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    9 December 2006
    It's my Nameday today!

    I celebrated in style. Awww!

    I watched 3 last episodes of season II Entourage with Peaceful Muslimah.

    I also met Confused Arab Chick - she's in town and she's awesome.

    I got a wonderful new perfume - thank you so much!

    I had fab champagne and cognac truffles.

    I am tired.

    Good night!
    posted by Bravecat @ 11:38 pm  
    • At 10/12/2006, 01:30, Blogger don_veto said…

      Happy Nameday, if I have a nameday I want it to be a Wednsday afternoon so it will be just at the start of the weekend.

    • At 10/12/2006, 09:44, Blogger Snooky said…

      Be careful, things cannot be too nice for long. Suspicious.

    • At 10/12/2006, 10:00, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Yeah that would be neat :^) But hey, at least my birthday is on Qatar National Day so I always get a day off!


      Huh? You're scaring me :-/

    • At 10/12/2006, 16:41, Anonymous die zauberfloete said…

      So which is your name girl? Maybe an Italian one?

    • At 11/12/2006, 15:23, Blogger Sever said…

      I feel I'm the last pig :(
      You have the right to call me selfish.
      At least they were people you could celebrate it with.

      & I must have 3 namedays.
      One is missed already. But ok, I will celebrate 2 others. Just to live my life :D

    • At 11/12/2006, 16:35, Blogger { 13 } said…

      INSOLENCE...!!?????...nO wonder I dOnt use perfumes !! ..hahahahahahahahahahaa..:-p...

    • At 11/12/2006, 17:17, Blogger U.E. said…

      I have been gone for far FAR to long. Look at all I've missed! *sigh*

      I can't beleive we've known each other way over a year now. We didn't even celebrate! I remember last year's NameDay. *smiles to self*

    • At 11/12/2006, 17:27, Blogger SugarComa said…

      I love Entourage...can't wait for season3!
      Happy nameday! *thinks she might steal your idea* ;)

    • At 12/12/2006, 08:59, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Italian, French, you name it, popular international! Welcome to Life n Qatar.


      Yeah you're a pig, I agree. A cute one, though! :P


      You don't use perfumes? You're not an Arab then, lol!


      Aww I missed you lots lots! And yes I know you for ages and you STILL forget about my nameday, tsk tsk.


      I hated Entourage when I started watching it, but I guess it kinda grows on you. I can't wait for Season 3 either! And thanks! Steal my idea? If I knew your name I'd tell you when your nameday is.


    • At 12/12/2006, 22:22, Blogger ren_crow said…

      i wish i knew what a nameday was.

      is it me, or does this sound like another useless holiday ppl made up in order to get off from work?

      If it is..........then keep up the good job;)

    • At 13/12/2006, 08:45, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Obviously, as you said you don't know what a nameday is. It would help to click on the link in the post - maybe it will clarify a few things to you. And no it's not a "useless holiday people made up in order to get off from work" - nobody gives a day off to anyone because of their nameday. And Nameday celebration precedes birthday celebration tradition... Just so you know.


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