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    18 September 2006
    I want to be a gay man
    Here is a conversation I had with my friend Midge on Yahoo messenger few minutes ago. I thought I'd share it.

    Cat: http://corporealdream.blogspot.com/

    Cat: scroll to "Ah Crap"

    Midget: ok

    Cat: and read the boyfriend's answer too

    Cat: I want a gay boyfriend

    Cat: they have feelings

    Midget: ok

    Midget: Really

    Cat: read!!

    Cat: they WORRY what their partner thinks of them!

    Cat: they are so sweet

    Midget: AHHHHH!

    Cat: I have to be a gay man then I can have one of these guys!

    Cat: or someone just like them

    Midget: I know

    Cat: read their comments to each other?

    Midget: I am

    Midget: I want to be a gay man

    Cat: I want to be a gay man

    Cat: lets be gay men

    Midget: Ok

    Midget: How do we start?

    Cat: leave the country

    Midget: I guess so

    Cat: this here place isn't gay friendly

    Cat: we go to Canada

    Midget: That's true

    Midget: We could!

    Cat: yes

    Midget: There we can be gay and proud

    Cat: there we could meet other uninhibited, unrepressed gay men

    Cat: yes

    Cat: like these two

    Midget: That would be fantastic

    Cat: I wouldn't date you tho

    Midget: Well than we would just be lesbians

    Cat: brings back too many repressive memories

    Cat: exactly

    Midget: I want to be a gay man

    Cat: I don't want to be a lesbian

    Midget: Neither do I

    Midget: I want to be a gay man

    Cat: ok I am off writing a gay man post

    Midget: Me too

    Midget: Whats the link again

    Cat: what is the title of your post?

    Midget: I want to be a Gay man

    Cat: www.MidgeIsaDork.com

    Cat: that was supposed to be my title!

    Cat: http://corporealdream.blogspot.com/


    PS. Check out Midge's post on the same subject.
    posted by Bravecat @ 11:48 am  
    • At 18/09/2006, 12:11, Blogger Dohagirl said…

      I would love to be a gay man. I bet you the sex would be good too.

    • At 18/09/2006, 12:14, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Sex has nothing to do with it. Well, almost nothing. I just want to have a man I could talk like that to!! No, actually I want a man who could talk like that to me.


    • At 18/09/2006, 13:42, Blogger GIASI said…

      do i really know you two nutters? :P

      i take solace in the fact that i could be a gay man much easier than you two :P

    • At 18/09/2006, 14:35, Blogger Snooky said…

      Gay men wouldn't be interested in gay wannabe women. XD

    • At 18/09/2006, 14:38, Blogger Mise said…

      Crazy conversation, but I read the post on the link and the reply ...those two guys ae so open with each other, and honest. Don't know if I'd want to do it online, but there are lessons there.

    • At 18/09/2006, 20:08, Blogger Sever said…

      I don't want to be a gay man.

      & I don't want to be a man.



    • At 19/09/2006, 00:37, Blogger Ella said…

      I dont wanna be a gay man either... but i'd love to be a man !!!


    • At 19/09/2006, 00:48, Blogger Ella said…

      Ok i just changed my mind, i read their posts, and i'd love it too if someone could speak with such honesty with me and just understand the situation for what it is !!!

      So i'm changing my mind, i'd love to be gay, a gay man !!!

    • At 19/09/2006, 01:00, Blogger Cherrypie said…

      I think maybe I used to be a gay man, only I lost the ability to choose curtains.

    • At 19/09/2006, 02:17, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      I say wonderful!
      - Can i be a gay man too?

    • At 19/09/2006, 16:23, Blogger clayfuture said…

      This is some funny shit!!! :D

    • At 19/09/2006, 20:28, Blogger { 13 } said…

      waiting fOr Tom Cruise to Shout this Out :P..!

    • At 20/09/2006, 02:26, Blogger Ella said…

      all the women wanna be me - and a gay !!

      the men dont seem to have any comments !! should we be worried?

    • At 20/09/2006, 09:22, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      No you don't. But if you become a gay man, I'd like to date you when I am a gay man in Canada :P


      You are gay men' spokesman? Hee hee


      Yeah that's exactly it. Lessons. I think being with a gay man is a lot like being with a woman. Oh my god we'd never stop bitching! :D


      You're perfect as you are :^)


      Welcome to the club. They bought us over!


      I never had the ability to choose curtains. Do gay man have it??


      Way easier for you - you're already in Canada! :D


      Knowing Cruise, I wouldn't put it past him. I'll be watching tabloids!


      Men will never admit they all secretly want to be gay.


    • At 20/09/2006, 14:15, Blogger frogman said…

      QC.. i leave you for a month and this is what i come back to?? lol how bout this, why not find a bisexual man.. that way he is gay enough to be sweet and all and at the same time you can still be a woman.. i don't think you want to shave your face every morning..

    • At 20/09/2006, 14:19, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      OK so you say you'd rather wax all over than just shave your face? I know what I would choose, if I had the choice!


    • At 21/09/2006, 09:30, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      AWW ! You posted a link to my blog !

      Just to let you know, I'm talking to Cody in Montreal right now and he and I are reading the post, I love it.

      Yes, being gay and living in Canada does rock, and we just legalized gay marriage so I could get married (emphasis on could, not will).

      Anyways, yea. I love that you and ur friend had an entire talk about it. I am the gay BF for many of my "girlfriends" here, and I would be proud to be your honorary gay boyfriend :D

    • At 21/09/2006, 10:52, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      You all heard that, people? I've got an honorary gay boyfriend now. Nothing is impossible after all. Matt, I'm yours forever. Say hi to Cody from me, you guys are awesome.

      And if you get married (emphasis on if, not when), I expect an invite!


    • At 22/09/2006, 15:05, Blogger Snooky said…

      Unforunatly no =D
      I want to ne Lesbian Women spokesman though. XD

    • At 26/09/2006, 04:12, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      I also love lesbians, I have a couple hot lesbian friends, Muwhahaa, just to make you str8 men jealous !

      Cat, you are totally invited, if and when it happens !

      *cough* hint hint Cody...

    • At 26/09/2006, 22:29, Blogger da Angel wears Escada said…

      Must say, a very gay post you have going here!
      Spread the gay word around!

    • At 27/09/2006, 09:08, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      What's stopping you?? :P :P


      LMAO did Cody get a hint?


      I had no intentions of spreading the gay word around, I just went through my "gay" phase, I guess, lol. I am quite content being a straight girl these days. I already have an honorary gay boyfriend (see comments above) - life is beautiful! :^)

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