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    29 January 2007
    From Doha to Dubai
    So it's a done deal, then. I am definitely moving to Dubai. The offer was too good to turn down and no matter how much we love Doha - it's packing time.

    I will leave my heart in Doha when I move. Too many memories and special places, great friends who promise to keep in touch, great moments and 4 years of my life will be remembered and treasured.

    We'll be moving by the end of February. One month is all I have left here, and while the realisation of the deadline and the list of things to do before I leave are somewhat shocking, the anticipation makes time crawl in slow motion. It seems like it's been ages since I came back from Cyprus, and it's ages till I get paid in the end of the month.

    I wonder what is waiting for me in Dubai. Will I love it or hate it? Dubai is one of those places where there is no room for "in between". Most people fall into "either/or" categories when it comes to loving or hating it. I hope I will like it as much as I like Qatar. My two visits to Dubai were so inconclusive and brief that I can't make up my mind. Few words come into my mind when I think of Dubai - "big" (although it really isn't), "busy" (compared to Doha, of course), "flashy", "exaggerated" (in absolutely everything), "overrated", "interesting"... Time will show what I'll make of it.

    I will miss Qatar. Of course there are things I will definitely NOT miss, such as my house, imbecile drivers, sewage trucks, my husband's insane working hours, transit through Bahrain/Dubai on the way home, lack of decent entertainment and so on. Nevertheless, my life here was interesting and eventful. I'll miss my job, I'll miss Doha Corniche which is actually really beautiful (unlike Dubai monstrosity), quieteness of Landmark mall (are there any quiet malls in Dubai?) and the Arabic atmosphere of Qatar. There is precious little Arabic left in Dubai.
    Still, I'll have to make this move work for me. Otherwise, it's simply not worth it. Let's see how it goes...


    posted by Bravecat @ 9:14 am  
    • At 29/01/2007, 11:54, Blogger nzm said…

      We have imbecile drivers in Dubai too, so you'll feel right at home in no time!

      Although we love Dubai, it has no soul because it's so new. Even though it's an old pearl and fishing port, the old parts are being buried by the skyscrapers and malls.

      That's why we love to escape into the Hajjar mountains and into the desert and wadis. There you can sense the history, spirit and feeling of the place.

    • At 29/01/2007, 11:54, Blogger U.E. said…

      Move already!! (so I have a place to come stay when I want to drink myself into oblivion) :p

      Congrats to hubby on the enticing new offer. Can't wait to hear your take on Dubai!!

    • At 29/01/2007, 14:11, Anonymous Barsawad said…

      And soon there will be 'precious little Arabic left in' Doha. Wishing you all the best in Dubai.

    • At 29/01/2007, 14:47, Blogger Cairogal said…

      "Of course there are things I will definitely NOT miss, such as my house, imbecile drivers, sewage trucks, my husband's insane working hours...lack of decent entertainment..." Oh Dubai has all this and MORE of the same to offer! ;-)

      Mabrouk on the move, QC. I think change, though difficult, is usually a good thing. This is my first time in Dubai in almost 2 years, and I feel lost. This is definitely not the city I moved from in 2004. Many people criticise Dubai for being shallow, and there is that element to the society, but at the same time, I've met some of my closest friends here.

    • At 29/01/2007, 17:20, Blogger Sever said…

      Whatever happens, it's good.

      To say truth I don't think you will love Dubai that much as Doha.
      For some reasons.

      But lets see.

      Good luck, Auntie :)

    • At 29/01/2007, 18:10, Blogger Marjorie said…

      Moving is always stressful, but I'm sure you will have no problems finding your niche in Dubai!

      We should get together before you go!!!

    • At 30/01/2007, 05:21, Blogger confused arab chick said…

      I'm so sad to see you go! You were my Doha new connection- I gave up on the Peninsula a long time ago, and my mother never gives me the gossip.

      Good Luck- the way I see it, if you can love Doha, you can love Dubai.

      PS- the drivers are just as bad in Dubai, you can't escape the Gulfie overtake from the right :)

    • At 30/01/2007, 12:00, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Haha, no they are OK in Dubai. Here MOST of the dirvers are imbeciles! I'm reading your blog and learning lots about Dubai, so - thanks!


      Moving, moving. Give me some time, woman! It's not like I am in a hurry to leave Doha.


