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    2 August 2007
    Birthday list
    Yes it is the time of the year when I usually post a list of gifts I'd LOVE to get for my birthday!

    Those who frequent my blog (all three of you) will know that I dream big, lol. I usually post a list of gifts I would like to receive on my birthday, Xmas and so on. Well, my birthday is a month away, so here comes:

    Embarrassingly, this year's most wanted gift is this device. Anybody knows where I can get me one of these?? Quote from the website: "Samsung has been awarded a patent on a method of sending an SMS to a handset then being able to later send a "delete" command to the same phone to erase the SMS from the handset memory."

    I can't think of anything else I want for my birthday. And frankly, I can't think of anything much at all! Hangover headache, rather aggravated after seeing the contents of my Sent messages folder.


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