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    11 September 2007
    Keyword activity
    Checking search keyword activity for my blog always cracks me up. I haven't done it for a long time and today I spent good 20 minutes laughing out loud at some of the entries. Apparently, my blog is the place to be if you are interested in cheating on your spouse, getting divorced, call girls in Qatar, bringing a cat to the UAE and meeting gay men in Dubai. These were the most recurrent entries, and here are few of the rest that made me laugh!!

    - Which famous personalities live in Emirates Hills Dubai? (I am flattered to be one of the options, ROFL)

    - Why-I-Was-Late creative essay (Get in touch with me and I'll give you few pointers)

    - Picture of hospitalised cat (Got one, but its too damn scary to share!)

    - Roger Federer does housework at home (doubt it, but wish he'd stick to housework)

    - I hate Kournikova (ditto)

    - I hate Nadal (get the hell outta my blog!)

    - Muslim washing underwear hotel (...)

    - Lion and gazelle concept in the business world (it's all about being on top of the food chain)

    - Omorfi translate (omorfi means "beautiful")

    - Nadal's arms (yeah I'd search for that myself)

    - Bad marriage to a Muslim (and what does religion have to do with your bad marriage?)

    - Ahib sex (what is ahib sex??)

    - How to stick with a bad marriage (don't stick with it, leave it)

    - Nanny McPhee psychological issues (congratulations you won!)
    posted by Bravecat @ 9:15 am  
    • At 11/09/2007, 15:56, Blogger Mise said…

      Ahib sex, too! :D

    • At 11/09/2007, 16:18, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      If I had to make a wild guess, and judging by your comment, Mise, would I be wrong to assume that "ahib sex" means "I love sex"?

    • At 11/09/2007, 17:04, Blogger Jawahir Jewels said…

      hmmm qatar cat please tell me u didnt understand that phrase .... honestly!

    • At 11/09/2007, 17:29, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Honestly - no, I didn't, I could only guess. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that my guess is the correct one. Then again, it could have been many different things. Besides, I don't speak Arabic and I am not used to colloquial Latin spellings of Arabic words either.

    • At 11/09/2007, 20:25, Blogger ZeRoCoOl said…

      what does religion have to do w/a bad marriage lolol........what do you call someone from Cyprus is it Cypriotos ? an Athenian fed me that dunno if it's true...

    • At 12/09/2007, 10:40, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Zero, do you think that religion has a lot to do with bad marriage? I think the only time it actually matters what religion you follow is when you have to get a divorce and follow certain rules. Blah. Then again, I haven't tried interreligious marriage, so who am I to talk? :P

      As for people from Cyprus - they are Cypriots.

    • At 13/09/2007, 17:14, Blogger ammaro.com said…

      looool what the hell is muslim washing underwear hotel :S

      what kinda article are you writing about?!!?

    • At 13/09/2007, 21:43, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Haha Ammaro you can look around my blog and see for yourself... I have no idea what prompted this one!!

    • At 14/09/2007, 00:11, Blogger Dotsson said…

      i found your site by googling "Hot woman wanting to get pregnant" ;)

    • At 14/09/2007, 03:01, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      Searching "Nanny McPhee psychological issues" actually gets you a LOT of interesting results...

      Not just your blog ;)

    • At 14/09/2007, 21:20, Blogger Marianna said…

      I am enjoying reading your blog and your sense of humor is priceless. Definately a lovely plus online.

    • At 14/09/2007, 22:58, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      This hot woman does not want to get pregnant :P


      Haha I bet! How did the meatloaf go? And what are you wearing for Halloween?


      Thankies thankies! As I have already said, I'll make some extra effort just for you :)

    • At 14/09/2007, 23:34, Blogger Marianna said…

      Muchas gracias QC. I do enjoy reading your daily musings. Working as a civil servant (& sneaking peeks at the blog during work hours--shame on me)...I sometimes find a need to add a little flavor to my day and reading your postings keeps me perked.

    • At 15/09/2007, 23:10, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      Meatloaf went well..

      and the costumes are a secret until i have photos to publish, hehe !

    • At 15/09/2007, 23:43, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      No probs! And reading blogs boosts your productivity at work - it's all scientifically proven by me :P


      Oh so secretive! I bet you are dressing up as a massive orange pumpkin, muahahahaha.

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