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    3 September 2006
    Happy Birthday to Me - updated

    You should have seen me in an enormous Mexican hat with an ice cream dessert in front of me, skinny single candle sticking out of it, and serenaded by a very loud band of Latin singers.... THANK YOU Midget! I'll get you for it, you just wait!!


    I can't believe I didn't get any scrunchies! And just to think that 3 (that's THREE) people promised that they would get me some. This is simply unacceptable :P :P

    Instead I got a whopping 2 items out of the suggested gift list! Namely, a dinner at the Diplomatic Club (thanks!!) and a funky Bluetooth headset thingy - it rocks, thank you!

    I did NOT get a diamond incrusted mobile (tsk tsk tsk), and I didn't get a trip anywhere. I did however get a goodie bag from Lush - now the whole upper floor of my villa smells like strawberries, yum!

    posted by Bravecat @ 11:07 am  
    • At 03/09/2006, 11:28, Blogger Mise said…

      That sounds perfect! :-D

    • At 03/09/2006, 11:57, Blogger GIASI said…

      that was at the tex-mex in the marriot right? i always feel so sorry for the hapless victims. i was there last week and one guy was sitting there happily joking with his friends (though i question their friendship) when all of a sudden i could see all the staff huddled in a corner trying to light a tiny candle on some muffin. The strained twangs of "happy birthday" signalled the assault. The attack party was led by a sombrero wielding thug (which i ascertained was the ringleader). The poor guy didnt stand a chance. I think his only wish was that when that sombrero was finally lifted up, he would have disappeared.

      I have made pact with myself that in the event i am stupid enough to accept a birthday dinner invitation to a tex mex restaurant (i think that it is an international law that only tex-mex eateries are allowed to perform this ritual) that as soon as i see them approaching, i will use my cutlery to the death. i am lethal with a spoon.

    • At 03/09/2006, 12:36, Blogger Yours Truly...Conman said…

      Happy Birthday!

    • At 03/09/2006, 13:10, Anonymous Marjorie said…

      Happy birthday QatarCat!!!!!

    • At 03/09/2006, 13:29, Blogger don_veto said…

      Happy Birthday Qatar Cat, sorry for not getting you the diamond encrusted mobile phone, they where out of stock, maybe I can get you one next year ;-)

    • At 03/09/2006, 14:26, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Hi QatarCat

      Happy Birthday !!!!!

      There must have been 16 candles, and surely not more than 18.

      I have never known a woman's age to cross 18 years !!!

      Since you dont wnat to virtual flowers and since you dindt provide me with a PO Box, the flowers will ahve to wait for some other occassion.


      Have a great day today !


      Sned us some cake if you can




    • At 03/09/2006, 14:27, Blogger Dohagirl said…

      Happy Birthday Kitty Kat. :D

      GIASI, what else can you do with a spoon? ;) and whens your birthday?

    • At 03/09/2006, 15:52, Blogger GIASI said…

      actually, im like the queen, i have two (birthdays that is... mmmn... maybe the queen also has two. it would certainly explain the funny walk... i digress)... needless to say.. i am a leo (roar and beat chest... not that lions beat their chests or anything... gotta stop babbling). August. Last week actually. and none of you remembered :'(. Ok.. so i didnt tell you but thats no excuse.

      Things i can do with a spoon? too many to mention. Give me some industrial grease, a rubber glove and swiss army knife too and the possibilities are endless.

    • At 03/09/2006, 17:33, Blogger Snooky said…

      Happy Birthday.

    • At 03/09/2006, 17:56, Blogger Arabian Princess said…

      Happy Birthday :)

    • At 03/09/2006, 18:21, Blogger Sever said…

      I'm crying in a load voice!

      No presents from me.

      Ok, ok, wait & you will see... Next year it must be done!

      Love you, Auntie :P

    • At 03/09/2006, 18:37, Blogger Noors said…

      Happy Birthday!!!

      Wow that sounded like loads of fun, I'm sure it was a BLAST! :)

    • At 03/09/2006, 20:15, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      Happy Birthday Cat!

      Tex-Mex was my guess too- I did my birthday there once.. 17th, I think... I got attacked by the same mob.. And one of them.. I think his name was Pedro or something, served me a "Ferrari".. what a drink!

      It sounds like you had fun.. I'm glad!

    • At 04/09/2006, 04:18, Blogger ~ Saud! G!rl ~ said…

      hippy birthday,,,, :)

      i wish that i'm in qater to come to ur party ..:)

      take care..

    • At 04/09/2006, 09:17, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Happy Birthday Cat, hope u had lots of fun :)

    • At 04/09/2006, 12:03, Blogger ku E said…

      QC darling,

      happy belated birthday & many happy returns of the day ;)


    • At 04/09/2006, 12:05, Blogger Bandarof said…

      Happy Birthday Cat!!!

      May Allah fill your life with happiness and prosperity, and bless you with health wisdome :)


    • At 04/09/2006, 12:11, Blogger Dohagirl said…

      GIASI, you have me all tingly! You know better than to mention industrial grease and a rubber glove in my presence. :P

    • At 04/09/2006, 13:09, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Thanks all! :^)

      Giasi - yes indeed it was in Marriott. And it was my idea, I can't believe I haven't thought about the hat beforehand!

      Don Veto,

      I knew you were only words, no action :"( I'll wait till next year then.

      Sever - luchshiy moy podarochek eto ty! :P

      Chica - yup, tex shmex. No ferraris though. I had a margarita. It wasn't awesome.

      People, I am officially 31!!


    • At 04/09/2006, 14:45, Blogger Flous said…

      Happy Birthday! =D

    • At 04/09/2006, 14:56, Anonymous fish said…

      well since you're all in the business of embarassing one-another..how about you get me a male stripper for my birthday? yes that would really humiliate me!
      (preferably tall, dark, and handsom. 6'3", 7", and above 0-:D)

      oh yeah and i guess happy birthday too :p

    • At 04/09/2006, 15:53, Blogger Reem said…

      Happy Birthday Cat

    • At 04/09/2006, 18:13, Blogger Nash said…

      Happy Happy birthday, hope u had a wonderful party :)

    • At 04/09/2006, 19:22, Blogger SugarComa said…


      Happy belated birthday girl <3

    • At 04/09/2006, 20:25, Blogger Kazablanka said…

      Happy Belated Birthday Scratchy!!! I miss you girl..

    • At 04/09/2006, 22:32, Blogger 3anooda said…

      excellent. happy belated birthday.

      i bet u had a great time. its those birthdays that really stick to ur memory. i remember my birthday last year when everywhere i went i was serenaded with singing staff. and trust me my friends took me EVERYWHERE in town over the space of three days. and people kept singing.

      the fourth day, i was walking to my car and some random guys screamed out "happy birthday" from a moving car.

      i think the whole of Muscat knew it was my birthday. LOL. still that birthday really stuck to my memory

    • At 05/09/2006, 06:42, Blogger Susanne said…

      Sounds fun. Hope you had a good day!

    • At 05/09/2006, 10:26, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Thanks so much everyone! It's nice to be loved :P

      Fish - male stripper? I'll rent a bunch of dolphins for you, lol.

      Kaza - you can't miss me, because I am here and it's YOU who's gone missing!!

      3anooda - I wish I celebrated my birthday in Muscat as well, you know..

      And now I will update the post with the list of gifts I have received :P

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