ 12:42 pm  
    • At 31/08/2006, 18:10, Blogger Dohagirl said…

      Blah, blah, blah. Wake me up when you post something interesting. :P

    • At 31/08/2006, 19:32, Blogger Mise said…

      Oh God! :roll:

    • At 31/08/2006, 22:21, Blogger tomboy said…

      i hate tennis! except nadal lol

    • At 01/09/2006, 07:50, Blogger Lost in trance... said…

      5th set and going...agassi or bags?

    • At 01/09/2006, 11:49, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Will do, when YOU wake up :P


      You like tennis. So shush.


      Haha oh well, I agree on one thing - Nadal is yum!


      My money was on Agassi. This is Akela's last hunt after all.

    • At 01/09/2006, 14:46, Blogger Noors said…

      I used to be crazy about tennis when I was younger. I knew all the players, watched as many games as I could, but once my fav players left, I started to slowly drift away from tennis.

      Sampras was always my all time favourite. So was Hingis. Now I'm surprised to hear that she's back! Wow, I can't believe how little I've kept in touch with tennis to not know about this!

    • At 01/09/2006, 15:06, Anonymous Sam said…

      Although tennis isn't my all time favorite sport...can't say I don't enjoy it. When Sampras left...Agassi became my favorite...and he shall win to end his career better than Zidane ended his.

    • At 02/09/2006, 12:20, Blogger Snooky said…

      Waiting for your next reviews. But I dont have high hopes for tournament anyaways, seems gayish.

    • At 02/09/2006, 13:21, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Hey there! It's September, our birthmonth :D And speaking of that, you are YOUNG, so get back into watching tennis, pronto! Plenty great players so pick your new favs.


      Fingers crossed. Zidane's career ended in the worst way. I am sure Agassi has more class and brains to walk out with grace, even in defeat. I do hope he wins the slam, but oh well, high hopes.


      Gayish, you say? LOL! You know, it's actually pretty true. Just look at them :P

      My next reviews will come when they will have completed fourth round. The night session was washed out yesterday, so lots of empty spots on the draws.

    • At 02/09/2006, 20:04, Blogger Snooky said…

      Kinda agree. Anyways, the reviews from you which I'm really waiting for, are the next QATAR Open's. =D

    • At 03/09/2006, 10:48, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Oh those you'll have to wait a while for!

    • At 04/09/2006, 16:22, Blogger Twix said…

      Agassi will be missed..

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