      I would hate to see Doha turn into Dubai, but sadly enough, it's on its way there :(


      Thanks for your words of encouragement.. I'll miss my friends in Doha, and Dubai didn't strike me as a particularly friendly city. I hope I'll manage... All this time I thought you were in Cairo/USA!


      Yes, there is no chance I'll love or feel the same way about Dubai as I do about Doha...


      I am not on your blogroll anymore, I thought you didn't want to have anything to do with me! :P :P


      Try Blah for all your Doha connections - look up the link on my left sidebar. You won't regret it! :^)

      And I don't mind an occasional Gulfie overtaking me from the right, as long as it's something that sometimes happens, instead of it being the norm!

    • At 30/01/2007, 14:08, Blogger AmitL said…

      Hi,QatarCat..u've summarized Dubai quite aptly..big(fame wise,I think),busy,flashy(and how!) and exaggerated..all true.So,let me say' welcome to Dubai'...
      PS:What'll be the new title of the blog,I wonder? Dubaicat sounds quite interesting.:)

    • At 30/01/2007, 14:26, Blogger Mise said…

      Hey QC .... Go for it .... The great thing about the UAE is that you've got choice ... NZM have got the balance right ...Khor Fakkan and Mussandam and the mountains are all beautiful....you can be in the Northern Emirates in a couple of hours ... but you still have the nightclubs, the pubs, the music and the shopping when you want them.

      Can't help you with the traffic and the pall of construction dust, though.

      Of course you could always live in Abu Dhabi, as I did, and have the best of all worlds.

      Good luck! :D

    • At 30/01/2007, 20:36, Anonymous Loki said…

      :( :( :(

      Is it bad that I was secretly crossing my fingers that the move wouldn't go ahead....?

      Will be sorry to see you go, QC, even though we've only just 'met'.

      Best of luck in Dubai... you never know, I may end up there myself, the way things are going here!

      Hopefully will catch up with you again before you leave. :)

    • At 31/01/2007, 19:19, Blogger clayfuture said…

      Dubai - the city that never sleeps! I'm sure you will enjoy your time here. You will find out in about a week once you're settled down. It's just the traffic that really screws your mood!

    • At 31/01/2007, 22:27, Blogger Cairogal said…

      QC: I am in Dubai catching up w/ friends for another week or so, then back to Seattle!

    • At 01/02/2007, 11:40, Blogger Marjorie said…

      OMG! I removed Dohagirl from my blogroll because her blog apparently got hijacked? I must have accidentally removed you as well. I'm so sorry!!! :-( :-(

    • At 01/02/2007, 19:05, Blogger Aoi_Chokoreto said…

      hey Q-Cat :)

      good luck with the packing, and congratts on the offer! everyone i know who is living in Dubai loves it.. as for me, i do appreciate our lovely arabic culture (in some senses) in Dubai it's more of a global village with the biggest corner for ARABS.. However, Abu Dhabi is an hour away and that is more like an Arabic city. I doubt u will hate it there.. as soon as the train system is finished people will have nothing to complain about in Dubia :) HAVE FUN..


    • At 02/02/2007, 22:45, Blogger HijabIsOverrated said…

      I hope this move is of great benefit to you. I too am moving at the end of the month to New Mexico from Washington, DC. I can't imagine all that must take place to move to another country. We hope that this move will bring us 1 step closer to moving to the middle east.

      So please write about your new adventures as much as you can. Some of us are taking notes.

      Take Care


    • At 03/02/2007, 08:49, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      So you agree with my description? Thanks! LOL no, Qatar Cat I'll remain. Not so sure on the blog title though. Might have to tweak it a little.


      I can't live in Abu Dhabi, it has to be Dubai and it has to be Bur Dubai specifically, for a reason. Wish me luck!


      LOL well you never texted back whether you're coming over today, I hope that should you move to Dubai you'll let me know! :-*


      Yes, the traffic... I hate that. Ugh.


      Your blog wont allow me to comment. So - no comment. :P


      Where have you been?? Where is Frog?? You people alive?? Thanks thanks, I will do my best to enjoy myself in Dubai, and maybe get to meet you as well :^)


      Congrats on the move and good luck! I will definitely be blogging the process, so visit often. Love your blog by the way :^)


    • At 19/02/2007, 11:25, Anonymous Malay Boy a.k.a MT said…

      new reader :-) all the best in Dubai

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