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    21 August 2007
    posted by Bravecat @ 2:39 pm  
    • At 21/08/2007, 14:48, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Get well qatar cat

    • At 21/08/2007, 15:36, Blogger don_veto said…

      me too, I got a bad case of flue. I am popping pills like they where candy.

    • At 21/08/2007, 21:41, Anonymous Kate said…

      Take care pretty Meow. Get well soon!

    • At 21/08/2007, 21:47, Blogger Qatar Cat said…

      Thanks guys! Don Veto, take care of yourself and get better soon! :)

      I am feeling terrible :( I thought it was an allergy, running and itchy nose, sneezing and all that jazz, but now I see it's either a cold or a flu! In August!

      Why me?


    • At 22/08/2007, 01:29, Blogger [m]attâ„¢ said…

      That'll teach you for licking dolphins in the ocean in your bedroom in your dreams.

      Silly cat, be well.

    • At 22/08/2007, 08:15, Anonymous Kyle said…

      I'm a day late in getting here but hope you're feeling better. Get well soon :)

    • At 22/08/2007, 10:39, Blogger Ella said…

      hope your feelign better!
      the worse thing about getting sick - is being sick in the summer! its the more irritating feeling ! i was sick the whole of last week .. ditched 2 days of work ! :S

      pop them pills !! :D

    • At 22/08/2007, 11:17, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      How true! :P :P
      And thanks for the compliment!


      Thanks and welcome to my blog.


      It's an epidemic! Run and hide!

    • At 24/08/2007, 16:17, Anonymous Cathy said…

      Get well and take care!

    • At 26/08/2007, 19:00, Blogger Ragby said…

      I just stumbled onto your blog from Big Pharaoh's blog...so we don't know each other at all. And now, because of this little Sunday morning journey, I've created a blogger ID and am poised to have my own blog here. So...thanks, Qatar Cat!

      Anyhow, the real reason I started this comment is to say get well soon! I too am sick with a cold. And I'm in faraway Atlanta, Georgia. Pestilence knows no bounds....

    • At 26/08/2007, 22:29, Blogger Qatar Cat said…


      Welcome to the Blogworld! Glad I influenced you to start your own :)

    • At 27/08/2007, 14:14, Blogger Ragby said…

      By the way, I'm an atheist too. :D

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